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  pimpin' you thoughts [summer 2003]

miƩrcoles, diciembre 25, 2002

d 2 e 5 c

happy holidays everyone!

viernes, diciembre 20, 2002

i still have more to say...

from here to the recording studio: alkaline trio's recording journal. tour dates in the works.

idlewild's new cd the remote part due out july 15, 2002. tour dates in the works too.

i hope when they say tour, they mean in hitting some d.c. clubs. each of these bands seem to avoid d.c. like the plague. it's not that bad. i swear.

nerdalert 2002

so yesterday i saw the lord of the rings: the two towers again. it was just as amazing this time as the last one. i'm going to see it one more time b/c i have this free ticket from the fellowship of the ring 4-dvd box set. i've entered nerddom.

the two towers is really in 3 hours long which does not include the 30 minutes of previews and commercials preceding the flick. here are some helpful tips to preparing for hours of middle earth:

1. don't eat a big meal before the movie. bring snacks. you might want to eat post movie.
2. get/bring caffeinated beverages. perhaps a red bull or two.
3. get a good nights rest the preceding night. you can't be mildly sleeping going in.

yes, this movie is a commitment.

holiday spirit: here is the cutest reindiggins you will ever see!

in case you need a last minute idea for gifts...this is a really good one.

"I write a book that isn't about my kid, and then someone writes a beautiful song based on an episode in my book that turns out to mean something much more personal to me than my book ever did." ~Nick Hornby

nia news: my big fat greek sitcom

martes, diciembre 10, 2002

winter break

well, it's been almost two weeks since my last post. things have been, well, busy. and unconnected. as in, i'm not connected to the internet at my new place b/c i'm waiting for my phone to be hooked up. i never knew how difficult it is not to have a telephone.

but my new service is pretty cool. it's through cavalier telephone. they have pretty good deals and their customer service reps are really nice. plus i hate verizon. stupid bastards.

my move went pretty well thanks to help from some friends. super kudos to corey and kristy for putting in almost 8 hours of hard manual labor. they are super cool.

for the past week, i've put furniture in their proper places while discarding crap i don't need. i had to get interior design superior kristy to help me yesterday with ikea purchases and more rearranging. and now i have a living room that works.

[on a side note: ikea should start paying me now b/c 95% of my apt is ikea which serves as good promotion for them]

tough enough III sighting: prospective wwe wrestler/hometowner/pee on himself scott was in my bookstore.

on 12/3 i saw an advanced screening of lord of the rings: the two towers. it was completely awesome. believe all the hype.

this post is extra long b/c i don't know when i'll be able to post again. til then i bid you all adieu. over and out.