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  pimpin' you thoughts [summer 2003]

jueves, febrero 28, 2002


the kids in the hall tour is coming back...hopefully, they will add a date in d.c. [via: pollstar]

11 selected cities will get stars wars II: the attack of the clones early (may 12th). sneak preview to benefit children's charities.

i wanted to look at the new portfolio of photographer andrew stockdale, but i don't have what's needed to look at the site. instead, i will look at this bernie mac article. [via: tmn]

lost status

man, i just noticed i haven't posted the whole week. maybe i'm not a blogaholic anymore. i am such a slacker. but i have my reasons. mainly, work and school.

i've been working like a dog at both jobs. they are cutting hours at the bookstore, but keeping me at the same hours. i guess they think i do an aight job. also, i work at the university for 8 hours. so i'm at 50 hours. i have class 1 day a week for 4 hours. the rest of the time i spend with my niece or take pictures. it's been pretty difficult to get my photography portfolio together b/c most of the humane organizations i've gone to are moving many miles away. cheaper rent. makes sense. so i have to find more organizations that will let me take pics.

photography class hasn't been interesting in a while. that's mainly b/c my classmates aren't that great. the class is filled with brats or people who think they know more than everybody else, but actually they know diddly doo squat. for example, this one girl in my class tells everyone, "hey, i took photography for 4 years in high school so i skipped 101." o.k. that's fine. but then she sets up next to me in the darkroom and her first question is "how do you use an enlarger?" i'm not saying i know everything. i barely know anything at all. i'm in the learning process. but i'm definitely trying to learn as much as possible. some people don't even care. i guess it's sad when out of a class of 25, you only like 3. i guess i should just care about learning as much as possible for me and not worry about other dillholes.

while i'm ranting...

i hate the grammy's. i mean, david gray's album was nominated. when did it come out? 3 years ago. o, brother? 2 years ago. what about u2's album? that will probably show up on next's years ballot. it's all a bunch of bull. o.k. that's enough out of me.

ryan, please feel better.

viernes, febrero 22, 2002

you betta get this party started

happy blogiversary to corey. looks like he's all grown up: a dog, wife, and t-house. all in one year. life is good.

i've discovered that the amount of time you've blogged actually feels like the amount of time you've blogged times two. i've only blogged for 5 months, and a year.

stephen, baby #2 will be fine. y'all be fine. trust me dude.

looks like my weekend will be low-key again, and that's fine by me. my friend john is having a small gathering tomorrow. should be fun. i'll try to drag corey, kristy, and rodeorob with me.

hope you all have a good and restful weekend.

jueves, febrero 21, 2002

i am...a moonshiner

last night i received the press poster for uncle tupelo's 89/93 anthology. for a long time i wondered why ut's albums were out of print. the reason: farrar and tweedy bought the rights from rockville records. on april 9th (?), with jay and jeff's complete involvement, columbia/legacy records are going to put out an anthology and re-release all the albums (no depression, still feel gone, march 16-20, 1992, and anodyne) remastered w/bonus tracks. i'm sooooooooooo looking forward to it. by the way, the first 100,000 will be digipacks that include special edition stickers (corey, i think they are doing that especially for you).

for your further reading pleasure, here is sonicnet article and a billboard article

here is a good way to battle spam [via: laze]

two recent searches that led people to this site:
1) poo smoke
2) pictures of the stuff you cough up when you have the flu.

real nice people. keep it coming.

miƩrcoles, febrero 20, 2002

in the news

egyptian train fire kills 370

no need for daly rituals

last night i flipped over to MTV. to my surprise, it was MTV2, which was showing "the strokes from hollywood". it was a very good performance. i only wish that MTV2 completely replaced MTV. i have no desire to see carson ("thou paunchy beef-witted gudgeon!"), dismissed, becoming, or any other crappy show they are trying to ram down our throats. no thank you.

too bad i was in class last night. i completely missed haverchuck on undeclared. crap. that guy rules.

martes, febrero 19, 2002

pass the print

tonight i finally re-learned how to use the trays in the darkroom. i used to do that junks in h.s., but 8 years later, i've forgotten some things. know what i'm saying? i wasn't kickin' my ginko.

so i've gotten some (adoptable) cat prints out. hopefully i will find time this week to go to the s.p.c.a. and take 2-3 rolls worth of pics. i also have to do a zone system assignment, which is very beneficial in creating a fine print.

tomorrow is my long day. i work at the mace from 9:30-1:30 then the bookstore from 2:30-10:45. at least this means i'll have all of thursday off to get things going to the s.p.c.a., seeing my niece, and then hitting school for a couple hours while there is "open darkroom time".

