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  pimpin' you thoughts [summer 2003]

miércoles, julio 31, 2002


happy birthday to shasta mcbruhaha!

thinking about yesterday

review of beth orton's daybreaker [via: wp]

dumbass politics

gary condit is a complete idiot. not for the fact that he compared connie chung to vladamir putin just for asking him hard questions. not for the fact that he thinks the media just wants him to say "i did her". he's an idiot for thinking he has been so sly and saintly through the whole ordeal. damn politicians make me sick.

le film dramatique

tonight i went to see "ma femme est un actrie (my wife is an actress)" at bethesda row. it was another perk from work. getting free admission to a preview screening.

the movie was good. but here is a nice tidbit: the lead actress, charlotte gainsbourg, is the daughter of singer serge gainsbourg. pretty cool. the weird part of the movie is the lead actor/director, yvan attal, is married to charlotte in real life. maybe this is an autobiographical account. but then again, they are both actors. hmm.

i'm starting to watch more and more movies. you know how i said i'm all (rock) showed out. maybe by next week i'll be all showed out by another form of entertainment: film.

martes, julio 30, 2002

instigation, miller time

so i thought yesterday would be an average off day. yeah, i would get to relax, do some errands, maybe some laundry. have some fun. then i get a phone call from my boss saying that a record exec has invited us to see rhett miller play at the spy lounge for a small group of people, closed to the public. just him, a solo acoustic show to preview his new cd the instigator (in stores sept. 24th). holy crap.

so i got to the club at 7. rhett wasn't scheduled to get there until 7:30. so i had to wait around. i didn't know anyone, and i'm not really good with striking up conversations with strangers, so it was kind of uncomfortable for a while. at least there was free food: bruschetta (sp?), veggie tempura, and shrimps. plus free drinks. oh yeah!

when rhett finally got to the club, he shmoozed with the crowd. i overheard him saying "i like what's playing". the club was playing the cd before and after his show. hmm.

let me skip to the real deal. rhett finally got on stage and played 7 songs. 6 new ones, 1 old standard--highlights include
"come around", a smooth upbeat hit. it might be my favorite on the album for now.
"this is what i do". if you like "nineteen", you'll like this new hit. this was supposed to be the first single, but they changed it to "come around".
"timebomb", the set closer--which was very much like the live version on satellite rides disc 2.
[note: you know how he sways his coif and does that rhett silly shimmy when he's at the mic, he was completely doing that. kind of like his conan o'brien appearance with old 97s]

at the end of the show he went around and signed cd's. we got his new cd free. sweet. so i talked to him for a couple of minutes. he said that his upcoming tour will have a full band. a date hasn't been set, but i'm guessing he'll play d.c. during the second or third week of august.

hey corey and kristy, i also told him that you danced to "question" at your wedding. he told me to tell you "congratulations".

in not other news:
bugs beats homer in tv guide's 50 greatest cartoon characters list

lunes, julio 29, 2002

time to win the lottery

it's feels like all i've been doing is working. do you ever go to work and just think "wasn't i just here?" yeah, that's how i felt all week. yesterday i was actually looking at the clock, over and over again wishing the time would move faster. grr.

i also went to see austin powers in goldmember which was o.k. i think they are seriously running out of ideas. there are some good parts though. mike myers still makes some "ha ha" moments.

in case any of you haven't heard, ladyfest is happening. here is what's going on in d.c aug 7-11th. it's a worthwhile event. i'm gonna try and see the tsunami/mary timony show at the black cat aug. 9th.

miércoles, julio 24, 2002

bike sense

kudos to arlington county for creating bike lanes on some of the busier streets. this helps cars learn to SHARE THE ROAD.


so i went shopping today. pretty impressive actually. i did everything fairly quickly. too bad champs sold me out and didn't have a second pair of shoes i could buy with their deal. so that was null and void. and i have to take someone with me to get the watch. i'm too indecisive sometimes.

going around i noticed my utter dislike of pleated pants. i am pro-flat front. pleats are finished.

seems like mother nature was a little pissed off today. thunderstorm was loud. sometimes she gets into the "i am woman hear me ROAR" mood. it keeps everything real.

