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  pimpin' you thoughts [summer 2003]

jueves, octubre 31, 2002

bowling like crazy

today i turned in my lease [yeah]. cross your fingers. hopefully all of it will go through and i will have a new place dec. 1st. yeah, i know. bad planning. moving in december is not as good of a thought as a move in say may or something, but that's when the place opened up.

after that paper work, i went over to edsall road bowl america and i got my bowl on. the guy next to me was pretty crazy. he kept telling me about how his costume was of a coach, the minnesota vikings coach, and he should be the coach for the cincinnati bengals. also, he wanted me to know that paying for car stuff sucks.

well, at least he didn't mess up my bowling scores too badly. i got a 135 then a 162. i'm still getting used to my ball. at least i'll be huge at the end of this. i'll become "the bowlster". whatcha gonna do when this bowling maniac RUNS WILD ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here comes the world of pain

monster of a day

first and foremost, happy birthday scott. the little goblin is growing up so fast.

happy halloween. hope everyone has a ghouuuuuuulish day. [insert: insane vampire laugh here] waaaaahaaa waahahaha.

to set the mood, spooky auroras light up autumn sky

please listen to "monster mash" tons today. maybe watch ghostbusters. tell/read some stories. give out candy if you can. i'll be at work.

on a sad note, jam master jay slain in ny

martes, octubre 29, 2002

new tastes [updated: the 1 p.m. love link]

on a suggestion from one of my co-workers, i visited the vegan bakery sticky fingers in d.c. at first i was somewhat skeptical. most vegan delights that i've ever tried have one of the following traits: 1) weird texture, 2) too dry, or 3) tasteless. but these can not be said for the goods at s.f. i can honestly say they are as good as the real thing. so if you happen to be on 18th st. anytime soon, try this small establishment out. support the little people. you'll be happy and so will your tummy!


friday: the convent @ ryan's. in attendance, ryan, huyen, corey, kristy, rodeorob, and me.
saturday: suspiria @ visions. attended with some co-workers. fun to see it on the big screen.
sunday: redskins win [finally]!

martes, octubre 22, 2002

"If you really wanted to screw me up, you should've gotten to me earlier!"

Which John Cusack Are You?

domingo, octubre 20, 2002

work and play

i'm pretty lucky that i work with some really cool people. i mean, i've been hanging out with a lot of my co-workers outside of the work environment and it has been awesome. on friday, four of us went to the mooney suzuki/sahara hotnights concert. then last night another group of us went to thyme square in bethesda for dinner and laughter. pretty cool time. plus the restaurant was really good. they even had a wide assortment of vegetarian and vegan options. not too common at most grubberies. the desserts were really good. i had this double chocolate mousse cake. mmm.

actually come to think of it, this might be the happiest at any job that i've ever been. i mean there are some down days, like any job. customers are crappy and sometimes think they are above you, but other than that i can't really complain. oh except for more money. but there are a lot of perks. i get free cd's, books, and concert tickets every now and again.


i'm seriously considering moving out of my current apartment in december. yeah, i know i've talked about it multiple times before, but two weeks ago my co-worker said he was moving and that i could take his cool 1-bedroom if i wanted to. i've never lived by myself, and i think it would be fun. i'm not the best person to have as a roommate anyway. although it's not in walking distance to a metro station, it is still in a good enough location. i looked at the apartment yesterday and it's pretty would cost me a lot more, but it would be pretty awesome. i mean, the first thing is it isn't old, dirty, and run-down like my current place. plus i heard the landlord isn't crazy. my current one is completely insane. so is the maintenance guy.

for example, this one time my friends john and rodeorob came over to watch football/t.v. at one point john got thirsty and decided to go down to the laundry room to get a tasty beverage from the vending machine. he didn't have enough money. this is where he encountered my maintenance guy and the conversation went something like this:

mg: you don't have enough money?
j: uhm, no, i'm about 10 cents short.
mg: oh, here you go [giving j the money]
j: are you sure?
mg: shoot. i'd pay 10 cents to watch a monkey f*** a football.

