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  pimpin' you thoughts [summer 2003]

jueves, marzo 27, 2003

from the mouths of apatow and feig...

something worth fighting for:

"As you may know, we have been trying to get the show [freaks and geeks] released on DVD for the past year, but it has been difficult due to the cost of the music you hear on the episodes. The only way we can get Dreamworks to buy the rights to the original music and release the DVD is by showing them that a lot of people would buy it if it was for sale.

Please keep in mind, the show is in the red in a major way. Dreamworks has lost a great deal of money on this project. They have been very supportive, but they certainly aren't looking to lose more money on our cancelled show. They would just like to be less in the red. So, be assured, nobody will get rich off of this. We are simply proud of the show and would like to have it available to the fans in its original form.

If it was released we would try to include a lot of fun extras such as commentary tracks, clips of the original audition tapes of our cast, deleted scenes, set photography, previous drafts of the teleplays, uncut dailies of the actors working, and tons of behind the scenes footage. So in order to make this happen we have set up a mailing list for people who are interested in showing their support for the "Freaks and Geeks" DVD.

Everyone who puts their name on the list will be contacted as soon as the DVD is available, but more importantly, you will be showing Dreamworks how many people would be interested in owning all of the episodes of the series, and you'd be helping to insure that the show will be released in its original form.

Hopefully some of you will spread the word that this list exists and well encourage others to sign up as well. Thanks for your continued support, and hopefully we can make this happen before the third "Lord of the Rings" is released." [veeee uh ha ha ha: laze]

go to this website and sign up. if this comes out on dvd, i'll be the happiest little geek around.

viernes, marzo 21, 2003

photograph seller

i had a customer come into the store last week who wanted to buy some of my prints. i had shown them to another customer who is a photograph enthusiast and i had already seen his portfolio. so now i'm going to sell two of my prints to his friend. i talked to my teacher and she said i should sell them for $75 each unmatted. the guy came back and said he expected $50 matted. so then i asked my teacher again and she said it would be o.k. if it was $50 unmatted. so this is what i'm going to do.

the first picture which is just o.k.: $60
the second picture which i like lots and have no negatives for anymore: $80
package for both: $130...maybe $125

i'm not sure if it's a deal or not. but i remember when the art at student shows used to go for $200-$500. either way it will hopefully give me money to get a good tripod..which i need desperately.

martes, marzo 18, 2003

dissing d.c.

looks like the fire theft, (a.k.a. the remnants of sunny day real estate), are not going to play in d.c. the closest they will come is philadelphia. thanks for the dis. i would've liked to have seen you.

happy birthday stephen!

i went to philly this past weekend to visit a friend. i had a great time chillin. i didn't get a chance to eat at the vegetarian/vegan philly eatery gianna's. i've heard it's the best. bummer. oh, and i went to spaceboy music, which is indie rock heaven.

my health: i found out on thursday that i have gall bladder polyps, which are so small they don't do anything. but if i don't feel better in 4 weeks, i'll have to get an endoscopy.

did any of you hear about the recent developments regarding don johnson and possible money laundering? woah. it seems like a story fit for miami vice...even nash bridges.

"if i should fall from grace: the shane mcgowan story"

jueves, marzo 13, 2003

dd competition

have you all seen the website homestar runner. it totally reminds me of devil dog. definitely check it out... [especially rodeorob and pat]..... may i suggest the toons [where is the cheat?] or e-mails [tape-leg]. funny stuff.

miƩrcoles, marzo 12, 2003

quite the good mourning

first idlewild, now this:

alkaline trio w/pretty girls make graves
@ the 9:30 club
sat., may 24th
[the a.trio tour]

the best part~ it is not a vagrant only tour. p.g.m.g are on lookout. so it's a fo real a.trio show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lunes, marzo 10, 2003

gertrude stein said that's enough

happy belated birthday pat!

i went with corey & kristy to see idlewild at fletcher's on saturday. it was a super-amazing show. some of the crowd sucked. this one guy threw beer on the lead singer. don't piss of roddy please. damn. stupid baltimore crowd. stupid maryland.

yesterday, i went to yuan fu in rockville. had some awesome veg. sesame chicken. mmm. then i bowled one game with my co-workers.

that's it for now. over and out.

jueves, marzo 06, 2003


i went to the radiologist today. i get my results next thursday. yeesh.

belated happy birthday to huyen. you go girl!

will write more later.