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  pimpin' you thoughts [summer 2003]

viernes, mayo 31, 2002

"like sands in the hourglass..."

my life recently has been one long soap opera. bunch of crap happening. i'm in the middle of it. mainly b/c i know lots of crazy people. now someone is threatening to kick my ass. how pleasant. i'm just waiting for the part where i get killed off, come back in three years with this weird brain transplant and a different identity. what will happen next? find out next week.

"picture it....sicily (a.k.a. leesburg)....may 30, 2002..."

a guy named laze is asleep, dreaming about (a construction worker) jo from facts of life, haning out in her townhouse while talking about f.o.l. reunions. then he enters a room filled with the golden girls. all of them: blanche, dorothy, rose, and sophia. my only questions: 1. where was tootie? 2. did you eat cheesecake with the the g.girls in the dream?

miércoles, mayo 29, 2002

things that might make you go hmm

this might brighten your day {sarcasm here}: things other people have accomplished by your age. [via: mlyttle]

found photos at look at me [via: tmn]

how to cut spam without shooting your pc [via: msn]

martes, mayo 28, 2002

i'm turning into that guy

so i'm seriously considering buying a cell phone.

1. emergencies. if i'm stuck in the middle of nowhere with car problems, i'm up the creek.
2. erasing elusiveness. my parents are always trying to find me. i'm always on the run. i'd leave the phone off and they could leave a message.
3. long-distance. i recently had to call this dvd company in canada. 5 minutes = $30.00. pissed me off. i think i would call my friends in richmond and tappahanock more.
4. late. i'm late for everything. at least i could warn someone.
5. confusion. i've been through too many experiences where if i just had a phone where someone could call me or i could call someone, a HUGE headache could have been averted. back me up corey?

1. i hate people on cell phones who are on it the car while driving like a madperson, in stores ["yes honey, he's leading me towards the book right now"--i've experienced this hands-on]...there are more places i can't think of. i haven't been a big fan in the past, but i see it's practical uses.

don't worry. i'm researching it now.
voicestream gives 500 minutes + unlimited weekends + free long distance for $39.99 a month. this is the phone that comes with it.
*voicestream combines their nighttime minutes into the 500 anytime minutes. also, they are supported heavily by a-o-hell.
*they have a nice text messaging service. but i could only text message the two people i know that have voicestream.

sprint pcs has a deal right now for 350 anytime minutes + 3650 night/weekend minutes for $39.99 a month. this is the phone that comes with it.

i'm still researching deals right now, but i think i'm gonna go with the sprint deal.

here's your last chance to talk me into/out of it. go!

p.s. if you are talking me into it...know of any good deals?


today i almost got into a fender bender. it would have been my fault. i was driving on 7 at 55 mph (the speed limit) when i noticed that there was a huge line of cars parked along the other side near a 7-11. people were walking in dark suits. so i was like, why are people dressed so grimly going to 7-11. have all the big bites gone bad? i mean, worse than usual? no slurpees? well, when i looked back to the traffic in front of me, the car right in front had stopped. so i came to a screeching halt, getting about 2 ft. from their bumper. holy heart attack.

i used to be the safest, drive below the speed limit driver. then i moved to l.a., then back to NoVa. i've become more aggressive. i'm still safe, just more aggressive. this might be a bad thing. although i haven't gotten into any accidents since high school. [knock on wood]

speaking of driving: the whole idea of tips freaks me out.

lunes, mayo 27, 2002

weekend wrapped up

saturday i went to metro cafe to see four bands play. i was most excited to see skywave. i've heard they're a mix of jesus and mary chain & my bloody valentine. seems pretty cool. too bad the first band didn't go on until 10:30. so by 12, the second band was on their third song. growing increasingly tired, i left to watch jack black & the strokes on snl.

last night i hung out at corey and kristy's newly-floored townhouse. we watched croupier, a great movie starring clive owen.

today i went to see about a boy again. my sister wanted to see it. it's a great movie.

lastly but not least...all memorial weekend i heard, saw, HEARD some more the one and only ROLLING THUNDER! totally badass.

viernes, mayo 24, 2002

fried daze

this seems like a fitting one for ryan or rodeorob:

the dreamy friday five

1. What's the last vivid dream that you remember having? the other night i had this dream that a jerkface kept asking me for money, but i wouldn't give in. i'm not sure what that means.

2. Do you have any recurring dreams? not really. they change so much.

3. What's the scariest nightmare you've ever had? i remember when i was younger, i had this nightmare that i was chased by freddy of nightmare on elm street. he came to my house and just tried to kill me. real fun one.