[uhm, huh?]

holy horrors

first and foremost. i missed ryan's birthday last monday. happy belated bidet!

second and backmost. suspiria is playing at visions. woah. i might have to go. dagnabit!

sábado, octubre 19, 2002

wee hour boss

you might be wondering why i'm writing this post at the ungodly hour of 6 a.m. well, you try sleeping when your roommate is watching bruce springsteen videos and yuckin it up with his new gal friend. yeah, let's just say i'm a little pissed. i have to work in 3 hours. damn.

electric sweat, you bet

last night i went to see the mooney suzuki / sahara hotnights show at the 9:30. it was simply amazing. s.h.nights, the swedish donnas, came out rockin' rockin' rockin' til they rocked my face off. they were that good. then mooney suzuki came out. if any of you haven't seen these people live, you should. they are a trip. they are all about saying they are #1, clapping hands, and exlaiming "thank you ladies and gentlemen, we are the mooney to rock for the rock n rollers"...and they do this multiple times. true, their music is kind of repetitive, but i think most people see them for their on-stage antics.

i'm trying to rock your heart

i forgot to write about this earlier in the week....the wilco show on tuesday was amazing. they played most of my favorites. a good mix of songs from all their albums. here is a list of some of the songs:

"heavy metal drummer"
"california stars"
"hesitating beauty"
"red-eyed and blue"
"passenger side"
"she's a jar"
"we've been had"
"pot kettle black"
"a shot in the arm"
"i am trying to break your heart"

oh there was more. they played two encores. it was great. jeff tweedy is a great comedian. he was super-funny.

in case anyone missed it, the wp reviewed wilco's monday show.

later that week i actually had a dream about wilco. specifically with jeff tweedy. it was after a show, and suddenly it turned light out. and i was playing with jeff's kids, sam and spencer, in the backyard. there were a lot of dogs too. they were smaller dogs, like pugs and terriers. really weird dream actually.

music news: the promise ring split up

in case you needed any further proof, ryan adams is a complete jerkface. [scoop learned from rodeorob]

martes, octubre 15, 2002


reading, part I..wp on fugazi

the real mackaye: fugazi frontman's punk precursors by david segal

dinner is served: dischord howls with 20 years of punk music by mark jenkins

ian mackaye's top 10

reading, part II: freaky deaky

the creator of freaks and geeks, paul feig, has written a book called kick me: adventures in adolescence. i'm reading it right now. it's completely awesome.

watching: girlfriend

e! entertainment is going to have a special show called revealed: katie holmes. 10 p.m. [thanks to ryan] now i just have to find some way to tape it. i don't have a working vcr. damn.

music: jennie bomb [not light at all]:

sahara hotnights

too close to home

after work i took 66 home. there was so much traffic. road blocks. took 2x as long to get to my parents' house. it wasn't until i arrived there that i found out what happened: another sniper attack. this time at 7 corners near a home depot i've frequented in the past. real scary.

miércoles, octubre 09, 2002

labs in the pool

last night i watched the late show and they had the purina dog show diving dogs challenge [here is the recap]. it was pretty damn cool. the dog owners would get their canines all riled up to get a ball, then they would toss the ball into the water. the dog of course would get a running start and at the end leap into the water. the dog who jumped the farthest wins. pretty entertaining stuff. the best part is at the end, the intern stephanie [a.k.a. "monty"] jumped into the water in what she called her "mountain dew jump". very funny stuff.

face off: saves the day get new drummer.
nirvana greatest hits track list revealed [both stories courtesy of aversion]

u2's greatest hits 1990-2000

martes, octubre 08, 2002

the d'oh count

the next two days/nights will be pretty busy. i have to work two huge book events at my store. luckily, i'll have thursday off so i can take some pictures for my portfolio. i'll probably hit some diners. yum, diner food. i'm ready.

so i must have read the release date of abandon incorrectly, even though it was right in front of my face, but the new katie holmes movie does not come out until oct. 18th. what a bummer! hurry up and come out already.

