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  pimpin' you thoughts [summer 2003]

domingo, marzo 31, 2002

last day in march, easter

i hope everyone has a happy easter. [side note: i don't really know what a bunny has to do with easter. oh, jerry has the answer.] [side note 2: it's almost april. APRIL! where is the time going?]

famous friday five

1. If you could eat dinner with and "get to know" one famous person (living or dead), who would you choose? katie. she's my tvg (t.v. girlfriend).

2. Has the death of a famous person ever had an effect on you? george harrison, princess di, jfk jr., and river phoenix have all been bummers.

3. If you could BE a famous person for 24 hours, who would you choose? someone who could rock it out.

4. Do people ever tell you that you look like someone famous? Who? for some reason i keep getting craig david recently. but i definitely don't see it.

5. Have you ever met anyone famous? if you mean meet, as in say 'hello' and that is it, then yes. tons. most of my brushes with fame was during my one year in l.a. i once went to an art party where sandra bullock made out with her ex-boyfriend in the bathroom. i also saw arnold schwarzenegger smoking a cigar in santa monica (that guy is a big biznatch). and i waited on a.j. langer (rayanne from my so-called life) at borders. oh, perry ferrell was everyone.

jueves, marzo 28, 2002

oh, i'm looking ms. cary. i'm looking alright.

caitlin cary's new cd came out this week. it's pretty damn good. while in whiskeytown, she was mostly a backup singer. on her debut full length debut, her voice comes out full force. it has already surpassed ryan adams 2 solo efforts (which isn't saying much--can you say poo poo doo doo?)
[for more, read rodeorob's reviews ] ...the interview to come soon.

here is the running archive of the one sentence story. for those of you who haven't submitted, shame on you.

lunes, marzo 25, 2002

strangers to fiction

100 best characters in fiction? [via: metafilter]

rodeorob: happy birthday! (he's 26 today). here are some laze pics from saturday's celebration

tonight: dressy bessy @ the metro cafe

tomorrow: work/school.

rest of the week: ???

domingo, marzo 24, 2002

happy ? day--time to get blued and tattooed

my blog turned 6 months today. woo hoo. feels like i've been doing this for years. wowza

last night, corey, kristen, gretchen and i went to celebrate rodeorob's birthday at buffalo billiards. good time, laughs and all. ryan and huyen were there too. somebody got some of my booty. know what i'm sayin?

funny story. kristy said rob kept asking her the same question when they were on the same billiards team...went something like this:

r.rob: hey kristy, what color balls are we?
kristy: solid.

(short time later)

r.rob: what color balls are we?
kristy: solid

rob definitely is getting funnier each year. me, i'm getting older. here are some signs that i feel like an old man:

1) i start getting tired before 10 p.m. (yawn, yawn)
2) going out to bars doesn't seem that appealing. getting drunk (yes!). but not going to bars.
3) coming home with smoky clothes isn't appealing either. you must be saying "what? that's absurd". my reaction: "did i stutter? i don't like smelling like smoke."
4) when they occur, movie night at corey and kristy's are a highlight of my week. i freakin' love it. plus i get to hang out with jack--this is a top notch dog.
5) i savor sleep like no body's business.
(i know there is more, but i can't think of them right now)

friday five, 2 days late

1. What is your favorite time of year? fall
2. What is it about your favorite season that, well, makes it your favorite season? t-shjrt/jeans weather. leaves changing.
3. What is your least favorite time of year? Why? winter. i don't like REALLY cold temperatures. i can handle it for a bit. then you get to a point where you're like "is it spring yet?" close second. dead summer. when it's hot as heck, allergies a brewing. i'm not a happy camper.
4. Do you do anything to celebrate or recognize the changing of seasons? when it's fall, i go around JUST wearing leaves.
5. What's your favorite thing to do outside? i like to shoot the rock. throw the f-ball. ride a bike. hike. get my sportif on.

jueves, marzo 21, 2002

one sentence story:

One summer vacation, I walked down the pier at Lake Geneva and accidentally fell into the water.

flowers blooming, evil rabbit looming

spring! [via: mlyttle]

trying in vain to rent donnie darko. might have to drop some duckets and buy it. looks like the director, richard kelly, is working on something else . also, here is an old interview (11/13/01) with mista kelly [via: catchdubs]

thick walls down

look at the latest addition to the moore clan. wow.

last night i got a free copy of the new caitlin cary cd that comes out mar. 26. it comes with a limited edition bonus minidisc. i have to find someplace to play that sucker. as far as the main album, it's pretty mellow.

oh i forgot to review robbie fulks show from last week. here goes: cool, yawn, yawn, ha, yawn, yawn, ouch, zzzzzz's.