also, i am completely showed out. i don't want to go to a show for a while. even if it's free. i'm too tired. and it starts adding up. plus coney island was 5 concerts all at once.

martes, julio 23, 2002

gun-totin' pimp

don't let the pimp front fool you. i show my true colors late at night: redneck lex. [sometimes i even scare myself] [thanks to corey, kristy, tom, cole, and jack diggins---my redneck crew]

happy blogiversary to ryan. two years and running. laze runnings. like that jamaican bobsled movie cool runnings with more of an edge.

suprise, you're married! [via: tmn]

shopping like an "honorary girl"

it's not too often i feel like shopping. actually, i barely like going to malls to browse for stuff. but today i went to tyson's corner mall, and i'll probably go to another one [p.mills] tomorrow. but i have two purchasing missions. 1) buy a nice dress watch that has indiglo and 2) get some geoff rowley vegan vans.

i found this guess watch that i really liked. i heard you can get guess watches at p.mills for $35. i might have to check it out. watches are an investment. i'm into investing.

as far as sneaks, i really want some geoff rowleys[i either want one of the first or bottom two]. the last one is my ideal one, but they sold out of it online. darnit! champs sports has this deal--buy one, get the second one 50% off. tempting. very tempting.

i wish there was just a lex store out there with everything i need. when i run out of something it's there, in my size, ready to go. and it should be walking distance too.

[i must be in the mood to spend since i sold a bunch of cd's that i got for free. now i got me some cash money soldiers]

lunes, julio 22, 2002

everything's coming up coney

over the weekend i went to some shows. yeah, one in d.c., another bigger one in coney island.

friday: puffy ami yumi. 2 rockin' gals with a 1/2 hippie, 1/2 punk/metal band. at least that's what they looked like. they ended up sounding like japan goes jesus christ superstar. i thought it was fun.

saturday: i drove 8 hours roundtrip to see the siren 2002 music festival in coney island.

the highlights included:

ken butler's voices of anxious objects~ this guy took homemade objects (toothbrush, paint brush, mousetrap), amplified them, and made some interesting music.

the donnas~put on a very kiss/ramones loud and in-your-face set. very cool. donna a. strutted her stuff. donna f. was telling some jokes with her screechy voice. donna r. played some badass riffs. donna c. thrashed on the drums. i think they represent better live than on cd. i mean, you just have to experience the donnas live.

the shins~played most of "oh inverted world". unfortunately i stood too far back so the bass was overbearing. but it was still cool. i got a shirt.

mooney suzuki~the lead singer kept said at one point "alright ladies and gentlemen. mother nature didn't give you an electric guitar. she gave you hands...hands which are the best musical clap your hands. the best part are your hands don't cost you a thing." it also felt like the lead singer and lead guitarist were competing for attention. if one jumped off the stage, the other would jump off and travel further into the crowd. amazing.

oh, i ate lots of boardwalk food. i got out of virginia for a day. i might go again next year. oh yeah!

jueves, julio 18, 2002

to the jack of all trades

happy birthday jack!

speaking of jacks, remember jacko?

superSUCKy fan

my friend richard sent me this excerpt he read on the superchunk diary:

[after a show in nj]
"The low point of the day came when Laura, Jim, Roman (Spoon) and I were
walking back from a post-show meal. The Get Up Kids had finished and there
was a long line of cars waiting to get out of the area. I made eye contact
with a teenage girl in one of the cars. I could tell she was telling the
driver that Superchunk were walking by. I smiled at her and she smiled at
me. We got about six feet past them when she yelled, "Should be Supersuck,
not Superchunk!" I turned and charged at her. She shrieked and I stopped
short of her door and smiled at her again. Teenagers, I hate 'em. Just
kidding, they make great movie ushers."

i remember when i saw the get up kids/superchunk show that most of the teenagers were sitting during superchunk while waiting to see g.u.k. it's a sad state of affairs when the kids don't even know where their favorite music came from. the g.u.k. would never have existed if it weren't for superchunk.

