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  pimpin' you thoughts [summer 2003]

viernes, noviembre 30, 2001

very sad day

beatle george harrison died yesterday at the age of 58.

hello, is it me you're looking for..

sorry that i've been away the past couple of days. it's because:

1) projects seem to pop up from every corner
i have these two technical assignments due next thursday for photography class. all the filter pictures i took today didn't come out, so i'll have to redo them tomorrow. if they don't come out i'm screwed. plus i have to find time to go into the lab and develop. grr.

2) two tests next week, one final the week after
i'm hoping my finals end before dec. 17 b/c i want to see the sissy | space | sex show. it should be a lot of fun, especially if someone goes flying through a drum set, or something again.


3) work
i'm still working two jobs. i was going to quit my university job so that i could have some free time. but my boss wanted me to do space research. couldn't resist. then i work at the bookstore for over 40 hours. the rest of the time i study or do errands.

i can't wait until mid-december when everything gets less hectic. i'll get to hang out with friends and not be such a recluse.

the other night i was watching the late show and george clooney mentioned that chuck barris, the gong show host, was also a c.i.a. agent. is that true or just a fantasy? if it is true, he might be the coolest game show host i've ever heard of. bob barker, eat your heart out.

rupaul has a blog.

it seems as though ryan is having an ongoing fight with a 10 yr old, or at least someone who acts that age. the diet plan is a joke--all in good fun. that guy needs go "rollin, rollin, rollin" with his ignorance elsewhere.

and last but not least, belated happy birthday to kristy.

martes, noviembre 27, 2001

webby magilicutty

the past couple days i've considered leaving my 8-hour job so that i can have more free time. but today my boss tells me that i get to do some primary research on space mission failures. pretty cool. i'm gonna do it b/c 1) it sounds interesting and 2) it will look good on my resume. especially when i apply for an astronaut position. fly me to the moon! as far as being busy, i think things will die down once school is finished (dec. 19). so i'm good to go. now, i just have to learn everything about data warehousing. oh geez.

here is a neat site: the complete guide to web logs [via: the morning news]

lunes, noviembre 26, 2001

clone krazy

someone (maybe kristy, gretchen, corey, or someone else)...memory fading....told me that people go to the harry potter movie not to see the actual movie, but rather the star wars episode 2 trailer. then right after the 2-minute trailer is finished, the person leaves and demands their money back. can you say crazy. if you are in that much need of the trailer, go to the official website. it's all there. or if you don't want to sign up to be a lucas online member, just go to another site. it's everywhere. try this one . yeah, i know, i know. it's better on the big screen.

domingo, noviembre 25, 2001

before i could say yellow

the new egoinc winter edition has been launched. it looks cool as heck.

have a pleasant sunday. i'm going to work.

sábado, noviembre 24, 2001


looks like melissa lyttle's blog has gone verde. bueno. pretty cool.

corey's on the prowl to bringing you a newer, fresher egoinc. can't wait to see it.

hogwarts heaven

yesterday i went to see the harry potter movie with kristy. good movie. chris columbus did an excellent job. the scenery was excellent. the acting was great as well. i suggest people go see it. maybe not this week b/c it's playing to packed houses and may i add a packed house with kids. so either wait a week or two or see a late show. trudge on out and see this movie. you won't be disappointed.

i'm getting less motivated to go to my gmu job. my friend john made a good point that i only work 8 hours and the money i spend to get there probably equals the amount i could make if i worked more hours at the bookstore. so i have to rethink some things. plus my boss has no work for me to do and complains [behind my back] when i'm on the internet. what else am i supposed to do?

btw, i forgot to point out that busy phillips [from freaks and geeks] has found a job on dawson's creek as the roommate of katie holmes [a.k.a. miss joey potter]. am i jealous or what?

let's talk music news:

is it time for jagger to go to bed?

mick jagger's new album only sold 954 copies in it's first day of sales.

and here's one that makes me just love team limpy more than usual....can you feel the sarcasm?...

