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  pimpin' you thoughts [summer 2003]

martes, febrero 25, 2003

closer to march, things looking up

i got a call from my w.e.a. rep. she put me on the guest list for the kasey chambers show tonight at the 9:30 club. score!

the weakerthans sign with epitaph, work on reconstruction smile

i am knee deep into six feet under. the box set is amazing b/c i don't have to wait a whole week to watch another episode. just one click of the button. now i just have to wait for the season 2 to come out on dvd when you are through. oh bother.

domingo, febrero 23, 2003

more february

as if things couldn't go any worse this month. i woke up on saturday morning and found both my tires [on the left side of my car] slashed. what the f? where am i living...really?

so to february consisted of:
1. me getting says if medicine doesn't work it's probably my gall bladder.
2. my car not starting on two occassions, going to toyota to get it fixed, then coming back a week later b/c it wouldn't start again.
[note: at one point the mechanic said, "oh if it doesn't start again just put it in neutral and try starting it that way." hmm. that's not how a car should start.
3. walking to work b/c my car wouldn't start and almost getting run over by crazy drivers.
4. getting my tires slashed.

really. i've had enough.

what i'm looking forward to.....

rilo kiley
@ the black cat
march 1st
$8 advance/$10 at the door

idlewild w/ the french kicks
@ fletcher's
march 8th

sigur ros
@ 9:30 club
march 19th

new idlewild cd on march 25th.

miƩrcoles, febrero 19, 2003

fabulous FEB thoughts

i can't wait until february is over. it's making me nauseous.

my car is still beneath the snow. i didn't have time this morning to shovel it out. maybe tomorrow.

at least i know that alkaline trio's new album, good mourning, is coming out may 13. yes may.


sigur ros release score for icelandic film, only sold during their tour.

snowed in, the pains

wow, it's been a week since i've updated this blog. but guess what...i really don't have that much to say. sike.

i've been sick since saturday with some kind of stomach thing. it's mostly nausea. plus i've been stuck at my parents. so it hasn't been that much fun. i've missed most of the snow fun. that is...if shoveling = fun. although i get to do that fun tomorrow since i found my car under a mound of snow in front of my apartment.

i watched dazed and confused last night. alright alright. it's so good.

i watched sweet home alabama a couple weeks ago. i think reese witherspoon should pay me back for that one. it was one of the worst movies i've ever seen. she's done some real poopers. ex: fear. nicole 4 'eva. puh-leaze.

carrying a large format camera is tougher than i had hoped. but it is a really fun medium. good motto: do everything big.

bruce barnbaum is going to be at nova community college on friday. 1 p.m. he's supposedly one of the best with large format anything.

i entered 3 photographs into the student exhibit. got a big doughnut. none were selected for the show. second time in a row that has happened. quite a bummer.

parker posey is cool.

i missed ladytron. will miss bats & mice. crap.

that's all i have to say. i'm starting to go incoherent b/c i need sleep.

martes, febrero 11, 2003


i'm knee deep in the band of brothers box set. no, i didn't buy it. i rented it for free through work. it's really good. so much so i've contemplated laying down the duckets for it.

my car wouldn't start again yesterday. this occurred right when my break was over. so i had to try and run back to work. too out of shape. i flagged down a taxi. i had time constraints. yeah, that's my excuse for using a taxi. so now, at 8:15 a.m., i have to go get my car fixed AGAIN. i've spent more time at toyota in the last two months than i have at any of my friends' pads. i hate toyota. nothing but jackasses.

domingo, febrero 09, 2003

the best piece of television i've seen in the past month

inside the actor's studio: the simpsons

viernes, febrero 07, 2003

snow. more snow. woah snow.

i really wasn't expecting this kind of weather

aimee mann was well...good as expected...then she covered lots of songs (like wonderwall and sweet home alabama) which was unexpected. the place was so packed with couples it made me sick. sold out show. saw only 7 songs coz i got there late. good while it lasted. i left kind of early so i could get to my car before the mad rush. then i drove through the snow, very carefully, and got home safe. yay!

[sidenote: a lot of drivers have been cutting me off or riding my hide recently, and almost all of them have had maryland plates...damn, i hate maryland]

jueves, febrero 06, 2003

donnas turn mainstream

i went to see the donnas tonight and it was completely different than the last time i saw them. why? mtv.
last time: black cat, not sold out, true fans left and right
this time: 9:30 club, sold out [no room to move], "take it off" groupie high schoolers with their parents
both times were fun, fun, fun. they can rock my face off anytime.

i missed o.k. go. i've seen them before.

i really wanted to see longwave, but i had class. and they were the opener to the opener. so that's way early.

thursday. aimee mann. never seen her before. should be a much different crowd than tonight. i'm looking forward to it.

i am trying to break your wallet

the wilco 2 disc dvd is officially coming out april 1st.
you can pre-order now, get a 10% discount, and receive it one week earlier than the release date.

the scoop on the 2nd disc:
-contains 23 extra (some unreleased) wilco songs, interviews, goofing around.
-wilco featurette
-this disc is practically as long as the first, the actual movie.

martes, febrero 04, 2003