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  pimpin' you thoughts [summer 2003]

jueves, mayo 22, 2003

music news

according to pitchfork, minor threat demos, dvd, tribute album all planned for release. wow!

if you scroll down more...jay farrar is putting out a new album. how unexciting! he hasn't put out anything good recently. blah!

stomaching the 2004 election

yesterday i had an endoscopy. it went smoothly.
exept my doctor was late. he went to the wrong hospital. ?#?@?
so i passed the time talking to the older nurse about savannah ga., dogs, and traveling.
then another dude (an anesthesiologist named tony) came in and talked about fish and plants.
weird, but a funny occurrence.
after the whole ordeal i felt o.k., then like crap, now i'm back to o.k. on the mends.
the results come back in a week.

kristy is running in the national race for the cure on june 7th. hook lady fingaz up here!

my co-worker told me about the presidential candidate from ohio, dennis kucinich. does anybody know who he is? all i've heard is he's vegan, democrat, and not g.w.? sounds good so far.

i guess i'm hoping that somewhere, somehow there is a legitimate non-republican candidate out there. lieberman and gephardt...please. i just don't see it happening. this is giving me a stomach ache. damn.

martes, mayo 20, 2003

back to the hospital

my doctor called me. well, actually his secretary called me. since i haven't been feeling well, they are going to do some "exploratory" procedures to find the exact problem. i'm just hoping they find a way to fix me up. i need a tune-up. damn.

so i'll be at the hospital tomorrow morning. back home by lunch. we'll see how it goes.
i'll let you know.

lunes, mayo 19, 2003

back to the grind

yes, my vacation is least it's nice out.

viernes, mayo 16, 2003

more pain, no gain

so i went to the doctor and he gave me an inhaler. i've been having problems still. damn condition. he said the inhaler might alleviate pressure in my chest. then later that evening i felt more nauseous than ever. so after tracking down the doctor, he said that i might have an ulcer.

i have to set up an appointment for next week to figure it all out. i'm old and broken.

martes, mayo 13, 2003


i have the whole week off from work. it's been a long time coming. i haven't taken any time off work since last may. so now that school is over, i'm chillin' like a villain. getting all the errands (visiting the doctors, buying this and that) and hanging out with my niece as much as possible. also i'm planning on doing the following the rest of the week:

-riding my bike on the wo&d trail
-seeing the matrix tomorrow night, 11 p.m., @ the hoffman [i already bought tickets for this]
-eating lunch on friday with my friend allison who i haven't seen in forever
-try to make a mix cd
-listen to the new alkaline trio cd "good mourning" over and over.
-catch up with some other friends
-catch up on my sleep. i don't think i've gotten enough. damn condition.

in da news: man sues over oreo cookies[via: cnn] how can you sue oreo when they just made the new uh-oh! oreo?

here is a fun little activity to keep you busy:

Pick a band and answer only using that band's song titles: wilco

Are you male or female?: Kingpin
Describe yourself: When You Wake up Feeling Old
How do some people feel about you?: Should’ve Been in Love
How do you feel about yourself?: Misunderstood
Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend/interest/spouse: She’s a Jar
Where would you rather be?: Far, Far Away
Describe what you want to be/do: Heavy Metal Drummer
Describe how you live: Dreamer in My Dreams
Describe how you love: I’m Always in Love
Share a few words of wisdom: Nothing’severgonnastandinmyway (again)

viernes, mayo 09, 2003

old man walking

i've been meaning to post this for a couple of days. this past weekend i celebrated my birthday. good old 27. yippers. on saturday i went to little viet garden for some good rice vermicilli & tofu. after dinner, i went bowling with a group of co-workers and college friends. i think everyone had a good time. i know i did. i bowled somewhere around 140. not too bad for these old bones. to all those in attendance in person or spirt...thank you.

on sunday i went to luigi's in d.c. with the fam...the "extended" fam. when you go out to an italian restaurant, you gotta bring a crew. more fun for all. then later that sunday i went to see x-men 2. it was pretty damn good. although the lady with kid next to me "brought her own soundtrack". her 3 yr old was a little rambunctious at 7:30 p.m. here are some lessons for good parenting:
1) don't bring a 3 yr old to a PG-13 movie
2) don't bring a 3 yr old to an evening movie
3) don't curse in front of your 3 yr old. [my friend stephanie told them to be quiet and the mother got all huffy and puffy. upon leaving she said "wait until you have kids you stupid bitch."] nice parenting. i just don't think it's a good idea to ever curse in front of a kid. don't be stupid people.

on tuesday i finally picked up my marlin. got to ride it like crazy that evening. sooooo nice.

viernes, mayo 02, 2003

concert a go-go

last night i saw floetry w/blackalicious & little brother. sold out show. blackalicious were a lot of fun. floetry was a little too sloetry for me. but they have really good voices. good show nonetheless.

siren festival 2003...modest mouse, ted leo, sahara hotnights.....@ coney

according to dischord tour dates, lungfish are playing the black cat on june 28th. anyone?