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  pimpin' you thoughts [summer 2003]

viernes, noviembre 29, 2002


happy birthday kristy!

here is a message for my bro-in-law for tomorrow since i won't be hooked up: happy birthday richard!

what else? moving. busy. busy. cleaning. busy. bzzzzzzzzz.

martes, noviembre 26, 2002


yesterday i was at work from 3 p.m. - 2 a.m. aaah. the long hours of work. so i'm tired.

i'm looking forward to wednesday [my day off] and thursday [my eat off]. plus lots of football on the tube.

oh, what else am i doing the next couple of days. packing lots. and i'm not talking about heat either.

lunes, noviembre 25, 2002

hands down...

this is the best poster ever

whirlwind weekend

friday ~ i cleaned and packed like a mad fiend.

saturday ~ went to work until 2:30. arrived in richmond at 5. attended amazing wedding reception for mary kate and steve. congratulations again. it was a wonderful party. rocked out at an after-reception party at shasta's. super awesome. it was hammer time for lots of peeps.

sunday ~ woke up at 7:30 a.m. left richmond at 8. took pictures at a waffle house. went to work to call some people. then went to fedEx field to watch the redskins beat the rams [awesome!]. arrived back home at 6 p.m. ate chinese fried rice w/vegetables and tofu from cafe asia. then went bowling from 8-10:30 p.m for jp sendoff.

phew i'm beat.

viernes, noviembre 22, 2002

movin' on up

so a week from saturday, i'll be moving from my old apartment to my new apartment. yes yes yes. i'm really excited. and stressed of course. i went to 4 different rental places to reserve a truck for next saturday. my checklist looks like this:

old apartment packed: 30% done
old apartment cleaned: negatory
rental truck secured: check
moving buddies to help: semi-check
excited to move to new digs: quadruple check

sometime i wish i lived in nyc. then i could go to the 48 hr photo exhibit

jueves, noviembre 21, 2002

all this moving business is stressing me out.

martes, noviembre 19, 2002

a good sign for future bliss

strummer, jones jam on stage [via: aversion]

viernes, noviembre 15, 2002

[this was kind of fun....enjoy]


Once upon a time there has a young PRO SKATER named BORIS. He was RAPIDLY BREAKDANCING in the SLUSHY forest when he met SCARY VINNY, a run-away GANGSTER from the BRIGHT Queen CONSUELO.

BORIS could see that SCARY VINNY was hungry so he reached into his TIN CAN and give him his DIRTY GUACAMOLE. SCARY VINNY was thankful for BORIS's GUACAMOLE, so he told BORIS a very SUNNY story about Queen CONSUELO's daughter AMELIA. How her mother, the BRIGHT Queen CONSUELO, kept her locked away in a SKYSCRAPER protected by a gigantic TIGER, because AMELIA was so ECSTATIC.

BORIS DUNKED. He vowed to SCARY VINNY the GANGSTER that he would save the ECSTATIC AMELIA. He would RUN the TIGER, and take AMELIA far away from her eveil mother, the BRIGHT Queen CONSUELO, and SPIN her.

Then, all of the sudden, there was a LOUD HURRICANE and SCARY VINNY the GANGSTER began to laugh. With a puff of smoke he turned into the gigantic TIGER from his story. BRIGHT Queen CONSUELO SMELLED out from behind a BOX and struck BORIS dead. In the far off SKYSCRAPER you could hear a AHHHH OOOGA.


Make your own Fairy Tale at

on the upswing

i'm feeling much better. i guess all i needed was some sleep...who am i kidding...lots of sleep. i was in bed all day yesterday. i didn't really get up and do anything until after 8 p.m. that's how sick i felt. but after that, i felt really good. so i went to see some rock. might not have been the best idea to recuperate, but it was the donnas, and i was on the guest list. i've been dying to see this show for 2 months. the show was amazing. i almost bought a donnas belt buckle. but it was too pricey.

anyway, whoever was checking id's at the black cat door. i have a special message for you. kiss my ass you jackass. [pardon my language trusty readers] i'm fed up with people with the "i'm too cool for you" and "i can be a jerk b/c i work the doors" attitudes you run into. grow up. i just want you to check my id, take my ticket, and let me rock like no one's ever rocked before. just another reason NOT to go back to the black cat. and i'm starting to lose places to see shows. damn.

sunday i'm going to see harry potter & the chamber of secrets. it will be as awesome as catching a snitch and winning a quidditch match. you betta recognize!

did anyone know about the other gyllenhaal? maggie gyllenhaal she's cute.

martes, noviembre 12, 2002

how fitting

i'm sick. been sick for 2 days. but at least i found my inner badass.

Find Your Inner Bad-Ass...

Hey there, Danger Boy! You're Slash! Thrash it, bash it, and sell it to the butcher in the store... You are the all-american bad boy, and as long as the band stays together, the world will know it soon enough...

lunes, noviembre 11, 2002

sweet sunday

i'm not sure if i've mentioned this before, but i love the new vegan eatery in d.c.: sticky fingers bakery

i've eaten sweets all day. at 5 p.m. i hit a sugar wall and had to take a 2 hr nap.

also, here are 2 reasons why corey is the top dawg amongst labs:

reason 1: he loves people
reason 2: he does well with other dogs

[i want a dog...damnit]

viernes, noviembre 08, 2002

jueves, noviembre 07, 2002

of mice and c-u-later!

new photo essays at aphotoaday

my roommate greg saw a mouse in the kitchen. rodeorob saw one a couple of years ago. i'm glad i'm leaving.

( ) ( takk ) ( ! )

feeling icelandic fever...

here is:

1. the wp's review of monday's sigur ros show

2. tmn's cool review of ( ) [via: mlyttle]

3. sigur ros: beyond words [via: cmj]

miƩrcoles, noviembre 06, 2002

names to play the game

i tried getting a good rocketname but it spit out something stupid. so i tried again. you may now call me acquistion mofo. success! it's actually a fitting title considering today's big news. my future landlord called to say that all my credit stuff checked out and i will have a new apartment to live in dec. 1st. rock. i'm sooooo excited.

martes, noviembre 05, 2002

like ali, "so pretty"

tonight i went with corey to see sigur ros at the lincoln theatre. i had never been there before. it's actually a pretty nice place. for some reason they even allowed us to bring sodas to our seats. i've never been to a non-movie theatre that did this. oh well. moving on...

the show was amazing. here is a run-down:

opener: sucked beyond belief. he was like an icelandic billy bragg minus the talent. i don't have to much respect for artists who play songs that i think i could even play. the thing is, he was playing such simple stuff and he still messed up. no stage presence, no nothing.

the real deal: sigur ros has never failed to blow me away. seeing them live is completely different than listening to their albums. sometimes their lp's can be so mellow, that you can be lulled to sleep. live, they take all of the mellow stuff, crank the volume 10 notches, and play some loud ass music. and it's a natural high. it's so intense. you are on the edge of your seat. the lead singer jon's voice is so pretty over top of it. you get your face rocked off but in the nicest possible way.

if you ever get a chance, GO SEE THEM. you won't be disappointed.