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  pimpin' you thoughts [summer 2003]

jueves, enero 31, 2002

muzak blooz

so i wake up this morning around 10ish to turn on the channel 4 news. first story that i see is that limp bizkit is holding a tryout, at rockville's guitar center, for their vacant lead guitar position. the next news segment was the traffic report. here is a summary:

traffic guy: well for all those going to limp bizkit today, it's my way or the highway.
doreen gentzler: isn't that a limp bizkit song?
traffic guy: not sure, that's what they tell me.
doreen gentzler: i've got a list of songs here, you are so hip.

what is happening to the news? it was completely gross. thoroughly disgusted, i trudged to fresh fields to get some food. what was playing there? mariah carey's "someday". my ears were piercing from her attempts at the high notes.hello, we have a disgruntled lex in aisle six. i checked out in a hurry. grr.

happy belated blog day to scott. here's to another 6.

saving face, amazing grace -- here is an example of how school administrators act completely ridiculous [via: laze]

i'm bart simpson, who the bloody hell are you? -- simpsons more popular in england than royalty [via: tmn]

my porn name is: corporal spankadocious [via: kim], get your name here.

miércoles, enero 30, 2002

game, set, match

i went to the darkroom last night and messed around. the teacher is letting us print whatever pictures we want for now until we set up our portfolio plan for the semester (due next week). she said that the humane society is a top notch idea, so that's what i'm going with. thankfully, i won't have to do the really hard stuff like euthanasia. i might take pictures of people bringing dogs in. that will be rough though.

check out the cute pup akira (3rd one down). i'm in trouble, aren't i?

this is how busy my days get sometimes:

9:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. work
2:00-3:00 p.m. run errands, go to penn camera
3:00-4:00 p.m. go to the humane society
4:30-6:00 p.m. go to my parents house
(whenever the chance arises, take pictures)

night time doesn't get easier either, 3 people in 5 hours:

6-7:30 p.m. coffee with lena
7:30-9:20ish hang out with stephanie
9:30-11 p.m. hang out with ryan

martes, enero 29, 2002

don't f with the rooster

my photography class is today. we will get 4 hours of the darkroom b/c my teacher said the third week is when we have to have the ideas for our semester portfolios ready. until then, it's free time which is sweet time. btw, if anyone comes up with good ideas for a photojournalism project, send suggestions my way.

half of me is really stubborn. the other half is just dumb. i'm still recovering from my flu like symptoms. you would think i'd go to bed early. but i don't. after work, i watch t.v. and read. by the time i get to bed it's 1. and then i wake up at 8:30 the next day. will work on gaining a better half this weekend.

speaking of books, i'm almost finished with david sedaris' me talk pretty one day. i highly recommend it. in case you don't know david sedaris, here is an interview [via: tmn] and here are two of sedaris' short stories [via: esquire]:

you can't kill the rooster
giant dreams, midget abilities (note: don't even ask me what is going on in that crazy picture to the right of this story)

photo's a doggy dog world

i have to come up with a theme for my photography portfolio this semester. and for the life of me i can't think of a good one to do. i was thinking about volunteering at the s.p.c.a. and taking pictures of what goes on there in efforts to promote pet adoption. it's a shame that there are so many animals out there without loving families. like bob barker says "help control the pet population, have your pet spayed or neutered". people should listen to bob.

one thing that i'm afraid of: i'll come home with 8 dogs, 7 cats, and 2 of every other animal. it will be like luscious' ark.

here are sites that make me want to get pets:

richmond s.p.c.a. - look at the lab pup named andy. so freakin' adorable.
humane society- fairfax county-you can adopt horses...woah.

domingo, enero 27, 2002

telephone vortex

sorry for the sparseness of my posts. it seems like people (work & school) are trying their best to keep me busy. it's working to a T.