things to make you say hmm

foods that have anniversaries this year: oreo turns 90, kool-aid 75, animal crackers 65... to name a few.

did you ever wonder what your social security number meant? [both stories via: tmn]

domingo, octubre 06, 2002

pretty eventful weekend

on friday i went over to corey's to watch slackers and hang out with the d-o-double g's. know what i'm sayin? the movie was pretty good. funnier than i thought it would be. jason schwartzman is a maniac.

saturday i went over to a co-worker's birthday party in d.c. ended up talking to this girl who just so happened to be in one of the more famous d.c. bands. i'll have to tell the whole story one day.

today, i watched football with some coolios. oh and i thought of some portfolio ideas:
junkyards [actually, this is corey's great suggestion]
downtown washington d.c. [and i would take them from different angles and perspectives]

so now i'm just gonna take all these pictures and see what happens.

now i am tired. goodbye.

sábado, octubre 05, 2002

staggering genius, part 2

dave eggers' new book you shall know our velocity hit the shelves today. here is an inside scoop on the whole deal:

-only 10,000 first edition copies were made.
-the books were only sent to independent bookstores. [here is a list of independent bookstores that carry mcsweeney's books]
-you won't find the new book at borders or barnes & noble
-new book = hot cakes, selling like it
-d.eggers wants to talk/promote it. [his book tour dates/places]

also, for more eggers fever check out this interview [the new yorker]

jueves, octubre 03, 2002

post case late scenarios

last night after the show, i watched a lot of late night tubeage. on the conan o'brien show was alyson hanigan. she was pretty funny and cute. but the bizarre part was the other guest was luke perry. see the buffy the vampire connection. he was in the movie version, she's in the t.v. version. how buffalicious!

then guess who was on the last call with carson daly. rhett miller. what is going on with that guy? he's totally into being the pretty boy scenester. if he goes to far, mr. murray "harry potter" hammond might not want to be around him anymore. rhett's new stuff is catchy, but that shimmey and coif has got to go. all you old 97's fans know what i mean.

on another note: i went to krackhaus today and ioverheard this guy ask if they "had any jay farris cd. you know, the guy from son volt." so the guy behind the counter said "oh farrar, what band is he in again?" my ears almost burned off from hearing this conversation.

following elton john dreams

the neko case show last night was amazing. she started off telling the crowd how she had a bizarre dream about elton john telling her what to do. bizarre bizarre. she looked extremely tired, like she hadn't slept in a couple of days. i guess that's what it's like out on the road.

down to the nitty gritty: she played a good mix of her old [furnace room lullaby, south tacoma way, twist the knife, set out running] and new songs [lady pilot, blacklisted, pretty girls]. the best part is she dived into some songs [make your bed, in california, alone & foresaken] from canadian amp, probably my favorite album of hers.

this might rank up there on the list of my favorite shows of the year.
i love her. it was so good, i even bought a t-shirt.

miércoles, octubre 02, 2002


i rode my bike into d.c. today. hit the fdr memorial, the capitol, the w.monument. you know how it is. on the mall, they had the solar decathlon set up. it's a pretty cool idea. schools, from around the country, compete in building the most attractive and effective solar powered house.

new releases worth mentioning:

ladytron's "light and magic": these liverpoolian's second album is more refined, poppy than their first one. i listened to this album non-stop for a whole week.

ivy's "guest room": album full of covers from the cure's "let's go to bed" to nick heyward's "kite".

beck's "sea change" : it's like "mutations", depression, and nigel goodrich production all on one album.

needing inspiration

today is my day off.

i'm going into d.c. to take some pictures. of what, i'm not sure. trying to come up with portfolio ideas. i forgot to mention that instead of only needing one porftolio idea, i need two. one for a set of 6 slides, and another for a set of 8 negatives. great. sheesh. portfolio ideas are due next monday. d'oh.

i might go to one of the museums for inspiration.


neko case
@ the black cat