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  pimpin' you thoughts [summer 2003]

sábado, agosto 23, 2003

hail to the philly

last friday i went to philly to visit my friend keltie and eat at one of the best restaurants ever: gianna's grille. so good. i had the vito and it was vitabulous. then i spent a couple of days back at the homefront. then this past monday i spent MORE time in philly. but this time i went to kingdom of the vegetarians. the food was really good. i had the vegetarian platter which involved sesame chicken, shrimp, duck, and dumplings. everything was good except the duck, which tasted like sweaty slabs of nothing. the main reason for this trip to the city of brotherly love was radiohead. they played an amazing set:

01 the gloaming
02 there there
03 sit down. stand up
04 where i end and you begin
05 exit music
06 backdrifts
07 lucky
08 paranoid android
09 sail to the moon
10 kid a
11 go to sleep
12 like spinning plates
13 i might be wrong
14 talk show host
15 idioteque
16 fake plastic trees
17 the national anthem

Encore #1:
18 nice dream
19 my iron lung
20 no surprises
21 karma police

Encore #2:
22 2+2=5
23 everything in its right place

on wednesday i saw radiohead again, but this time at merriweather post pavillion. for those of you who haven't gone there yet, it's like the bigger venue for jaxx shows. the setlist wasn't as good. they didn't break loose too many old stuff. i was surprised to hear "creep".

thursday back to work. next week i start school. phew.

oh i got a cable modem and digital cable. supposedly only costs $19.95 for 6 months through comcast. we'll see which way they'll find to screw me.

jueves, agosto 14, 2003

take that peter jennings

i got 100% on my test. i probably get sworn in the last week of november.word. eurasian-americano.

miércoles, agosto 13, 2003


At about 1:40 p.m., I will take my U.S. citizenship test. Wish me luck homies. I'm not too worried. It's basic U.S. History. We'll see. Hopefully I won't be deported. That would suck.

lunes, agosto 11, 2003

new job, guitar, tv?

after thinking about it over the weekend, i'm considering being the next store manager at the national airport store. i'll see what they offer first.

on sunday, i bought a pretty sweet ibanez acoustic-electric guitar. very rich sound. nice features. best for the buck. thanks to corey for helping me spend money.

sunday night i went over to corey & kristy's house for an amazing meal. kristy needs to have a cooking show. seriously. she's that damn good. i even have lunch for tomorrow. yes!

i'm looking at new flat screen tv's. anyone hear of good deals or brands for flat screens? please let me know.

martes, agosto 05, 2003

working on changes

looking for some flak seed. trying to feel better.
doctor says i need to eat more fish.
i'm in my desperate stages...i desperately want to feel normal again.

got some greek food from mama "mother-in-law" markos. she hooked it up. grape leaves. zucchini. desserts. yummerific.

lance armstrong is coming to my store. so is chief moose. so is al franken.

i think my boss wants me to be the store manager at our airport store.
perks: big pay raise, my own parking spot, and first dibs at music play copies
downers: it's the airport store, you work by yourself a lot, it's the airport store

i'm also re-applying to all the grad schools i WAS going to apply to last year. 4 more classes until i have a B.F.A. in photography. yay! looking at schools in nyc, boston, philly, and possibly rhode island. we'll see how that goes.

oh. need help. i'm trying to make a mix tape for my friend who is moving from d.c. to chicago. i want to make a mix tape that is one side songs about d.c., another side with songs about chicago. any thoughts? please list them in comments if you have some. any help would be appreciated.