investigation into death at limp bizkit concert

jessica michalik, a 16 yr. old, died on jan. 26 as a result of being crushed at australia's big day out concert during the limp bizkit set. coroner jacqueline milledge reported not being impressed with fred durst who refused to answer questions by australian police[way to go limp bizdick] even though he might have had the best view of what happened from the stage. instead the singer sent his answers via fax. also durst claimed on access hollywood that he visited michalik in the hospital, but the primary investigator, greg bramford, said the visit never took place. read more of the story here.

viernes, noviembre 23, 2001

k.o.'d by tryptophan?

during thanksgiving, you can eat non-stop. although there is tryptophan in turkey, research suggest that it is the big meal that actually causes drowsiness. makes sense. basically i ate too much, and experienced a "tofurkey coma".

"Other foods, besides turkey, that contain a notable amount of tryptophan are: milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, ice cream, chicken, cashews, soy beans and tuna." [via: sleepnet]

today i have just enough energy to watch harry potter. i'm off to hogwarts.

jueves, noviembre 22, 2001

word to the (tofurkey) bird

i'd like to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving. enjoy some time with your loved ones. be safe. watch some parades, f-ball games, or read. relax. take care.

last night i went to corey's to watch my #1 celebrity girlfriend katie holmes represent on dawson's creek . plus, i got to talk about my own drama filled life with the c, kristy, and gretchen. good times. i also got to eat some really good pumpkin bar treats [via kristy's cooking expertise]. couldn't stop eating them, even took some home. i don't know what they are feeding jack, he's humongous. that dog is truly going to rule that household, but i'm guessing he already does.

note: hey city paper! corey's band is called sissy | space | sex not sissy | space | specks. at least the black cat gets it right.

oh, i almost forgot to mention. i went to this bookstore event on tuesday with some random house representatives. they basically gave a spiel of what books were gonna be big for the christmas season. the best part is they gave away free books and if there were any that you wanted you could sign up to get them.

so for the veggie faces (esp. ryan and scott) out there in need of new cooking books, check out verdure and moosewood's new classics

miércoles, noviembre 21, 2001

feeling emotive

I am 39% EMO.

Not quite Emo
Hmm.. i suggest I stopped listening to Dashboard Confessional.... enough said... Now that I stopped looking at my shoes, I know how the real world looks.

and i thought i was only addicted to coke and cd's...


I could go either way. Deep into
the madness of nights filled with
coding CGI-Scripts and online role
playing games, or I could become
a normal user. Good luck!

martes, noviembre 20, 2001

i am free

went to the doctor. my nose is fully functional. the air is free flowing. i only have to use nasal spray twice ever hour. shucks, i'm used to things going up my nose now.

this is a good day. last night i found out that my wednesday night class, the one i hate, is canceled. woo hoo.

tonight i get to go to a bookstore event where they give away free books. not really crappy maeve binchy or danielle steele ones, but bestsellers...ones that they want us to promote. sweet.

what else? i love girls today. and i'm wearing aquarium platform shoes.

good luck to ryan in dealing with the mortgage and title company. sounds like another company is giving an innocent, good person the screwgie job. bastids!

lunes, noviembre 19, 2001

relief on it's way

so today i'm at work and i feel like crap. i'm gonna work until 4 then go home. tomorrow is the big day when my nostrils get some know how to spell it T-a-k-e T-h-i-s S-h-i-t O-u-t O-f M-y N-o-s-e. btw, i'm not gonna get surgery for a long time. i don't feel i need it. the doctor thinks i should. my [=the second but only good] opinion is i don't think i need it.

nothing much else to say today. oh except that i cut a new track with jay-z. it's the remix version of his new song. although this time it's called "i hate girlz girlz girlz"--no offense to the girls i don't know, but sometimes your gender bums me out.

sábado, noviembre 17, 2001

making yourself happy

my brain feels like it's gonna explode. i can't wait for tuesday b/c 1) i'll get these gauzes out of my nose and 2) it won't be monday which is graphic skills day. i hope i can make it until then.

i'll tell everyone now. if you are not happy with your job, find another one. the economy might not be great but your sanity means everything. i mean, if i had stayed at a-o-hell, my screenname would have been and no it wouldn't be in reference to cypress hill. those fools aren't crazy enough, tough enough, and they sure as hell don't smoke enough to hang out with me. true dat.