martes, marzo 19, 2002

i got drunk (on uncle tupelo)

ut just came out with a new anthology. here is rodeorob's review.

lunes, marzo 18, 2002

how do you work this blimmin thing?

i'm sick. this weather is messing me up. but i have some things to say:

congratualtions to ryan for doing it.

i forgot to mention that last week robert posted an interview with the manager of the byrd theatre. out of any theatre i've ever been too, that one is probably my favorite, probably b/c it's cheap and the atmosphere kicks ass. the mann is pretty cool too, but it isn't an hour away.

glad to hear the move went fine. robert, please enjoy the byrd while you are there. i miss it so.

lastly....i'm totally addicted to the osbournes.

sábado, marzo 16, 2002

1 moore

first and foremost. congratulations to stephen and nadine. they have a new son-- ethan lucas moore!! woo hoo. move over marlon. corey is THE GODFATHER. he'll make you an offer you can't refuse.

saturday five

1. What's your favorite animal? as far as animals i can't have--tigers. i love a damn tiger. one day i'll live in a doggy dogg world.
2. What pets have you had in your lifetime? currently i have 1 cat--the bbj/odb.
3. Is there any specific pet that you've wanted but never had? i want a dog of my own. my sister's dog jamoca is amazing. corey's dog jack is top shelf. and thornco's patches is adorable. but i need to get my life together first. plus, i'd need help taking care of a cat and a dog. know what i'm saying?
4. Are you allergic to any animals? i used to be allergic to cats. sometimes i get a scratchy throat. but i survive.
5. Do you have any 'pet' pet peeves (your pets or others')? when charlie scratches the door or slams into the blinds at 7 a.m.

sparking new(s) interest

i'm not the biggest fan of rosie o'donnell, but one thing is clear since she has come out: it's brought attention to the fact that florida (and most other states) unjustly diallow gays to adopt. how ridiculous is that? we've crossed into the 21st century, but we still act like we are in the 1800's. please florida, make it right. stephen and roger deserve to be parents of bert: let him stay

jueves, marzo 14, 2002

eternal spring dreams

my sister and bro-in-law are in cuernavaca. overdue vacation for the duo. they need a break from hectic living. my sister's friend lives there so at least they have a tour guide. geez, maybe i should move to a spanish speaking country. does anybody know how to say luscious in spanish?

til they come back, my mom, sister, and i have been babysitting jasmine and jamoca (the d-o-double-g). so far so good. it's funny b/c this is my "spring break", but it's definitely been one of my busier weeks. i'm just glad i get to see the jazz and jamoca combo so much. they totally put a smile on my face.


national geographic tracks down famous photo subject [via: cnn]

ryan found a cool site for camera obscura information

miércoles, marzo 13, 2002

it's raining. i want to take a nap. i love to sleep when it's raining.

looking forward to seeing him here. reading this until then.
this is funny.
next tuesday, this comes out. drooling.

martes, marzo 12, 2002

same old same old

last night i went to the south & elbow show at the 9:30 club. i got there late, so i only caught 20 minutes of the show. but at least it was a free ticket. i'm not sure which band i saw b/c they are one in the same. what is it with this wave of british music that can't find ways to be unique? south, elbow, and starsailor should just play together every time. all bands interested in starting this type of band MUST:

1) bring a backdrop for every show to play films
2) part of the film must include a car speeding down a road
and 3) your songs must include 5-10 minute tripout sessions.

lunes, marzo 11, 2002

"well, then, i just HATE you... and I hate your... ass... FACE!"

on friday, i went to the over the rhine show at iota. the band was a mix between lounge music, mellow rock/alt. country, with a touch of sarah mclachlan.i was meeting a friend who was visiting from out of town. to my surprise, the show was sold out. so i got put on a waiting list and was lucky enough to get in.

the show was o.k. i felt like a sardine packed in that place. no room to manoeuver. yuckers.

saturday was my day off. i took full advantage of it hanging out with richard (my bro-in-law), my sis stephanie, my niece jasmine "jazzmattaz" howard, their friend gary, and my friend kara. they all helped me with my photography homework: bowling. although i didn't get a score i really wanted, it was good to get out on the lanes.

saturday night i hung out with corey, kristy, ms. g, little bro g, and their friend (i don't remember her name)...sleepy g? we watched some waiting for guffman [read: laze review] while munching on g.scout cookies and sipping on root beer. my kind of evening.

by the way, did anyone know corey was coming out with a new album soon?

pardon my french, but this is completey fucked up. this person must have no conscience.

lastly, i keep forgetting to mention. happy belated birthday pat. best wishes homie.

lastly, lastly. allison, good luck with your novel. i'm sure it will be splendid. i'm looking forward to putting it as a staff favorite at my bookstore.

viernes, marzo 08, 2002

friday 5

1. What makes you homesick? well, since i've lived here most of my life...nothing. well, maybe when i go on a long trip somewhere. but i haven't done anything in forever.