4. Have you ever written your dreams down or considered it? Why or why not? i've considered it. but i never get around to it.

5. Have you ever had a lucid dream? What did you do in it? nope. not recently. i can't remember any.

miércoles, mayo 22, 2002

genius averted, part II

apatow screwed again.

well said ryan, well said.

martes, mayo 21, 2002

scratchin' post

last night (monday) i went to ryan's to watch raw and a couple of short videos (some mixing---mixmaster mike, dj qbert, rob swift [i think that's his name]). anyway, it was truly amazing to see them do an octopus mixing finale. really cool.

yesterday i saw star wars. it's pretty good. go see it.

tuesday i might go see the promise ring @ the black cat. although i seriously fear they will play mostly new stuff...and that is a bad bad thing. new stuff = vermont light = i want to sleep. oh, i might try and go to ikea in the morning. i need to buy a screen so my cat, the original o.d.b. can have privacy when using the pooper.

i'm contemplating having the second annual pimps, playas, hos, and hustlas party sometime during the summer. we'll see about that one.

domingo, mayo 19, 2002

the concrete guerillas

last night i saw dogtown and the z-boys with corey, kristy, elmer, krista, and gretchen. great freakin' movie. it really opened eyes to the world/history of skateboarding. i highly recommend it. now i want to buy this, this, and especially that. does it matter that i have no balance?

tonight, bright eyes @ the black cat.

i'm getting a queen size bed for free. i'm psyched.

tomorrow, star wars. dinner with friend from school. and then hanging with ryan and possibly rodeorob.

sábado, mayo 18, 2002

5 hours til work

two mistakes of my day:

1. deciding to clean my room.
2. drinking that last frostie rootbeer.
result: my room is so clean, but i'm up at 4 a.m.

at least you get some answers for the wonderful return of the friday five:

1. What shampoo do you use? head & shoulders all-in-one. and when i go to my parents, pert plus. i like to wash n' go. none of this lather, rinse, lather, rinse business. once is enough.

2. Do you use conditioner? What kind? (see above)

3. When was the last time you got your hair cut? about a month ago. i wouldn't mind it so much except it gets scruffy in the back.

4. What styling products do you use? none. no way. no how.

5. What's your worst hair-related experience? bad haircut.

after work i'm gonna try and see dogtown and z-boys with corey and kristy [that is, if i'm still invited]

viernes, mayo 17, 2002

quoting the fey

"Women tend toward more character-based, subtle observations. Men are more amused by fighting bears, sharks and robot." -Tina Fey in Newsweek.

this is so so true.

jueves, mayo 16, 2002

2 a.m. concert report

the belle & sebastian show was simply amazing. doors were at 8. sleater-kinney hit the stage at 8:05 and played for about an hour. it was all stuff from their unreleased new album. i wanted to hear a couple of old songs. still good. they are a cute bunch.

belle & sebastian hit the stage at about 9:30 or so. they had over 13 people on the stage at one time. they did a lot of their older songs which was very cool. their new album, the storytelling soundtrack comes out on june 3rd. they gave us a hint of what's to come and it's sure not to disappoint. stuart had some good interactions with the crowd. lights. good energy. swell sound. it might have been one of the best concerts i've been to in a while. you know when you go to a concert and you want to buy everything that band has put out and listen to it continuously for weeks? that's how i feel.

i also get to play a game that i've been playing a lot recently. it's called who you know. whenever i go to concerts these days, i run into people from my past. i've seen so many people from college recently that i haven't seen in years. so weird. at least these interactions have been with people i actually like.

it was also cool b/c the group i was with went to the metro cafe after party and belle & sebastian were there hanging out. so cool.

miércoles, mayo 15, 2002

if you're feeling sinister

tonight i'm going to see:

belle & sebastian
@ d.a.r. constitution hall

should be a good show. will give full report tomorrow.

martes, mayo 14, 2002

just another vagrant day

the get up kids new album comes out today. i'll go buy it after lunch. then on june 30th show, i'll go see them at the 9:30 club too.

also, the cover story in the current issue of punk planet is the rocky rise of vagrant records. pretty interesting stuff.

lunes, mayo 13, 2002

patagroupied yesterday

class in session: new york jargon 101

also, here are some neat and weird photographs at i hate photography [interesting name for a photography site] [via: tmn]

yes sir, NO sir

sorry i haven't been blogging much in the recent days. i'm living a kind of crazy "running around with your head cut off" lifestyle. work. plus parties, gathering, mother's day events. this all leaves little room to blog.