sometimes you need to sit back and realize that a job is bogus and you might be happier elsewhere. if you need to take a risk out in the job market, so be it. at least you are taking steps towards making yourself happier. but also send out resumes out before you make big decisions. temp. do whatever. trust me. it's worth it.

now i realize that i want to go to photography school. i work at a bookstore (40 hrs) and at a university-administrative work (8 hours). i take two classes, one is bogus, but i'm still happy. i'm sane. i don't make the most money, but it's 10 times better than working 60 hours, not being appreciated, and going insane. trust me.

i'm glad scott has thought it out. it's tough to realize that your current job might not be for you. once the realization is made, it's heaven baby!

jueves, noviembre 15, 2001

daily visit

so today i went to the doctor. i haven't been to any doctor in forever. at least 5 years. which is forever. i've been having problems, again, with nose bleeds. the appt. was at 8 p.m. after the nurse took my blood pressure, i waited for 30 minutes for the doctor to show up. grr. don't like waiting for too long. while i'm sitting there i notice that there is a package that says "poison" at the bottom. am i in the right office? also, i read the pamphlet on tmj, an ailment my friend thornco suffers from. symptoms: locking jaw, aching neck, headaches....yup. i think i have that.

so eventually he comes back and tells me i have a deviated septum. great. whoopee. so i might need surgery soon. he fixed the problem temporarily but now i have gauzes up my nose and a medical tape mustache...which i have to keep in place for 5 days. will make work even more interesting than usual? also, it will be interesting to ask girls out [a la beavis & butthead] "hey, have you ever been with a dude with a deviated septum? uh huh, uh huh". it's messing with my business!

now i think i remember why i don't go to doctors that often. 1) waiting, waiting waiting. yes, i said i'm a patient boy. but not that patient. 2) the nervousness and fear of something going/already being wrong. "yeah, you have [grave illness]. there is nothing we can do". and 3) the bill. i think instead of making you turn your head and cough and giving you a bill for a trillion dollars, they should kick you where it hurts. probably be less painful.

so i'm gonnna take the next 5 days really easy.

in the news...

just found out that on monday a plane had to land in dulles b/c of a man had to pee [via: the washington post, via: the morning news]

sorry to the baby namers

also, i was no. 1 and 2 in someone's google search for good names

here are some name suggestions--
for girls: isabella, caitlin, jasmine, madison, lauren.
for boys: jack or jacob, sam, and luscious.

for more names check out this website: babynames

i am a patient boy

fugazi's instrument dvd came out on tuesday. i'm waiting for the dvd to make it's way to my bookstore so i can get a discount. has anyone seen the extra footage?

i'm actually excited to see the harry potter movie. the books are pretty damn good. i probably won't see it for a couple weeks, possibly a month, b/c the theatres will be filled filled filled. i'm used to waiting. no biggie.

martes, noviembre 13, 2001

looking out for the veggiefaces of the world

here is a cool website-- VeganForLife [via: veg blog]:

my boss isn't here = i'm outta here. i'm gonna go home and read h. potter or something.

classy class

today is usually my busiest day. i work from 9 a.m.-10 p.m. but guess what, it just got easier. my boss hasn't shown up for work the past two days. so i'm just sitting here, twiddling my thumbs, searching the net.

i checked out some of the interesting classes offered at the torpedo factory and the art league, inc. looks like fun, wish i had more time. i'd like to take a class in ceramics, polaroid transfer, or a night photography. there is even a claymation class. woo hoo. pimp'd out claymation stylings of luscious lex.

yesterday i signed up for photography 102 and web design. i'm getting away from the graphic skillz classes b/c frankly they are boring and a waste of my time. sorry to all the g.skillz playas out there. but i am excited about the photography class. yesterday, i went into georgetown and took some cool pictures. i am anxiously anticipating the contact sheet.

good luck to stephen in getting an internship at nemacolin. tres swanky.

lunes, noviembre 12, 2001

update 12:30 p.m.

check out the live press conference

cnn has posted a photo gallery, video airbus 300 profile, and map

update 11 a.m.