to sum up my weekend... it oscillated back and forth between suck and o.k. yesterday was the worst b/c i had to deal with people not showing up at work, which made life more stressful for me. then after work i had a fiasco with a very high-maintenance and frustrating individual. to top it off, i was supposed to see a movie with corey and kristy, but i got a little confused (not a surprise!) with where we were supposed to meet. i couldn't find them. then i ended up walking in the mall frustrated, with slow-moving window shoppers in front of me. i decided to go home and go to bed. sometimes you just have to end the day.

i have some store credit at work so i'll probably get raising arizona and memento on dvd. everything can only go up from here, hopefully.

miércoles, enero 23, 2002

in order, more congrats

kudos to melissa lyttle's brainchild aphotoaday for being monkeypond's site of the week. deservedly so. i spend hours on that site.

goal for the next couple of months: learn how to breakdance.
if anyone knows how i go about doing this, please let me know.

martes, enero 22, 2002

a case of the sniffles

i'm feeling better during the day. but when i wake up i have a nagging cough, stuffy nose, and a headache. definitely going to the doctor tomorrow to check it out.

congrats to scott and kim for the new addition to their family: a feline named regan.

there is a nice daily jack pic on corey's blog. check it out. dog + snow = fun for all involved.

i'd like to also note that there are several sickos coming to my website....i found out that people have gotten to my site by searching "olsen twins pornography". eww, eww, eww.

also, my site was the 39th search for veggie sex thumbs. one question: what the hell is a veggie sex thumb?

lastly, the news: people are actually doing reasearch on coked-up monkeys

lunes, enero 21, 2002

happy martin luther king, jr. day!

here are some of his most memorable quotes.

he's gonna tear the roof of this motha

looks like litclique has his own blog. bout time. coolio.

been away, wasting away

haven't been blogging much recently b/c
1) i have flu-like symptoms which have kept me bedridden
2) work shmerk
3) class
4) no internet at home (egad!) yes. it's true. the phone lines in my apartment are messed up and verizon said it would cost me $90 to get it fixed. a-holes.

once i shake off this ill feelin', i'll have free time to play. i'm dropping my web design class b/c it completely sucks. the teacher talked really slow, so i finished the project she wanted us to do in the first 30 minutes of class. the next 2 hours were spent perfecting my a-game in free cell, solitaire, and hearts.

i'd like to point out right now that award shows are bogus. it's just for the higher ups. it just seems like certain people (like tom hanks) just has to show up to the golden globes and he'd get a trophy. i mean, if he had starred in joe dirt he still would have gotten best actor or something like that. it's bogus. dick clark is bogus. don't get me started. don't even get me started.

miércoles, enero 16, 2002

need more sleep. less work. more fun.

my photography class is going to be cool this semester. i finally get to learn the developing trays again. forgot it since high school. i also get to experiment with infrared film and fiber paper. now all i have to do is come up with a theme for this portfolio. my teacher, who is young and hip, says it should not be too broad. hmm. this might be tough.

speaking of photography, here are some cool pics of NYC by Karl Dubost [via: tmn]

sábado, enero 12, 2002

"i hit the deck"

my weekend was pretty mellow. seems to be the trend these days. i hung out with my sister, bro-in-law, and niece last night. my 2 yr old niece is pretty funny. when i ask her "hey jasmine, do you want juice or water?" she says "oooooo-kaaaay". uhm, yeah, that wasn't a yes or no question. kids are the cutest.

can't say i love mondays too much. not that it's my usual start of the work week, since i work every weekend, but it's still no fun. maybe it's just that it feels like what the bangles talked about in their song "manic monday"...although sunday isn't my fun-day either. hmm. okay, i know why i don't like mondays. b/c i have to trek out 30 min. to an office just to do busy work. and lately i don't really like it. plus i have to go through the idle, i-don't-really-care chatter, like "hey what did you do this weekend?" i shouldn't complain. no one has come up to me yet saying "hey, seems like someone's got a case of the mondays"

i'm in pretty good spirits though. classes start tomorrow. woo-hoo. i'm ready to learn.

