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  pimpin' you thoughts [summer 2003]

martes, agosto 27, 2002

on the rumor mill

michael chabon's the amazing adventures of kavalier & clay in works to be a movie. [shout out: tmn]

lunes, agosto 26, 2002

wish i were movin' like a bag o doughnuts

on saturday night i went over to ryan's for some good food [fennel pasta dish plus "fried chicken" and fresh fields vegan carrot cake] and movie fun. we watched sleepaway camp II and III [not slumber party massacre~ i really don't know why i said that in the previous entry, since i knew i would be watching some angela baker--i think it was the lack of sleep]. but it was good stuff. s.c.II is definitely better than III since there is an actual story. and ry-ry let me borrow sleepaway camp I, to refresh my memory. i haven't watched that movie in over 12 years. so i'm ready.

tonight i went to the kind of like spitting show @ the g.hut. it was really fun. i saw a lot of friends there. the show itself was more mellow than the cd since the band [consisting of 2 people since they fired the drummer] played acoustic. the lead singer, ben barnett, shouted through most songs which made it very entertaining. cool cool stuff. he totally reminded me of strawberry daq. if the artist formerly known as doobie wise would ever start an emo punk band, it would probably be like k.o.l.s. they totally have the same mannerisms. plus strawberry daq would probably do some excellent shouting songs...perhaps "material girl" [hard core fast eddie's version]. think about it.

so tomorrow i have school. then work afterwards. gonna be a manic monday. oh yeah.

also, i'm really tired b/c
[ ] i don't sleep well usually
[ ] i have been working a lot
[ ] i've been going to bed at unreasonable hours
[ ] my niece has a lot of energy
[ ] i haven't had cola in 3 days--my teeth are thanking me
[ ] I HAVEN'T HAD COLA IN 3 DAYS and i'm still recovering
[ ] the sandman doesn't like me
[ ] i'm anxiously anticipating the night i finally get to see blue crush
[x] all of the above

viernes, agosto 23, 2002


rodeorob has reviewed neko case's blacklisted and allison moorer's miss fortune.

rotting addiction

well, it looks like i'm working 7 days in a row. that's always fun. so i'll be buy until next tuesday [my first day off in ages].

the funny thing is, i've done this all without coke. yup. i haven't had coke or any other soft drink in 3 days. damn. i needed to stop since i could actually feel my teeth rotting. gross. so i'll stick to water and juices.

west nile out of control. one case found in richmond. [via: cnn]

tomorrow i'm going over to laze's to have a slumber party massacre marathon. hopefully i'll make it to all three. we'll see.

after work sunday, i'm trudging over to the galaxy hut to see some rawk. this band called kind of like spitting is playing. people check them out. they are good stuff for the emo/punk kids.

lunes, agosto 19, 2002

docktalk to sportstalk

on sat. night i drove to tappahannock to visit my friend kara. our friends john s. and mike were there too, so we had a jolly old good time. we ended up watching meet the parents which i've seen quite a few time. but it was just as good this time as the past ones.

so i jokingly told my friends that meet the parents 2 should be called meet the fockers. and guess what? might just happen.

on sunday i left t-hannock at 9 a.m. drove to d.c. went with rob to an orioles game at camden yards [we had free tickets]~unfortunately they lost to the tigers 7-4. after the game, we drove home and watched the redskins-steelers game on t.v.

now i'm tired.

tomorrow is my day off. so i'm going to the hirshhorn to broaden my horizons.

sábado, agosto 17, 2002

talking through it

i'm o.k. now. at least better. hurt feelings, bruised heart [again]. but it wasn't meant to be. aargh.

it's the little things that put a smile on my face. like knowing i can tell my friends stuff:

corey, you may not be famous, but at least you are a pirate bot!

gretchen and kristy. you better be ready for the double doozie. it's a couple of weeks away.

melissa, i think everyone wonders. funny stuff.

rodeo rob, check out dell's refurbished. plus we are sitting in section 55.

stephen, stop talking about heinies. unless it's heineken.

laze, i can't wait to check out the posse cuts

rob [mr. litclique], you are a reviewing monster.

the rest of my fred vegites/richmonders/tappahannockonians- i miss you all.

