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  pimpin' you thoughts [summer 2003]

jueves, enero 30, 2003


part of me is hoping that one day i will realize what photography road i would like to go down.... i mean which specific area of photography will be the most exciting. i hope it hits me like a hurricane.

i realized a few things this weekend that i should note:

1. maybe saying "i already have a watch" is not the best way to let someone down easy.
2. prediction: this dude i know will marry his sibling in 10 yrs...and it will be scary.

finally, the dave barry blog [via: ml/beatific]

martes, enero 28, 2003

ian mackaye, thievery corporation lead bush protest tonight

"On Tuesday, January 28th, musicians, politicians, social action leaders, writers, commentators, and Reverend Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping will converge on Washington, D.C. for the first-ever Sorry State of the Union Rally at the U.S. Capitol. Performers will include the perpetually vocal Mr. Lif, the perpetually screaming Milemarker, and the perpetually-playing-in-SoHo-boutiques Thievery Corporation. Meanwhile, the perpetually straightedge Ian MacKaye will join a cast of speakers that will include: Congressional Whip of the Black Caucus, California Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA); Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich (D-OH); author of I, Senator, Global Exchange, and Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin; and, author of Prayer at Rumalya and co-founder of the National Gulf War Resource Center, Charles Sheehan-Miles." [via: pitchfork]

location: west side of the Capitol's aptly-named Reflecting Pool at 3rd Street, NW

6:00 p.m. - The Whips, Peace Action, Barbara Lee, Dennis Kusinich, 1905
7:00 p.m. - Charles Sheehan Miles, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, David Rovics, DC Anitwar Network
8:00 p.m. - 302 Acid, Jeff Bale of the Washington Teachers Union, Mr. Lif
9:00 p.m. - Thievery Corporation
10:00 p.m. - Shirts Off, Natalie Johnson Lee of the Green Party, Reverend Billy, Medea Benjamin, Milemarker, Steph Sherer of Safe Access Now
11:00 p.m. - Jungle Jessi, DJ Tom B
12:00 a.m. - Funk DC

domingo, enero 26, 2003

tusk revisited

last night i went to see camper van beethoven at the 9:30 club. it was pretty good. the first set of the show started at 10:15, then a 20 min. break, then second set at 11:30-1 a.m. pretty long show. but at least they got all the fan favorites in. mine was "take the skinheads bowling". really good song. i have one problem with their set. they played a lot of fluff jams that just made me tired. i mean 10 minutes of the same riff-raff is unnerving when you can fit another song or two in there. also, they used their laptop computers a lot for certain sounds and TO CHECK THEIR E-MAIL ONSTAGE!!! grr. damn. camper van laptop. 3/4 of the show was good, 1/4 was forgettable.

today is super bowl sunday. i have one thing to say: go bucks, i hate the raiders [esp. bill romanowski].

viernes, enero 24, 2003

weeeeee little football

my weekend will start off rough. friday = give back bart watch, talk to crazy customer. grr.

saturday = work late

sunday = football football football

a couple of days ago i watched the royal tenenbaums with commentary by wes anderson. two comments that were cool:
1. the actor who played dudley was on one of judd apatow's shows. wes noted him as a friend.
2. anderson admitted whenever bill murray is in a film he should be used more. and he wishes bill murray's role in the r.tenenbaums was bigger.

martes, enero 21, 2003

the ideal end?

so tonight at work i got asked out by a customer. this customer has been coming in the past couple of weeks. we talk about music. she ends up buying stuff i suggest. last week she had a burger king simpsons watch on. i told her i never got around to buying one. so tonight she brings me the bart one. it says "cool your jets man."

the weird part is her sister comes in first and says "oh my sister wants to marry you. she's going to ask you out for this friday." WHAT?

i mean, as a customer, i think this person is cool. but i really don't want to date her. so she did indeed ask me out. and i was like "uhm, i have to work late." i'm really not good at being at this end of the ask someone out/be asked out line of dating? i'm usually at the other end, and frankly i'm no good there either. eventually i want to be in the middle.

this customer is really weird b/c she waits around for me to get through with some customers to talk with me more. and last week she got a city paper and wrapped inside was the washington blade. she came up to me and whispered, "i had to get the washington blade, you know the gay paper, for my friend. sssshhh." who says that?

so now she's going to call me at work on friday, and i have to get out of it. i have to give her the "i just want to be friends" talk. maybe i should just give the watch back and tell her to "cool her jets." grr. i hate this end.

domingo, enero 19, 2003

bad habit, dropped like one

yeah, i'm definitely going to drop digital imaging. the more i think about it, the bigger my smile gets. i just think it would be too much to take 3 classes. plus, i would miss my must see tv [which includes scrubs].