oh good news. my roommate and i finally hooked up his computer. internet access is back in the household. now i will be able to post more, i hope.

what else? go michelle kwan and u.s. women's hockey!

lunes, febrero 18, 2002

it's always fun when...

blogger gets so messed up you can't post entries.

looking forward to...

very cool. a film on james nachtwey's photographic journey through war-torn countries. [via: aphotoaday]

forgetting the unforgettable

on saturday i drove up with corey to see his band sissy|space|sex play at cafe tattoo. before we got there, it was assumed that sss would go on stage 2nd so we would be outta there in a jiffy. not a bad deal. but wait. we were at the worst bar ever...and we're in baltimore. crap. something is bound to go rotten. and you know what, it did.

corey found out that 2 bands were added which bumped sss last. here is a breakdown of the show:

hustlero gt: they are horrible. a bunch of mediocre musicians banded together to produce some of the worst music and lyrics to ever exist. the drummer (a complete dumbass a-hole, the epitome of who i hate). here are 5 reasons why:
1) to promote his band, he went around saying stuff like "hey, they call me animal. you know. the drummer from the muppets."
2) he did a 10 minute drum solo before his band was even ready to hit the stage.
3) during most of the performance he would stick out his tongue.
4) he asked his friend to pour water on him while he was drumming.
5) he probably lives his life according to fred durst.

the fabulous pasties: pete townsend looking/playing/almost sounding singer. that guy rocked. too bad they were playing bluesy classic rock with their lead singer looking completely bored. corey is right. p.townsend singer should have sung more countrified twang songs.

the cottonmouth band: all the members of this band were old. the lead singer was the coolest. old guy with fairly long white beard. they could have played the allman bros. it would have worked.

and last but not least:

sissy|space|sex went on stage at about 12:50 a.m. i still think they played well despite the technical problems and amount of crap they had to go to just to play last. the best moment was when corey knocked down the mic stand thrashing around in a very rock your face off moment. i have to say it was one of the fastest loadouts in history. probably 3 minutes flat. we got the f out of there hoping for a better tomorrow. is it possible to get one of those devices from men in black to erase your memory?

oh, here is something else bizarre about maryland. on the way home, we stopped at a rest stop to hook up some cokes. they had a vending maching that sold a tuna salad kit. and the coffee machine dispenser said: coffee, tea, hot cocoa, chicken soup. hey, chicken flavored coffee anyone?

jueves, febrero 14, 2002

dig those mellow kicks, hotcha number

i recently bought max decharne's straight from the fridge, dad: a dictionary of hipster slang. it's an amazing book with great words to spice up a conversation. here are a few:

douse the edisons
means: put the lights out or close your eyes

means: leave, depart say goodbye
*when you say goodbye to someone today, just say, "yo, i'm evaporating" and walk away

born tired
means: lazy

slip him the boodle
means: give him the money

pull into the curb, Daddy-O, before your dreamboat becomes a battleship
means: this relationship is doing you no good, give it up

jive stick
means: joint

if you use any of these phrases, you will get some very interesting facial expressions from innocent bystanders. it's the best.

miƩrcoles, febrero 13, 2002

dog show

i can't believe a miniture poodle won the westminster dog show. i'm not a poo poo-dle fan. can this dog do the lavar leap like jack? i don't think so. jack is so much better than "spice girl". corey, you have next year's winner. [updated 2.14.02: actually i'm starting the lexminster dog show. i've already declared jack this year's winner. congrats.]

check out jefferson (first one) on this page. i'm definitely in trouble. need to stop looking at these websites.

the enron blame game makes the whole debauchle more clear [via: mlyttle]

"this is turning into a porno"

last night i saw kasey chambers at the 9:30 club. it was an excellent show. she was so freakin' cute and way pregnant. after each song she would say "thank you, thank you so much" avec australian accent. some of the highlights:

ignorance --influenced by an interview she did in l.a. last year. the guy said "hey if you are not angry [at what is happening in the world] then you're not paying attention". this made her realize how easy it is to forget the crap that goes on in the world. even if you turn off the t.v., there will be hunger, crime, etc. it's a "get motivated and make a difference" type of song.

not pretty enough --attacks radio stations persistence to play britney spears and other pretty faces instead of actual talent.

the captain --featured on the sopranos. it's like butter, fuggetaboutit.

water on the fuel introduced as a song about the love of a woman. then she said, "well, this is a man singing to a woman. think of me as a man singing to a woman. if it makes it easier, just think about me as a lesbian..... a pregnant lesbian. actually it's also about a truck driver. so think of me as a pregnant, lesbian truck driver."