but during one of my free moments i realized one thing. i'm a "yes" man. i say "yes" to too many events, obligations, etc. that i know i won't be able to keep. maybe i'm afraid of disappointing people. but saying "no" will allow me time to breathe. i can't do everything. o.k. practice time "NO, NO, NO, NO, NO". i'm getting the hang of it.

one of my jobs is ending. it's not the bookstore. that's some extra free time to say "no". yes! [shoot]

jueves, mayo 09, 2002

winner winner cd spinner

the 1000th review is in. the contest is over. rob craven is the winner. congrats.

so i was checking out the morning news today, and you know which virginia band theyreviewed?. the fredericksburg-based band skywave. people always say they are good, but i haven't heard them yet. have you?

miércoles, mayo 08, 2002

wednesday hump: i like girlie bars

recently my co-worker [a vegan] has been bringing me some luna bars. yes, the ones made specifically for the girls. but you know what--they really taste good. i like then ten times better than clif or power bars which should be renamed arsebombBARS. they totally light the fuse for an explosion. anybody have a nutrition bar preference?

also, i was listening to travis' version of "baby hit me one more time" and it started my day off right--it made me laugh.

so now i'm thinking about two questions:

1. what is your favorite nutrition bar?
so far, luna's chocolate peppermint stick

2. if you could cover any song, in front of an audience [with a good band], what would it be?
fast song- alkaline trio's "take lots with alcohol"
slow song-the smiths' "such a little thing
reason: b/c that is what i'm singing in my car, might as well share with the public

p.s. don't forget to check out corey's page for cool pics from my birthday and his don corleone induction.


will ferrell leaving SNL after 7 years, concentrating on movies [via: tmn]

martes, mayo 07, 2002

for the star wars maniacs

george lucas: the mythology [via: cnn]

lunes, mayo 06, 2002


welcome ryder, the new addition at addmovies. he's already gotten a review up. lookout world.

mac.grillin' it

happy birthday mom!

i had a pretty superific birthday on saturday. a big group of the mwc contingent (ryan, huyen, rodeorob, pat b., carrie, kara, john, stephanie) went with me to macaroni grill. the food was pretty good. i had a zesty penne milano which was mighty dandy. then after the dinner, i went with carrie, kara, and rodeorob to see caitlin cary @ the iota.

here is the show-LOWdown:

caitlin cary's performance was pretty darn good. her debut album, while you weren't looking, is a testament to the strength of her voice. unfortunately, another good performance (the first one being wilco) was tainted by the venue. i get less and less excited to see shows at the iota. their restaurant is right next door to the club, so you can hear conversations from their side. at one point, caitlin cary got so irritated she actually paused to say to one of her bandmates, "hey, wanna go to a club tomorrow, pay $15, and talk the whole time?"

that's another thing that kind of miffed me. $15 for a ticket. i don't think any artist, unless they've really made it should charge even that much. it's ridiculous. caitlin is good, but the tickets should have been $6-8, and her merchandise should have been $10 instead of $15. and i'm not saying this just about her. the prices of up and coming artists has gone up. it's irritating. does anybody feel the same?

work was boring today. biggest task accomplished: emptying out 700 messages from one of my e-mail accounts.

sábado, mayo 04, 2002

birthday plans

dinner @ macaroni grill
concert: caitlin cary @ iota club
other activities: naps, naps, naps [i'm old]

p.s. did you say pirates are out there?

viernes, mayo 03, 2002

b/c reading is fundamental...

rodeo rob's review of wilco's yankee foxtrot hotel

new david sedaris story [via: esquire]

jueves, mayo 02, 2002

ballin' and pimpin'

my parents, jasmine, sister, richard, corey, and kristy all went out to sunflower to celebrate my birthday. all the food was so good, of course. my sister got me this really cool photography book. i got two basketballs (via my mom and richard), and my dad gave me some cashola. the piece de resistance was the pimp hat kristy brought me all the way from new orleans. that is some serious junx. now i'm really gonna have to plan the second annual pimps, playas, hoes, and hustlas party. 2 days until i'm 26. holy crap.

miércoles, mayo 01, 2002

do you like things fresh?

may 1st. it's the time when it gets a little hotter. i get a little older. and people get a little fresher.

for instance, check out the cool redesigns at these sites:

melissa lyttle

boy, do they look schnazzy!