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  pimpin' you thoughts [summer 2003]

martes, julio 22, 2003

thar she blows

i saw pirates of the caribbean with corey and kristy on sunday night. the movie was great except for the 15 minutes when the film went dead. sucks when that happens. also sucked that there were so many commercials before the previews. and it sucked more that there were all these brats kicking each of our chairs. consideration out the door.

i also went on a 24 mile bike ride to/back from old town. it was a great ride, but i'm definitely out of shape.

sábado, julio 19, 2003

poor customer service, just me

happy deuce to jack diggins!

does anyone have a good suggestion for job searches? i'm looking for a job and any help would be much appreciated.

why am i looking for a job? b/c i figured out my customer service skills have gone down in the past two years. basically i don't want to deal with retail customers.

helpful suggestions for my customers:

when a door says "this is an EMERGENCY EXIT, please use another door", that actually means you CAN'T go through that door. i'm amazed at the number of people who go to a bookstore but are too lazy to read simple signs.

i am not your personal my name jeeves? when i'm helping another customer, don't get mad that i didn't dump other customers to be at your beckon call. i really hate it when there is a line at the counter and a customer, who has just entered the store, yells out a question & expects an answer. hi, i'm helping others before you...tough cookies!

when you throw your credit card down on the counter after my hand is perfectly extended's actually rude. and the next logical step is for me to extend my middle finger.

when you don't know the name of the author or title or keyword, THAT just sucks. go do some research then come back. "i'm looking for a book that is kind of red and it's about traveling"

actually, it's not possible for you to just xerox one page of the washington post without buying the paper. stop being a cheap ass and buy the $0.35 paper...then spend another $0.10 at kinkos. woah, $0.45! also, it's amazing how many people bring their work into a bookstore and expect us to xerox some important document for them. i told this one guy to go to kinko's and he scowered the block for more businesses he could bother. seriously, people are braindead.

store hours are there for a reason. people actually like to go home. so if you come/call 30 min. AFTER we are closed, don't be too upset if i'm not that helpful. although i have helped people in these situations, there are countless jerks who get all fussy when you tell them store hours. puh-leaze.

the one funny event today: this crazy guy came in to special order a book. when i asked him what his name was he said...."james bond. shh. undercover". and he was african-american. more like undercover brotha. it was awesome.

shows, three concerts in four days....

neko case
july 27th
@ black cat

iron maiden/motorhead/dio
july 29th
@ merriweather post

rilo kiley
july 30th
@ black cat

viernes, julio 11, 2003

fender bender, gradumacation

i figured out something yesterday. i only have 4 more classes til i have a B.A. in photography. wow! i have to take these this so-so class (photography careers), an interesting one (history of photography) and a choice of two other classes (digital photography, supervised study, or color II).

so i have resent my requests for graduate school applications. i've set a new date for moving. i must be in a different state by fall 2004.

i'm sad i missed mick foley. i saw some digital pictures. it looked like a crowded, rowdy event. i hope ryan had a fun time for me.

i'm still amazed that since i've worked there we've had the following author signings:

al gore
michael moore
toni morrison
mick foley
james watson
and next week....jon krakaur

i went to gianna's instead and had a vegan "vito" sandwich and vegan soft serve ice cream....they were both sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. i really love that place now.

someone rear-ended me yesterday. i didn't see any significant damage to the car. the license plate holder was knocked loose, but there was no damage. i got the dude's name, phone number, and license plate. i didn't get the insurance card number or license number, but probably should have. oh well. the weather was so poor yesterday evening that visibility was low.

that's it. i've talked too much and probably bored most of you already.

lunes, julio 07, 2003


i forgot to mention this in my previous post. my co-worker has been talking about this series of movies called the cremaster cycle. it's supposed to be disturbing and insane. over the weekend, i noticed that in the weekend section:

cremaster cycle @ visions, july 2nd-july 10th i might have to check it out.

also, kristy informed me that george mason is having some free movies outdoors from july 11-19 called movies under the moon. some pretty good screenings.

domingo, julio 06, 2003


this 4th of july weekend went by like a blur. on friday, i went with corey, kristy, jack, and jamoca to centreville to hang out with some greeks. lots of good food (grape leaves, 7 layer dip, fruit salad), perros galore, and a slip(or pee)-n-slide. don't ask. whole day in the sun. hot.

then later that night i went back to corey/kristy/jack's to eat ice cream and watch old school. will ferrell is a comedic genius. long live "frank the tank".

last night i went with ryan and huyen to rodeorob's rooftop party. unfortunately i felt pretty green, so we left the party early. i think the heat mixed with already nagging cold, finally caught up to me. oh well.

please be sure to check out huyen's updated website. there's even a gallery.

i'm going to sleep now. carry on.

miércoles, julio 02, 2003

zero duckets

since thursday, it's been a week of FREE-dom. as in, i keep getting things for free. last thursday a music rep called the store and asked me if i wanted 2 tix for the jayhawks/thorns show. so i went to the show, and the jayhawks blew me away. they are really good live. i was very impressed. rodeorob also had some v.i.p. passes for the bar area @ the 9:30 club. we got a good view from the first tier of the bar. nice. i missed the thorns set though. bummer. that's b/c i was at fort reno for the black eyes show. b.eyes were not that impressive.

on sunday, rodeorob and i hit baltimore for an o's-phillies game. again it was free. my co-worker just bought a boat and needed to unload his seats. score! the day was extra special b/c there was a 20th anniversary celebration of the 1983 mlb world champion orioles. so there was an old-timers game, and different other events all weekend. the o's lost, but i come to expect that. carlos mendes...grr. worst player ever.

monday i got free tickets to the wilco/sonic youth show at d.a.r. constitution hall. the show was o.k. not the best wilco experience of my life. i think the main problem is i don't like the direction they are going in currently. especially with jim o'rourke as an influence. it just seems like they played some sonic youth-esque jamouts that were completely unnecessary. i mean even "misunderstood" was flat. jeff tweedy got pissed off at the end too. i think a fan tried to take his picture. but i couldn't see everything.

another problem with the show was the venue itself. it has some good sound, but you have to sit down for most of the show. and with wilco, they are more of a get up, stand up band. tweedy even commented that there would be so much standing then sitting, that it would feel like a catholic wedding.

tomorrow i'm going to the smithsonian folklife festival to see the amazing salif keita. that's free too.

next week, i'm going to nora in d.c. for a free "meet the author" dinner. the book: carolyn parkhurst's dogs of babel

i'm going to watch antanarjuat, the fast runner now. i really have to pay attention b/c i didn't really understand it the first time.