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  pimpin' you thoughts [summer 2003]

lunes, noviembre 03, 2003

for anyone who cares

in case anyone wants to read about my life, i write more on my lj ( my comments field doesn't work on blogger. plus, it doesn't always let me post. and what's the point of that.

my life isn't that grand. but my chin is up.

here is a basic scoop of what's going on:

my work accused me of stealing money.
then they found out the money was always there, it was just a math error.
then i got written up for that shizer.

i told a girl i liked her lots.
she said she not only liked a brit, she was WITH the brit.
which doesn't make sense to me, b/c how can you be with someone overseas who you only see once every 6 or so months.
and what confuses me is we spent all this time together. and it seemed like we were going in the direction of a relationship.
i need a dictionary on girls. webster's or dr.
so i'm trying to get over her. but i've never fallen this hard for anyone in my life. so it might take months or longer.
grr. and did i mention i work with her 3 days a week. fuck.

school-wise. that's coming along.
i'm applying to pratt, r.i.t., r.i.s.d., art institute of chicago, and columbia college (chicago). i'm hoping to go to pratt or something like that. i would like to live in nyc for one year at least.

i'm going to chicago for thanksgiving to visit my friend leigh. i miss her lots.

oh super congrats to mlyttle for her america 24-7. i was in a bookstore (not mine) the other day and looked through it. and yes, melissa lyttle. up in that joint.