so far i have a couple of fun assignments. i have the same teacher for both studio lighting and large format. this semester should be swell.

plus, for the large format class, we will probably develop 20 x 16 prints or bigger. very nice!


that's what i am. about music. it's like the gbv line "i am a lost soul/i shoot myself with rock n' roll"

weekend: mellow, not too eventful

-watched about a boy
-hung out with my niece. she read me a story for a change.
-watched lots of football
-got a crick in my neck.

also, i figured out every time sigur ros comes around, i have this conflict with my work/class schedule that involves me rearranging that part of my life. i'm dedicated to these icelanders. they are amazing live and they bow afterwards. go see them if you can.

viernes, enero 17, 2003

no more no less

last night i went to see matt pond pa @ the black cat (backstage). really good show even though their set was short. they were the openers. but they are really good emo peeps. i can't stop listening to their cd the nature of maps

so my friend, who is the biggest dplan fan, just let me know the band is breaking up. kind of surprising, since the band is at their highest point in popularity amongst the many states of america. must be a disagreement in the band over the use of travis and his trombone. maybe that could be the next project for mr. morrison. presenting, travis & his trombone.

add 1

so i went to my large format class and it will be super cool taking BIG pictures. i'm pretty excited. my teacher informed me that he had placed me in his studio lighting class too. this was quite a shocker b/c i was pretty low on the waiting list. so now i'm taking 3 photography classes. phew.

the last class, digital imaging, should be interesting. i'm one of the 4 people out of a 25 person class who is below the age of 50. the teacher has weird googly eyes too. i hope i get through enough to learn more in-depth photoshop. oh, the cool thing is the teacher said by the mid-semester all the computers would be replaced with iMacs. i'm not really a mac person, more of a pc pleaser. just never got into mac mode. their computers sure are pretty though.

jueves, enero 16, 2003

see mess stir '03

tomorrow [which is actually today], i am starting my spring classes. this semester i'm taking large format photography and digital imaging. should be a lot of fun. it will be all day every thursday until may. i'm excited. although i have to think of new portfolio ideas and i'm never good at that. grr.

next week will be busy. i have to close the store 4 times including both friday and saturday b/c my co-worker needed to switch opening-closing shifts for sat. the good news is the closing hours were shaved by 1 hr, so i'll get out a little earlier than usual...and double the good news, my co-worker is going to cover my friday closing shift two weeks from now, so i'll have fri-sat. nights least for one weekend. yay!

o.k., it's 5 months away, but i'm ready to read harry potter 5 now.
# of people i've already promised to reserve a book for: 2

miƩrcoles, enero 15, 2003

down the road to hogwarts

harry potter and the order of the phoenix (book 5) news:
-on sale 6.21.03
-38 chapters
-255,000 words longer than goblet of fire

"The hottest day of the summer so far was drawing to a close and a drowsy silence lay over the large, square houses of Privet Drive ... The only person left outside was a teenage boy who was lying flat on his back in a flowerbed outside No. 4."

jueves, enero 09, 2003

upward, downward...nerdalert

tonight i cashed in on another work perk. i was invited to an author dinner at galileo's in d.c., a really pricey restaurant. it was kind of high brow. the food was amazing. and it was free. the author was pretty cool too. i must admit i have not read her book yet. probably won't. doesn't seem that interesting to me. i'm kind of a picky reader.

speaking of reading...i'm gonna make a concerted effort to start reading more books and watching less t.v. i work at a bookstore. i might as well read or something.

more rob's joe strummer tribute

i must admit my nerdity. a couple of nights ago i stayed up until 4 a.m. to watch the 4 dvd set of the lord of the rings. it was super awesome. i want to go to new zealand. seriously.

miƩrcoles, enero 08, 2003

blog bodaciousness

mlyttle has gone beatific [you go girl!]

look out for new concoction from my friend stew: buttstew

two double-O trifecta

i'm back after an unscheduled vacation. actually, a forced vacation b/c i didn't have a phone line/computer access until last week. plus i haven't had the gusto to write anything. took a vacation from that too. but now i'm ready to get back in the swing of things.

so here year, new words.

highlights of the past three weeks...

-had a fun time with the family during xmas celebration. ate lots. unwrapped. smiles all around. jingles and lights galore.
-corey and kristy's new year's party was awesome. more food. hammer time. ringing in 2003 with good people. except the chyna girl who ended up making people's smiles turn upside down. i knew it was bad once she blatantly said to me "i hate new year's" as the ball dropped..and then she dropped a glass. i don't like her at all.
-work is renting out dvd's now. so i get them free. score!

will write more soon...promise.