2. Where is "home" for you? Is it where you are living now, or somewhere else (ie: Mom & Dad's house, particular state/city)? home is Northern Virginia.

3. What makes it home for you? People? Things? my parents, sister, niece, bro-in-law, and most of my friends are here. my cat's here too.

4. Where is the furthest you've been from home, miles-wise? overseas...australia and philippines. at least it feels far when you are on a plane/at an airport for 20+ hrs.

5. What are your plans for this weekend? i'm gonna go see over the rhine at iota. my friend is visiting from out o town. saturday i have off. maybe bowling. saturday i have to do inventory at the store.

miércoles, marzo 06, 2002

one strike, two strikes, turkey

last night was a good night in my photography class. not b/c i had darkroom time and not because people didn't annoy me too much. the reason it was so good is b/c i found a new, improved idea for my portfolio: bowling. you know why this idea is so good? b/c i love bowling. it's something i can do at night. and it also gives me the opportunity to hang out with my friends.

after class i drove home to find no parking at all. there was street parking with nice signs that said "no parking 8 a.m.-6 p.m.". thanks. so i drove to my parents house and crashed there. at least that gave me a couple more hours of needed shuteye. but this repeated occurrence of not finding any parking is ridiculous.

more good news. my co-worker switched with me, so i close tomorrow, but in return i get saturday off. sweet. i don't remember the last time i had a saturday off. woo hoo. maybe i'll wake up at 10 instead of 9. double woo hoo.

lastly, i was checking out kasey chambers merchandise online when a couple of items caught my eye:

stickers ass cols
pens ass cols
mugs ass cols

first thought: what are ass cols?
second thought: oh, assorted colors. kind of made me chuckle.
[check the site, you would have made the same mistake]

ginko needed

please memory kick in on saturday. remind me to tape/watch the laramie project.

martes, marzo 05, 2002

words & music

here is a really good article on ex-wilco guitarist jay bennett's new endeavors.

new north american tour dates announced for wilco.

natn interview with the strokes

vain and simple

wow, if i had seen this vanity plate, i definitely would have crashed...laughing. [thanks corey, that was funny]

now i'm just waiting to see the one that say F MARIAH.

lunes, marzo 04, 2002

good luck to heather from she lost her job b/c management found out about some not-so favorable entries about work on her website. maybe the truth hurt and the company couldn't take it.

corey had a similar experience. but as he said, "i got some very understanding management."

question 1: does your employer know about your blog?
question 2: does that affect what you write about on your blog?

armed stew

good luck to my friend stew. he will be leaving for the armed forces on wednesday. please come back safe. 20 pushups now soldier! he has to get ready, doesn't he? and there are rumors he will start a blog of his own. if he doesn't, i'll raise his pushups to 400.

getting rid of the demons

i went to thornco's party (to celebrate the departure of her bogus roommate k.ill forever) on saturday. i had a good time hanging out with some friends. ac/dc was blaring, food was everywhere, and laughter was amongst us. i stayed there until 1 a.m., then went to work the next day.

oh, i brought some veggie booty and ended up finishing the whole bag. i'm all about booty.

sábado, marzo 02, 2002

props to pops

my dad hooked me up with a good site: photographytips

and that's all i have to say about that.

never took it, til now

stayin' alive with the friday five:

1. What's your favorite vacation spot? not that I've been on a real vacation for a while, but i would have to say florence, italy. it's probably the most interesting place i've ever been too. i also have a soft spot for geneva, switzerland.

2. Where do you consider to be the biggest hell-hole on earth? baltimore [maryland in general], with some parts of texas a close 2. like corey, i am trying to recover from the last show in b.more. wait, i'm still trying to recover from the first visit to cafe tattoo.

3. What would be your dream vacation? i would love to go to a spanish speaking country [maybe spain---duh] and learn some spanish along the way. either that or go to ireland. i know it's probably touristy as anything, but i've always wanted to go.

4. If you could go on a road-trip with anyone, who would it be and why? probably with my sister. it would be fun to take pictures of the places we visit.

5. What are your plans for this weekend? work. party at thornCo's. work.

here are tips for writing better weblogs [thanks melissa]. tip to self: write more than once a week.

on the concert front. belle & sebastian are playing may 15th at constitution hall.

lastly, watching movies with david sedaris [via: tmn]