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  pimpin' you thoughts [summer 2003]

martes, abril 29, 2003

can i get a woo-woo?

school is almost over. the summer break is coming. i can't wait. feeling blah anyway. need a break.

26 is almost over. 27 is almost here. damn.

weakerthans announce mini-tour...which includes baltimore, but not d.c.... diss!

viernes, abril 25, 2003

it's a doggy dogg world

who says cats only have 9 lives? this is the best dog survival story

been busy at work...the school semester is almost done. i'm still trying to figure out whether to take digital photography during the summer or fall. maybe i need a break?

this has been a week of crazy purchases/offers. so i'm going to buy the gary fisher marlin. i test rode it today @ revolution cycles again today. it felt so awesome. i ordered it through rev.cycles and should get it by next week. i thought i should give them the business considering i have test rode their bikes like mad. also, i'm planning on frequenting that bike joint, so i should set up good relations.

so the other offer. my teacher offered me a large format camera for $350. i think that is a sweet deal. they usually run pretty high, so this would be a steal. so i'm contemplating whether to buy it. i'm "test-driving" it this weekend. we'll see. something to think about.

over and out.

miƩrcoles, abril 16, 2003

from the

There will be 3 ticket options for sale via w.a.s.t.e
1 day ticket for Saturday 7th June $65.00 plus booking fee
Weekend ticket without camping $120.00 plus booking fee
Weekend ticket with camping $150.00 plus booking fee

Field Day Quick Facts:

What: Field Day - A two-day music, arts and camping festival

When: June 7th and 8th

Where: Enterprise Park at Calverton
Calverton, NY
70 Miles East of New York City on the North
Fork of Long Island

Who: Saturday, June 7
Thievery Corporation
Beth Orton
Liz Phair
Ben Lee
My Morning Jacket
Gemma Hayes
Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players
And More!

Sunday, June 8
The Beastie Boys
Sigur Ros
The Roots
Elliott Smith
Peanut Butter Wolf
The Music
Polyphonic Spree
Le Tigre
And More!

not around, here to stay

i realize that i haven't posted in a while. it's a mixture of having a tempermental dial-up connection, my waning february/march health, spring, and my interest to get more sleep rather than stay up typing on the computer. maybe i'll be in even more trouble when i get a bike or when the weather stays consistently warm. hmm. but oh well. i know i'm here to stay. you couldn't get rid of me even if you tried.

tonight i saw one of the best shows in a long long time. the postal service were truly amazing. i mean, sometimes you don't know how songs will transition from the studio to the stage. but they REALLY pulled it off. so much so i contemplated driving to philly on thursday just to see them again. now that's serious!

[note: the older i get, the more wussy i get too...and i'm starting to get sick of it]

jueves, abril 10, 2003

dog gone it

somebody please please PLEASE, take them home:


.....i would if i could.

miƩrcoles, abril 09, 2003

making everything green

my car is currently at the auto body shop b/c the stupid toyota dealership dented it when they were supposed to FIX it. go figure. so today i went back to toyota to pickup the free loaner car. and you know what they gave me? my surprise......a toyota PRIUS, the hybrid car. and it is so awesome. 48 miles per gallon! my next car, in the way way future, will be a hybrid... damnit.

martes, abril 08, 2003

lunes, abril 07, 2003

never been bladder

so on friday i went to have some "same-day surgery" (a.k.a. my bladder got checked). and so i went under some anesthesia..which was quite the experience. after i got home, i went to sleep. after a couple of hours i woke up to insane side pains. so my parents took me to the ER. they said i had the effects of post-surgery. painkillers, painkillaz, painkillharharhars. so i slept all day saturday. all day sunday too. now i'm feeling better. i even went to work today.

"i hate and your assface"

i am so looking forward to christopher guest's new film a mighty wind. who's gonna see it with me?

question for syracuse: orange you glad you won?

viernes, abril 04, 2003


check out melissa's new photocolumn on the universal language of bubblegum. it really is eye candy!

here is rodeo rob's review of the uncle tupelo remastered/re-issues. even more from NATN, a sigur ros interview.

and now for me. well, i've been spending lots of time at the doctors. nothing too serious. just the same gall bladder sickness mixed with the new [regular] bladder question mark. i had a ctc scan on tuesday, and i'll probably have an endoscopy next week. it's really nothing serious. i just need a tune-up. so i'm sorry i haven't been around to blog, but i have a good excuse. i don't get on the internet too often with work, doctors, and all. but hopefully i'll get my blog movin' and groovin' in a jiffy.

the weather is awesome. i'm in the market for a new bike. my sister wants to buy my old one. i think the problem is i bought the old bike too fast. i wanted one right away and rushed the decision. this time i'm doing my homework. test driving a couple. getting my top bike advisor [corey]. this sunday, i'll probably try out these ones:

gary fisher marlin and tassajara
trek 4900.
giant yukon
revolution cycles are having some deals.

we'll see. should be exciting. aaah, biking to work. bliss.