there were other highlights, i just don't know the song names. so tough.

i think the coolest part about the show was it was the same night as the u.s. release of her album barricades and brickwalls.

lunes, febrero 11, 2002

lanes, glorious lanes

today is very windy. my car got smacked back and forth on the road. some of the other cars were creepin' up in my lanes. although that might have to do with the fact they are from maryland. that's only a guess.

first and foremost. sorry i haven't been around. i've been super busy with work and photography class. here are some quick thoughts of the past week's happenings:
--sorry to scott for having such a heinous experience. i've been behind trucks like those before and it's not a pleasant experience. i couldn't even fathom what it must be like for a vegan.
--congrats to ryan for his journal on looks good moppy, or should i call you old pumper?
--good luck to kim in finding a jobby job.

weekend recap: on friday i went to corey and kristy's to watch rat race. i definitely learned a few things about what not to do when directing. here are some suggestions for jerry zucker:

1. don't make the intro 5 minutes of nothing. it's boring.
2. don't end the movie with 5 minutes of crap with a poo poo band playing in the background. it's even more boring.
3. if you put special features on a dvd don't make it taped conversations of you calling the other actors.

let me tell you what is funny though. jack. he's precious. that dog kept walking up to the sliding door and ducking his head beneath the thin white drapes. at one point it looked like he was a brand new bride. also, corey and kristy's townhouse looks splendid. kristy cleaned most of the walls and pretty soon they'll get a nice paint job. the kitchen is magnificent and the downstairs t.v. area is cozy. props to kristy for the cookies and popcorn. she knows how to hook it up. forget the multiplex, i'm going to the G-techs.

on saturday i went cosmic bowling with a huge group for elissa's birthday. i'm always down for some rockin' music (requests were taken), disco and black lights, and some pins getting knocked around. the best part is my friend stephanie was giving out trophies for the top three bowlers. i got 1st place.

sunday. a drag b/c i worked.

plan for this week: buy some ear plugs

jueves, febrero 07, 2002

o captain, my captain

i can't stop listening to kasey chambers. she's the best alt. country female artist i've heard in a while. and she's an aussie. it's kind of funny how fast i found out about this artist. first, my co-worker jp fell in love with her picture...she is pretty cute...then my friend lena told me how great chambers could sing. and then, i noticed we had a play copy of her first album "the captain". from the getgo i was hooked. she's been in the biz for 10 years and she's only 25. sheesh.

so next week is my week of shows:

kasey chambers
@ the 9:30 club
feb. 12th

brian jonestown massacre w/ dead meadow
@ metro cafe
feb. 14th
*i don't really care for dead meadow, but it's my co-worker's 21st birthday, so he just wants to get s-faced. a whole group is going from the bookstore. we know someone who works there, so it should be a fun night.

@ cafe (f.u.) tattoo
feb. 16th

the new pornographers
@ the black cat
feb. 17th

prognosis: i will probably smell like smoke most of the week and will undoubtedly lose some of my hearing. but "i love rock n roll, put another dime in the jukebox baby."

lunes, febrero 04, 2002

movin' on up

friday. i helped corey and kristy move out of their old apartment, and into their new townhouse (8:45-11:45). we actually did a good job getting most everything to fit into the penske truck. their new place is will be 10 times better once they paint some of the crazy, crazy rooms (like the pepto bismol and hall bathroom)...or else someone's gonna go crazy.

saturday. i worked. during the night, i went to buffalo billiards with rodeo rob and ron. good time. although i left the place smelling like smoke.

sunday. i played a football game from 2:00 p.m.-4 p.m. at t.j. rec center. it was a very nice time especially since i didn't have to go to work. nobody got injured. my team won 1 of 2 games. not bad. ...then john, stephanie, rodeo rob, and pat s. came over to watch super bowl XXXVI, probably the most exciting s.b. i've ever seen. even the half-time show was relatively bearable. the highlight was u2's tribute to the september 11th victims where a banner with all the victims names was displayed. quite moving.

today. i'm gonna try and figure out this ISO test for photography. grr.

this needs to be said. i read a recent blurb in rolling stone magazine where britney spears said she loved covering "i love rock n roll" for a karaoke scene in crossroads. her next quote: "i love pat benetar". it's a shame when people don't know who the hell they just covered musically. ever hear of joan jett? special note to the your new pepsi commercial, when you are singing "simply irresistible" that is a robert palmer song...not huey lewis...not billy ocean.

what a wuss!