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  pimpin' you thoughts [summer 2003]

sábado, junio 29, 2002

black cat, black cat...a little fun for the homies

i went to the black cat tonight with rob. we didn't go see a show. just hung out in the red room. it was fun and mellow.

on the way home, i saw some performers from the silk road festival. i really REALLY want to check it out sometime. it looks like a lot of fun. maybe sometime next week. hmm.

every now and again i think about living in the city. i like being around the hustle and bustle. then there are other times when i want to live on a farm. well, maybe not a farm [too much work], but at least on the outskirts of the city. i guess i can't complain. i live close enough. but sometimes i wonder about city living.

so my friend said fugazi was playing on monday. i check the fort reno site and they weren't listed. then i checked their website:

"It is with deep regret that we must announce the cancellation of Fugazi's UK and Eire dates in June, due to the sudden death of an immediate family member." bummer.

well you know my name is simon, and i like to do cat things.
here are other pics: page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4 [via: pb]

sports rant:
i don't write about sports that much but something just bugs me enough where i have to. i've had some conversations with co-workers about the world cup--one of the most exciting sporting events. we've noticed that ever since the u.s. was booted out, the coverage of w.c. soccer [networks, bars, etc.] has been severely subdued. i realize that networks might think that people are less interested, but there are a lot of us that are still very interested. which brings me to another point. it really bugs me that in the n.b.a. finals or baseball's world series, the winner of these contests are called world champions. but in reality their only opponents from another country is canada. they should come up with another term for these winners.

my boss told me today i'm due for a raise. damn straight. i'm getting one in two weeks.

viernes, junio 28, 2002

who's alright

tonight i went to see the clinic/interpol/q and not u show at the 9:30 club. the show was really good. all the bands did pretty well. i even saw ian mackaye milling around. he was supporting his homies. i figured something out. i like running into friends at shows. it's really funny. what i really hate is the smoke. i'm allergic to tobacco. no kidding. when i was younger, i was given an allergy test [for pollen, tobacco, etc.] anyway, the biggest bump on my arm was a result of the tobacky.

after the show i went to bob & ediths. i love diners. and there are always interesting people in there.

sad news. yesterday john entwistle, the bass player from the who, was found dead. i'm gonna listen to some who later today.

in more uplifting news...natn rob's review of the pine valley cosmonauts new album "executioner's last songs" is here.

music-wise, i've been pretty bored with a lot of music out now. a question for you peeps: what are some cds out there that have completely blown your mind? fill me in.

jueves, junio 27, 2002

do you feel the need...the need for speed?

here are videos from the best roller coasters of 2002. fasten your seat belts. [via: tmn]

martes, junio 25, 2002

ring of fire

last night there was a fire in my apartment building. two floors up. i'm not exactly sure what happened but when i got home there were 4 fire trucks outside. so i couldn't even get into the lot. then i tried calling my roommate numerous times, but he didn't answer. when i got home he said, "there was a fire?" hmm. not exactly what i expected him to say. what a dodo bird.

pledge of allegiance ruled unconstitutional [via: cnn]

[i've been meaning to post this for a couple days]
recipes for a food coma

i was REAL sleepy most of this past weekend b/c of eating, eating, then overeating these dishes:

laze's cold spaghetti salad [yum yum]
veat salmon [although, i'd rather eat a tofurkey roast]
dr. pepper cake [kristy makes a mean dr.pepper cake. i'm not sure how different her recipe is. maybe she adds a dash of k-diggity]

also, always have a plateful of cheese, crackers, veggies, dips, and fruit. drink 4 or 5 a&w root beers.

you'll sleep like a baby.

lunes, junio 24, 2002

veggie coma

happy birthday corey.

saturday was super-fun at corey and kristy's housewarming party/birthday shindig. i ate 3/4 of a veat. then i ate dr. pepper cake. then i ate some more. the rest of the weekend i was in a food coma. here are some pics via laze "daysleeper/nightsleeper/all-the-time-sleeper" mcmopperson.

today i'm moving a queen size bed into my bed. actually i'm in the process of doing it right now. just waiting for my bro-in-law to get home for some extra help. my apartment is ghetto, but at least my room is less ghetto now.

viernes, junio 21, 2002

pot kettle black

i'm going bike riding again tonight. if i'm not too tired i'll go see rock 'n' roll high school at visions. what else is coming to visions? wilco's film i am trying to break your heart (aug. 9th)

more eye candy, courtesy of tmn: mads pedersen

i like to "party ALL the time"

i went back to work today. it's actually good to be back. thankful a paycheck is coming.

tonight i went on a long, night ride with my roommate. good time. haven't gone ridin' in a while so i got sore pretty quick. but thanks [big ups big ups] to corey, i don't feel like a professor riding his bike along the streets. i almost had to buy a pipe and a chapeau.

looks like my weekend is going to be party time, but isn't every weekend?
not only am i going to one i've mentioned already, there is also a work party on sunday. i don't know if that will be worth it or not. but every weekend is a party.

i don't flip through rolling stone magazine much anymore. it's just a bunch of stuff i'm not into. but my co-worker pointed something out to me. on the page where r.s. lists "local cd store's top 10", it was for plan 9 in richmond. awesome!

