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  pimpin' you thoughts [summer 2003]

lunes, octubre 06, 2003

r.e.m. ticket(s)

if anyone knows of someone who needs tickets to the r.e.m. show this wed. (oct. 8th) please let me know via e-mail: the person who was supposed to go with me couldn't go. so i might sell one or both depending.

jueves, octubre 02, 2003

billy bragg's best

on oct. 28th billy bragg is going to drop a 3-cd best of album. and it looks pretty good. also the first pressing will come with an extra disc. that's a whole lot to bragg about.

miƩrcoles, octubre 01, 2003


that was too personal. nevermind. grandaddy/sfa @ the 9:30 club thursday. word.