[from cnn] a short summary

American Airlines Flight 587 crashes on takeoff in NYC borough of Queens
FAA: Airbus A300 from JFK airport to Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic
NYC Port Authority: 246 passengers, 9 crew
Firefighter reports engine fell from plane, others report explosion
NYC Mayor Giuliani says two crash sites; 12 buildings affected
All NYC area airports closed, bridges and tunnels leading into city closed
New York Fire Department dispatches 44 trucks, 200 firefighters
The Pentagon said surveillance flights in the area; no unusual activity reported
American Airlines information number: 1-800-245-0999

domingo, noviembre 11, 2001

lex and ebert

on friday i went to laze's house for a vegetarians' night of horror films (suspiria and zombie) and freaks and geeks. the movies were pretty amazing. i actually saw suspiria in 1998, but i never knew what the name i know...and knowing is half the battle. moppy made a good three course meal consisting of salad, seitan, and vegan (carob?) brownies. yum.

it made me so happy to watch freaks and geeks b/c it is probably one of my favorite shows ever. it truly makes me sad that n.b.c. didn't pick it up. neither did fox. they had to wait for fox family when all the cast members signed on to do other things. i mean, that show makes me r.o.t.f.l. if you will. and it doesn't matter how many times i watch the same episode, it gets the same reaction. damn, i love that show. if it ever comes out on d.v.d. i'm there. and what did they replace it with? date-fucking-line. halverchuck over stone phillips anytime.

tonight (which was technically last night) i went over to and kristy's to watch the tao of steve and but i'm a cheerleader. jack looked pretty good for having a traumatic couple of days. i'm glad he's doing alright. kids can give you heartattacks can't they? but he's healthy and gigantic. i think one day he's going to tackle me like a linebacker. he's definitely fo real.

i'd also like to point out that re-blogger is problematic. i have replaced it with blogback (via: corey) which will hopefully work better. please, oh please.

tomorrow. guess what i'm doing? watching life as a house. looking forward to it. i should be a film critic. heh, heh.

jueves, noviembre 08, 2001

addicted to coke

o.k. i have something to tell everyone. i'm addicted to coke. i mean, i have a problems. after living most of my life in a coke driven family, my health was poor and i was staying up til the wee hours of the night. i decided to give the junks up for a new years resolution [good one, huh?]. i tried to occupy my time in other ways, but to no avail. after two years of going on the straight path, a part of me went to the dark side. darth vadar style. so now i'm hooked again. i can't go a day without it. i might o.d. on the stuff. it needs to stop. damn, damn. damn. at least i'm past the first step..denial. that went out the door weeks ago. this is what i want in my christmas stocking. next year's robert palmer resolution: only be addicted to love

this weekend is busy. and that's how i like it. on friday i'm going to laze's house to watch suspiria, zombie, and freaks & geeks. hopefully my old arse will stay up for all of it. i can't wait. haven't seen the movies. love f&g. i think we are going to watch the turd one and the prank call to the gym teacher. classic.

saturday. work. sunday. errands. then go and see life as a house with my co-worker. fun.

miércoles, noviembre 07, 2001

led by a bunny to create havoc

i'm still trying to figure out what the new movie donnie darko is about. not much has been said....find out more here and there. the little that i have heard has come from corey and drew barrymore [yeah, we're buds]. and all i really know is that it looks cool and the writer/director is 26. don't you want to see it now?

the producers call it a "period '80s/coming of age/science fiction suburban satire about the death of the Reagan era, an American family torn apart and a 16-year-old genius touched by the hand of God."

here is some mo info:

reviews from rotten tomates
a plot synopsis from d.darko fan page

i have to see it. i'm way too curious.

martes, noviembre 06, 2001

vote vote vote

list of the candidates and ballot issues for governor, lieutenant gov., attorney general, house of delegates, etc.

via washington post, breakdown of issues in race for governor: each candidate's views [*they don't list views of redpath]

further information for voters:

alexandria ph: 703-838-4050, web site
arlington county ph: 703-228-3456, website
fairfax county ph: 703-222-0776, website
fairfax city ph: 703-385-7890, website
falls church ph: 703-248-5085, website
fauquier county ph: 540-347-6972, website
loudon county ph: 703-777-0380, website
manassas ph: 703-257-8230, website
manassas park ph: 703-335-8806, no website
prince william co. ph: 703-792-6470, website
stafford county ph: 540-658-4000, website

find your polling place here

good to know i still have a social life...