check out elasticspace : photography [via: tmn]

go u.s.a.!

miércoles, junio 19, 2002

an end, coming to

yesterday i salvaged as much of my vacation as possible to chillout. i bought some cd's: 1 2 3 4 [all of them for only $14]; watched a movie, took a nap, then read a book.

i got a haircut too. now i look semi-respectable.

martes, junio 18, 2002

rockin' the faces in all the places

i'm looking forward to...
1. dressy bessy @ black cat on wednesday.
2. corey and kristy's party on saturday.

i meant to post this last week...this is not light's heavy.

the cover story: the others. [via: city paper]
"Four friends believed in dragons, vampires, and threats against their lives. Then they became the alleged killers in one of the most publicized murders in Virginia history. Now, two of them are talking."

domingo, junio 16, 2002

saturday, in a nutshell

today, i:
1. helped rob move into his new apartment.
2. ate at trios restaurant.
3. bought a coat rack. desperately needed. previous coat rack = couch.
4. went to 4 stores [lamp store, target, wal-mart, bj's] with corey and kristy. am unscathed. [it was painless. that's how i like it. they are good people to shop with. highly recommended. we were the fast & the furious shoppers]
5. watched/somewhat helped corey & kristy install their new bodacious, hip lamp.
6. played with jack. [i want a dog].
7. put coat rack together.
8. watched some t.v.

still on "to do" list:
1. go to bed

sábado, junio 15, 2002

afternoon show...grr...long lunch break...hmm

so i found out neil halstead is playing an afternoon show [3 friggin p.m.] on july 20th at the iota club. damn damn damn. i'll be at work. damn damn damn. maybe i could take a long lunch break or something. damn. plus it's $10. double damn.

looks like the beth orton show sold out. shucks. bummer. i might go to the cake show instead. [sorry kara, i just found out about this...i know you love them...and i promise i'll call you soon]

don't thank your local barrister/barrista, thank the buzzin' bee for that yummy cup of joe. [via: cnn]

what could be more disgusting than mcdonald's new breakfast idea? answer: nothing. it's pretty damn disgusting. they should call it the mcnasty. [via:]

viernes, junio 14, 2002

o.d.'d on b.g.'s

last night i went with my dad to see the play "saturday night fever" @ national theatre. frankly, i've had my fill of the bee gees for the next 25 years. i feel like i was coming down with "night fever". so much so, every living theatre goer was "more than a woman" least i ended the night "jive talkin'" with my dad.

jueves, junio 13, 2002

love hurts

according to the blogback comments, the management at vulgar picture is playing with our emotions:

"We really are engaged. I was just kidding about the nipple thing." -Scott

i'm thinking they should have a nipple ring wedding. that way everything is covered. and we are all happy.

today's boring chores:
i went to get my haircut, but my barber is on vacation. gone fishin'. damn. the haircut is only $9. i have to find another place to get my coif cut. it's getting out of control.

laundry.....have to do it today....not looking forward to it. grr.

okay in okemos

if only i could visit michigan for one *cool* event. [via: aphotoaday]

restful/less week?

tomorrow i'm seeing "saturday night fever" at the national theatre with my dad. my mom has to babysit my niece jasmine, so she can't go with him. so i'm subbin' in.

friday should be fairly laid-back. with my mind on my money and my money on my mind.

saturday i might go sailing with my friends jenna and sarah. then i'm seeing beth orton with thornco @ the 9:30 club. she got me a ticket for my birthday. what a sweetheart!

sunday. all day...father's day stuff.

miércoles, junio 12, 2002

do you ever....

read a quote and it reminds you of something really funny. well i read this quote and remembered the episode where elaine is going out with this new guy tony (dan cortese) and george is in love with him. kramer gives him a hard time about it:

"I think that you're in love with him."
"What? That's ridiculous!"
"No, I don't think so... You love him."
"You better be careful on those rocks tomorrow, buddy. And you're not getting any sandwiches either!"
- Kramer and George, in "The Stall"

edward weston photographs [via: camera works]


so i my vacation was supposed to start all this past monday, but i had to work yesterday and today. doesn't seem like a vacation when you're working, does it? actually a co-worker got into an accident, so i had to take over some shifts. gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.

some relatives are in town from the philippines. definitely keeping me busy. tomorrow we're gonna see jackie's dresses at the corcoran.

at least i have a whole week off starting tomorrow. got to get lots of stuff done.

maybe i'll just catch up on sleep. i'm sleepy.

domingo, junio 09, 2002

happy .....

anniversary to corey and kristy.

birthday to rob. i think you said it was today.

sábado, junio 08, 2002

so russian they're english

tonight i watched enemy at the gates. pretty good movie. although i kept wondering about their accents. i mean, jude law [british] was playing a russian sniper. no russian accent. no effort. just curious about it. joseph fiennes and ed harris too. lack of effort. c'mon people.

i definitely have a new crush on rachel weisz. she is simply beautiful.