viernes, agosto 16, 2002


today i got up early so i could get things done. i ate a good lunch [at sunflower~mmm "fried chicken"] and bought some krack:

jeremy enigk's "return of the frog queen" $8
the desaparecidos' "read music/speak spanish" $8
lord of the rings "the fellowship of the rings" 2-dvd set $14. although i know that i might be tempted by the 5-DVD platinum box set later on. or is that just over

the best part is i had a $15 credit, so i got all 3 of these items for $15. score!

this weekend is gonna be busy. i'm working the closing shift tonight, the opening shift tomorrow. then i'm going to tappahannock saturday night. driving back. then going to the baltimore orioles game on sunday. phew. i'm already tuckered out thinking about it.

have a good weekend y'all.

miércoles, agosto 14, 2002

love & sorrow

the other day i felt like this was the song that represented my day [replace "stupid kid" with "stupid 26 yr old bookseller]:

"Remember when I said I love you
Well forget it I take it back
I was just a stupid kid back then
I take back every word that I said"

~alkaline trio's "stupid kid"


today i had a very blah day. don't call me luscious luck. it doesn't fit. nothing seemed to go right. so i'm just waiting for next week to arrirve. i wish i could speed things up to get to that point and get out of my rut. blah. maybe if i say blah enough it will happen.

lunes, agosto 12, 2002


neko case article [via: rodeorob]


check out corey's website. he posted some songs from his weekend recording sessions. cool covers.

domingo, agosto 11, 2002

sizzlin party

on friday i went to see the new wilco rockumentary i am trying to break your heart by photographer sam jones. really amazing stuff. so good, i'm even gonna go to visions on tuesday to see it again.

last night i went over to rodeo rob's housewarming party. pretty cool time. the crew was up in the hizouse....corey, kristy, gretchen, t.v. [the original cg], pat, kadena, laze, huyen, and rob's workmates. let's sum it up: i drank adirondack, got my ear licked, had a conversation about how much the name alex kicks ass [duh!]. rob knows how to throw a party.

looks like my next two weeks will be busy. only 2 days off total in the next two weeks.

tomorrow, i am going to see the good girl. i got free tickets from work for the advance screening. another work perk.

jueves, agosto 08, 2002

warped city, population: ?

so today alkaline trio is playing in the area. i've been wanting to see this band for the longest time. they rock your face off and leave numbers: 1-800-KICK-ASS or something like that. but i can't go see them. it's the vans warped tour--20+ bands at nissan pavillion--all day, all night. never been a fan of the pavillion. i mean, i like vans. i even bought a new pair recently. but i've never been a fan of all-day festivals, unless it's bumbershoot. so there is no hellapaloozin way i'm showing up. plus, i have to work. shucks. they just need to come back and headline at a small club.

in case your wondering, that is where i spend most of my days and nights. the rest of the time i try and catch up on sleep. not too exciting. i know. i know.

so here are a couple of bands/artists that show up in the current issue of rolling stone magazine: get up kids, alkaline trio, and neko case. should i ask "what is going on with the magazine?" or "what is going on with these artists?" doesn't this magazine only like mtv mainstream artists?

martes, agosto 06, 2002

driving like mini-me

everywhere i look these days, people are driving the new minis. if you go on their site, you can build your own. pretty cool.

it must be tough when your girlfriend is on the road, playing gigs, having babies. at least rodeorob got to review his girlfriend's new cd.

read the daily ping from yesterday and all i have to say is this: i really can't believe ryan didn't have a cigarette launcher in his car. doesn't everyone carry one of those in case a smoker is in need? always help the needy i say.

day 2 of my weekend: going to carlisle, PA--training camp--washington redskins.

jueves, agosto 01, 2002

my head is gonna explode...

from all the excitement of the bands coming to town, such as:

the weakerthans/rocking horse winner/greg mcpherson band
@ the black cat
sun. september 1st

the (international) noise conspiracy/thursday
@ the 9:30 club
tues. september 17th

bright eyes (50% chance of going to this b/c the lead singer was a big baby the last time)
@ the 9:30 club
sun. september 22nd

super furry animals
@ the 9:30 club
thurs. september 26th

neko case & her boyfriends
@ the black cat
wed. october 2nd

yeah, i know. i was all showed out. i got to regroup.

while i'm grooving to the
desoto records is caput, burning airlines calls it quits, and johnny marr starts up the healers [via: aversion]