i checked out cnnsi today and this was one of the stories from yesterday: bush faints at white house during ravens victory. here is today's follow-up story [via: mlyttle]

work perks

i get to play whatever cd's i want and it's fun to find new and interesting ones. here are a few:

langley music school project, innocence & despair. bizarre recordings of jr. high schoolers singing 70's hits. as my co-worker said, "it will make you laugh and cry"

manu chao, proxima estacion: esperanza. this guy sings in french and spanish. makes you feel like going to the caribbean, taking it easy on the beach while drinking margaritas.

nick lowe, the convincer. old swooner with very mellow voice. soothing.

i am sam soundtrack. beatles covers by modern day artists. starts out good, ends rough rough rough.

the royal tenenbaums soundtrack. typical m. mothersbaugh instrumentals intertwined with mellow hits (nico, nick drake, elliott smith) and rockers (the clash, ramones).

jueves, enero 10, 2002

29 days and forgetting

i keep forgetting that the 2002 olympics: salt lake city will kick off feb. 8th. maybe it's because they were more exciting when i was younger.


my winter break is almost over. classes start up again next week. i'm taking photography II (aww yeah!) and web design I. since i already have an undergrad degree, it's like i'm attending Honing-Da-Skills University. and that's an institution i can agree with.

what to look forward to?
1) darkroom time
2) unlimited access to film developing equipment
3) constructive feedback from a good (so i've heard) photo teacher
4) once i get more web design skills, i'll get some laze real estate = setting off this mofo.

martes, enero 08, 2002

tuning in to last year

check out rodeo rob's golden bull awards for music 2001

lunes, enero 07, 2002


very cool [via: aphotoaday]

i thought i was done for the day

checked out the morning news which brought me to these interesting stories:

Taken on the Road: American Mile Markers
Matt Frondorf is going to drive from the Statue of Liberty to the Golden Gate Bridge and at each mile, he is going to take a picture. For anyone counting that is 3304 pics.

did you know?
In good society, large diamonds are called "fuck-you stones."

lastly, mullethead dolls

rodeo's doughnuts, moppy's deeznuts

this weekend was pretty eventful for me. i usually just work and sleep.

on saturday, i went with corey, kristy, gretchen, and rodeorob to the mcmoppersons house to eat some really good food (salad, fennel/leek soup, and a pasta salad with pine nuts). mmm. me want more. kristy brought a yummy dessert too: brownies topped with melted peppermint patties on top. my tummy was happy. we all lost some brain cells and laughed til our stomachs hurt. post meal, we played a rousing (and for my team) winning game of cranium. then we watched eyeball eddie. pretty damn good short film. [read laze's review]

the best part of the night. as my christmas gifts i received the aforementioned eyeball eddie on dvd from ryan, and the piece de resistance--a black hat that says luscious (in gold writing) from huyen.

i couldn't stop smiling the whole way home.

happy birthday john!

last night i went over to my friend beta & jared's apt. to hang out with john, thornco, and m.diz. we ate some birthday cake. talked about roadkill and vomit stories. you know. usual stuff.

tonight we are going to ben's chili bowl to celebrate jg's birthday.

viernes, enero 04, 2002

new addition

nat'l geographic has a new feature: displaying one cool photo each day. [via: melissalyttle via aphotoaday]

decaffeinated lex

so i'm going to make a concentrated effort to reduce my caffeine intake. i'm not saying get rid of it completely, just slow down on speeding up. know what i'm saying? too much caffeine + lex = waking up multiple times at night = not enough sleep to get me through the day. cycle continues all week.

maybe my drowsiness is caused by the shape of my head, but i'm not snoring [via: cnn]

checked on the morning news site, and saw this crazy article.

resolve to ketchup

Take the What Should Your New Year's Resolution Be? Quiz