laze is definitely onto something with this

tomorrow will be a long day at work. someone is not showing up for their shift. therefore i will probably work 8:30 a.m.-7:15 p.m. yuck. good thing i have putt-putt to look forward to.

we might have to come up with our own friday fives soon. hmm. hopefully Fri 5's is just on vacation.

jueves, junio 06, 2002

best of the worst

i forgot to mention this earlier in the week. on monday i was watching craig kilborn and one of his guests was linda cardellini [of freaks n geeks fame]. she's playing velma in scooby doo. i always wondered who would play velma. too bad the movie looks like it's gonna suck craptastic. i think it's gonna scooby suck. sorry, i just don't have faith.

someone is getting something in the mail in the next couple of days. it will be a fun surprise [hopefully].

miércoles, junio 05, 2002

painting a pretty picture

looks like scott has come back and brought some big news....involves a "ring" and someone saying "yes". congrats. congrats. congrats.

speaking of news from vegheads:

mcdonald's apologizes for their beefy fries [via:]

muzik for the peepholes

elliott was pretty good. they seemed worn out. but they still got their rock on. the two openers (christensen & liar's academy) were kind of forgetable. my co-worker said l.a. represent better on cd.

thrice is playing in richmond on monday. tempting.

for all of you that would like some summer music, check out laze's "cityscapes" mix tape for june 2002

wednesday is hump day...and it's my monday. crap. i'm already starting to have the mondays.

but here's something to look forward to. i have june 10-18 off. a well-deserved break. now i can hang out with people on the weekend. i'm also planning a road trip. possibly to richmond. maybe new york. who knows.

martes, junio 04, 2002

weekend cont'd

today is errands day.
grocery shopping.
haircut [although the usual place i go to is closed this week--might have to be postponed]
clean the apartment and car.
sell some cd's to get some cash money.

then read a book.

not too exciting, but that's how i like my "sundays".

elliott tonight.

lunes, junio 03, 2002

news from mwc

my friend sarah told me about this story earlier today: former mwc student charged with murder [via:]. then i later read about it some more on laze's site.

do you know the food holidays? [via: tmn] may 8th and all of june are my favorites.

it's too hot, bring on the rain

on a lighter note:
today i bought the new piebald cd and thursday's full collapse. yes, yes, yes.

for a while there were no shows worth seeing. now there are tons:
elliott w/liar's academy
june 4th
@ the black cat

juliana theory w/glassjaw & piebald
june 9th
@ the 9:30 club

k (from ida)
june 13th
@ metro cafe

june 14th
@ the 9:30 club

beth orton
june 15th
@ the 9:30 club

june 27th
@ the 9:30 club

get up kids w/superchunk & hot rod circuit
june 30th
@ the 9:30 club


i went with a friend to see the hives at recher tonight. i didn't get off work until 8:30...and i didn't make it to recher until 9:45 b/c of some misdirection. oh well. when we got to the front door, the people said, "oh, they are on their last song. they went on at 9:00." so i didn't see anything. went to towson for nothing. grr.

i didn't get to see the bodacious girl either. just my luck. double, triple grr.

at least i listened to belle & sebastian's storytelling cd [which comes out on tuesday]. it's only 34 minutes. lots of instrumentals. very mellow. enjoyable.

i'm also looking to buy some classic vans. the dogtown soundtrack comes with a $20 coupon off vans shoes. it's totally worth it.

sábado, junio 01, 2002

growing up--groaning anakin

so it's a false alarm. i just talked to my friend. the guy [who by the way has a cane as a result of a leg injury] isn't gonna kick my arse. i heard wrong. phew. i mean "yeah, that's right!...don't wanna mess with this". plus, i was learning cane self-defense of my own. no one wants to mess with the tcb cane. represent. take that.

on friday night i went to see star wars with 2 co-workers at the uptown. i had never been to the theatre, but it is damn cool. we got there early to get good seats [my suggestion: one of the first two front rows on the balcony or 3/4 of the way up on the main floor. the screen is 40 ft high by 70 ft wide. oh and it's curved. i really enjoyed star wars: attack of the clones. hayden christensen is too whiny. and the fight scenes weren't long enough. but other than that, i have no real complaints. oh, except the crowd was so immature. when anakin was having a bad dream, they thought he was having a wet dream...laughter. so lame. grow up people. idiots.

tonight i went to little viet garden with corey, kristy, and their friend tom. i love the food there. some of the food there is such crack, you want more and more and more.

highlights of the evening:
1. free ice cream.
2. kristy got a score of 3,643 on the pinball machine [3000 wins a free cone--this is a big prize for kristy b/c it seems like ice cream is her main crack habit]
3. tom told the best story i've heard in 2002. involves a couch, a dog, and a vibrator. totally amazing.

tomorrow i'm going to see the hives at recher theatre [towson, md]. i don't really like that place too much, but i really want to see the hives. and i'm getting in for free. and...and and...a cute girl might show up. cross your fingers. sunday is my friday. after that i have monday and tuesday off. then i don't have to be at work until 2:30 wednesday. rock on.

the brick apple: new york city in lego [via: da mornin' news]

the buddyhead news/gossip section is always a nice place to get a good laugh.