miércoles, julio 17, 2002

for the love of cameras

the lomography site might get me into trouble. i'm getting an urge to buy one of their cameras. maybe the supersampler.

martes, julio 16, 2002

campers, start your engines

now that's what i call camping: pictures from corey's camp wet. gotta give props to the peeps. they survived the weather, the bears, and the hike.

thanks to this daily ping, i know what ryan's dream toy is: this [thanks texas racing for the image! huh?].

yesterday i signed up a fall color photography class. i'm pretty excited to get back in the dark room. i'll take advantage of the coney island trip to get ahead. so many colors, so little time.

last night i went to see trans am at fort reno. they are usually good to see, just for the mere fact they seem to enjoy what they do. this one time i saw them play in l.a. and after every song the bass player would pump his fist towards to the crowd. now that's rock n roll.

domingo, julio 14, 2002

french photobooth

last night i watched amelie, a pretty amazing film. i'm completely in love with the lead actress. she was so darn cute.

so now my boss is going to "review" me next week. as soon as that's done, i'll get my raise. i can't wait.

friday is puffy ami yumi, the japanese ABBA. i can't stop listening to them. they are so much fun.

also, i might try and go to coney island on saturday for the siren 2002 festival. the lineup is: sleater-kinney, the donnas, the shins, yeah yeah yeah's, and mooney suzuki [to name a few bands]. the best part is the whole shindig is free. and i get to visit coney island.

sadly, i'm going to miss neil halstead at iota club this saturday. bummer. tho, it serves him right for playing at 3 p.m. damnit.

sábado, julio 13, 2002

kerplooey ecosystem; time to get emotive

did someone say alien fish[via: cnn]? damnit maryland.

presenting, the emo alphabet

jueves, julio 11, 2002

reading between the gulps

looks like 7-11 day wasn't completely what it was supposed to be. instead of giving you a decent size of a slurpee, it was a slurpee shot. hhhhmmm. maybe if i visit ten 7-11's today, it will get a combined full slurpee. i still have 3 hours to go.

raise the roof of my wallet

this week has been pretty busy at work. but i have some things to look forward to--i'm probably getting a raise next week. and i get this saturday off. aah. having a saturday off. maybe i'll go to ikea and get a benno. i really need another one of those.

tomorrow [which is techinically later today], i am going to:
get a FREE slurpee
babysit jasmine

it's interesting how you can be on one website and you realize what a small world we really live in. i was checking out my friend's livejournal. she had a link to another person's blog which contained some fugazi photos [scroll down to july 8th post] from the recent fort reno show. then i realized i had seen her name/portfolio, cara bowen-goldberg, before on aphotoaday click on her name, check out her photos. they're amazing. did you expect anything less from an a.p.a.d. gallery?

i'm listening to kelly willis' new album. the perks of my job, aaaaah. the album doesn't come out until august 20th, so i can absorb it for a month. yowza.

miércoles, julio 10, 2002

getting down to the fruits & vegetables

the cover story in this week's issue of time magazine is: should you be a vegetarian? [highly interesting]

"i am berry berry sneaky"

tonight i went to see mr. deeds at the amc hoffman theatre. they should rename that place movie center u.s.a. it's completely gigantic. all stadium seating. i was absolutely awestruck. the movie was pretty good.

so for my new year's resolution i promised myself that i wouldn't take any b.s. from anybody. i think that i have done a good job keeping that resolution. i've gotten better. and i won't let anyone mess with me. zero tolerance--they enter the f off zone pretty quickly. now, i just need to work on avoiding crazy people.

so my word of the year is: bodacious. i think i use it daily.

are there any words you use too often? i mean, besides curse words?

my favorite phrase used on buddyhead recently: dorkus molorkus

i've listened to a lot of liz phair this week b/c she is completely bodacious. i am a dorkus molorkus.

martes, julio 09, 2002

thank heaven for 75 years

FREE slurpees on 7-eleven day (July 11th). enjoy!

lunes, julio 08, 2002

jacko on cracko

what ever happened to michael jackson? he recently stated that the record industry is racist. since the sales of "invincible" have been really low, he's decided to take the low road and call sony president tommy mottola a racist. he goes on citing that sony did a poor job promoting "invincible". here is one question: is m.j. in such a dream world that he can't realize that his album SUCKED A BIG FAT LEMON!?