Are You A Blogaholic? [via: Moppy McMopperson]
Your Score: 56 / 100

What does this mean? *
56 points is in the 51 through 80 precent
You are a dedicated weblogger. You post frequently because you enjoy weblogging a lot, yet you still manage to have a social life. You're the best kind of weblogger. Way to go!

lunes, noviembre 05, 2001

jump the shark

find out when your favorite show went downhill

sissy | space | sex | rox | baltimore

on friday i went to see sissy | space | sex in baltimore. it was a very impressive show. the first show is a barometer for how your band is after the countless days of practice--to check your camraderie, live sound, and crowd reaction. they went through their set with few least ones only noticeable to the band. corey made a good point-- it's always a good show when you don't stop b/c you messed up too bad. good job s | s | s!

rant: the joint, cafe tattoo, was a little sketchy bar that i'm sure is only for locals. the bartender, rick (the dick), was annoying as hell. kept making references to me being too skinny. fuck you very much. the last two bands, the swivomatics and diamondheads, were all surf, all the time. and damnit, it was too much time for these people to be on stage. i can handle a little surf music, but not two hours of it! i hate it now!

saturday and sunday i spent time with richmond friends (allison, josh, kara, and scott). i'm always amazed at the apartments and houses in richmond. they usually have so much character. and allison/josh's place has really high ceilings, five fireplaces, and a stainglass for class window. oh, and did i mention they have the cutest pug around. geez, all these people getting dogs. i freakin' want one.

it was very good to see scott. i brought him the fugazi ep (furniture + 2). glad to hear it rocks out. i don't get to see the people in richmond very much, and i was definitely excited to spend some time with everyone. i think someone was trying to tell me to stay longer b/c when i was about to leave i found out the top of my key had broken off in my glove compartment and i had locked myself out of my car without knowing it. smart, yes i am. but AAA is amazing and they made a key on the spot.

and scott, the panda garden was amazing. i had the wonton vegetable soup and mock chicken with cashew nuts. yum.

for sports fans only:

lastly, i'll talk baseball. the world series, between the yankees and d'backs, was the most amazing baseball event i've ever seen. every game was good. the yankees are the hardest team to beat...they are the best...and to be the best you have to beat the best and that is exactly what arizona did. the d'backs are the champs. congrats. o.k. that's enough sports out of me.

viernes, noviembre 02, 2001

the truth is out

I AM 22% GEEK.

I wanna be a geek. But I'm not. Why would
I even want to be one. Do I think it's fun?
I should try writting an online test application at 1
am in my underwear.

I AM 24% PUNK.

Well, I may know what punk is, but... Okay
maybe some people think I am punk, but is
that enough? Nope.

I AM 29% GOTH.

Goth ny night, normal by day. Deep in my
heart I know I am evil, but not on the
company's time. I do need to eat.

[mental note: stop wearing all-black outfits and ghostly-white makeup, listen to more punk, stay off the computer]

jueves, noviembre 01, 2001

i'm a photog at heart

today is a good day. the weather is nice. it's thursday...and you know that's one of my favorite days b/c of photography class. i'm gonna try and develop the pictures i took at the neko case and scott miller shows. i'll let you know how they come out since you are probably dying of anticipation.

tomorrow is the sissy | space | sex show in baltimore. can't wait. can't wait.

saturday, work work work...then i'm going down to richmond to visit some friends. will try to visit scott while i'm there. read kim's blog...their neighbors sound like fun....i'll probably ask them if they want to go to a rave. yeah, i've dealt with dillholes like that numerous times. the neighbors below me play rave music at 6 in the morning. they do it over and over again. each time i bang on the floor. the last time they did it, i lifted my bed as high as possible and slammed it down. it shut them up. you would think they would be more courteous. but people tend to suck.