here is a nice post-world cup 2002 wrapup by nick hornby

post 4th wrapup

my 4th of july was pretty laid back. that's how i like it. i went to a couple of parties. survived the heat. ate some yummy food. even got to see some bands play. i didn't get to see fireworks, but i didn't have a huge urge to anyway.

on friday i went with rodeo rob to the black cat. it was kind of strange b/c upstairs they were having a local band showcase and in the backstage it was goth night. i think some dudes didn't get it, b/c they wore plain t-shirts and jeans while their significant others wore goth gear. didn't they get the memo? rob and i played a couple rounds of billiards before we headed to metro cafe for some "panic"-80's dance night. i can't really say it was the most fun i could have had at the place. like i told rob:
1. you can't really dance to tears for fears' hit "everybody wants to rule the world".
2. it would have been better if kristy and stephanie were around b/c they like to get their dance on.

last night i went to corey and kristy's. we ended up sitting in the backyard. very nice, cool night. jack attack was going loopy. he had quite a day already, but it's a doggy dogg world. tom brought over cole and same crazy crazy stories to boot. always interesting when mr. paaark, the original c.g. is around.

after kickin' it in the backyard for a while [aaah, so nice!], we watched the shipping news, an excellent film. nice calm night for me. that's how i like it.

i was gonna take a long break at work since they don't want me doing overtime, and my boss said, "you can go home early if you want so you don't go over again." that was a highlight of my weekend. yes, yes, yes!

more good news. he said if i worked for him on tuesday, i might get this upcoming friday or saturday off. woo hoo.

jueves, julio 04, 2002

4th of july

in 2001, fifteen aphotoadayers went to d.c. to document the 4th of july festivities. no limits were set. just get out there and click. now they've placed the photo essay, celebrating the 4th, on their site. start this day off right and take a look. it's so money, and you're gonna know it.

have any of you seen those hideous elephant & donkey statues around d.c. this year? in 1998, chicago had the same idea with bulls. seriously, i'm not a big fan. i think most of them look ridiculous. but i know some of you might like them, so here is a map of all 200. go find them if you must. party with the animals. party animals.

miércoles, julio 03, 2002

[refreshingly new]

looks like aphotoaday got a makeover. looks nice.

also, mlyttle added a comment thing-a-ma-jig a while ago but i never mentioned it before. radical.

lunes, julio 01, 2002

nutshell, in a weekend

i've been meaning to write this for a couple days. but i get home, i'm tired, and it just doesn't happen. sorry people. here you go.

(saturday) "The men may be the head of the house but the women are the neck and they can turn the head anyway they want."-My Big Fat Greek Wedding

i went with corey, kristy, tom, and thornco to see the super-funny movie my big fat greek wedding (a.k.a. the life and times of corey & kristy)

(sunday) "Say my name, say my name you actin kinda shady
Ain't callin me baby why the sudden change"-Destiny's Child

get up kids/superchunk/hot rod circuit rock show with corey, kristy, and chris. had a lot of fun. superchunk was definitely cool. highlight of the evening was their cover of destiny's child's "say my name". then i was expecting everything to go super downhill. the get up kids were good, not great (b/c they still played their new boring ass crap), but still good. the keyboardist, who boasted a harry potter shirt, really wanted to rock out. he even fell from all the excitement at one point. too bad you could never hear him b/c a keyboard is not the centerpiece in most vagrant rock bands.

sidenote--a lot of the kids at the show were sitting down during superchunk's set. how sad. do they know that g.u.k. wouldn't even exist if it weren't for superchunk.

(monday) "song number one is not a fuck you song"-Fugazi

fugazi at fort reno. it's one of the best events of the year b/c: 1) it's free, 2) it's the best music, 3) it's in a field so you can bring a perro named jack to play with other perros, and 4) it's for the people. and that is why you have to respect fugazi. b/c they play one of the most quality shows that they could charge tons of money for, but they don't. b/c they love the fans. and they want to rock your face off.