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  pimpin' you thoughts [summer 2003]

miércoles, octubre 31, 2001

traffic jam

the supreme court examines if watching traffic = breaking the child porn law

happy birthday cracker ass bitch!

today is scott's birthday, wish him well. i'm drinking 26 PBR's as a tribute to him.

looks like i have test anxiety. no matter how easy the quiz/test is, i still get super nervous and frankly i hate that feeling. that's part of the reason i don't like being in school. stupid quizzes, stupid tests. plus, my graphic skills class shouldn't even have them. our grade should be dependent on our projects. anyway, i have a quiz today and i count down in my head when it's gonna be over. in 9 hours i won't be thinking about it...aaah...til then, i'll just complain some more.

oh yeah, happy halloween. damn i keep forgetting. you know why? no parties planned, no pumpkins carved, i've been busy. kind of sucks. it just doesn't feel halloweenish. maybe i'll get in the spirt and listen to some monster mash.....don't laugh, it was a graveyard smash. maybe you like this version better?

and for all you font lovers out there...presenting [currently on the blogs of note]

martes, octubre 30, 2001

people of the net

searches that brought people to my blog:
1. fuck girl to girl in china school picture
2. arab sex ladies
3. alf watch ladies
4. ladies of the morning

scott, has your previous audience wandered over here?

new york, new york

last night i saw ryan adams' video of "new york, new york" on mtv. it was filmed south of the brooklyn bridge overlooking downtown...overlooking the wtc. it was filmed before the tragedy. check it out on his website

the olsen twins cover weezer [via: of all place, the veg blog]

lunes, octubre 29, 2001

the fertile soil of whiskeytown

looks like ex-whisketyown members caitlin cary and mike daly are keeping themselves busy. would like to see each of them in concert one day. caitlin cary's ep waltzie is pretty damn good.

caitlin cary-rosemarymoore.mp3

just found out [via pollstar] neko case is opening for nick cave at the 9:30 club. when is it: may 4th, my birthday. damn, they get this info early. too bad it will probably cost 10 trillion dollars.

death cab for cutie is playing with the prom and victory at sea at the black cat thursday. very curious about the band. heard lots of things. haven't heard them yet. i will listen some stuff off of their mp3's page. they are also playing at univ. of richmond on friday (nov. 2) with the prom, burning airlines, and hey mercedes. interesting. hmm.

i get off of work at 6 on friday, so i'm gonna try and check out the sissy | space | sex show at cafe tattoo in baltimore.

my friend john told me the new baltimore slogan is: baltimore, the best city in the world. isn't something missing? baltimore, the best city in the world to...[add your suggestions]

domingo, octubre 28, 2001

the rock 'n roll pulse of america

last night rodeo rob and i hit the iota club to go see scott miller & the commonwealth. it was a truly excellent show. the last couple of trips to that club has provided enjoyable entertainment. he played most of the stuff from thus always to tyrants. it was the first show of their american tour and some parts were a little messy but overall they played well together. he is one person that i can't miss when he comes in the area. rob and i were really excited to get his live solo acoustic cd are you with me? that he only sells on the tour. word up homes.

thanks to corey for assorting the links on the left and inserting the comments part below. thanks to ryan for providing me with the reblogger website. all i need is a little help from my friends. now scott and i can represent....raise up.

also, models united has said goodbye. it's hard to keep a blog going when you are getting whisked away to exotic islands for different photo shoots. will miss them and their fashionable ways.

today i had a very frustrating time trying to return a defective portfolio folder. lost the receipt. the velcro fasteners are shoddy and make the folder open at a moment's whim. i went to the store and they said "no receipt, no chance". i say "boo" and "damnit"---"boodamnit". so no luck for me. bummer.

viernes, octubre 26, 2001

why i love thursday night...

..b/c i have photography class and it freakin' rules. it just makes me feel good to have a negative, go into the darkroom, work on it for an hour or longer, and come out with a solid print. creative juices flowin' yo. it's ten times better than having a folder and filing that s.o.b. [repeat process 10-20 times]. yuck and no thank you.

today i asked my teacher about the rochester institute of technology (RIT), one of the five best photography schools in the country. last week she told me she could get them to waive my application fee. today i asked her if it was hard to get in. her response, "not for you." sounds promising, not sure how deserving i am of such a compliment. the discussion has left me with two options: 1) continue at NoVa and get a 2-year degree, then transfer to RIT, or 2) jump straight into RIT. decisions, decisions. i'm thinking about kriss kross-ing my life with a little jump, jump.

i also received e-mails confirming other photography schools are sending me application packets. i feel good.

have a good weekend peeps.

jueves, octubre 25, 2001

rodeo rob's review of robbie fulks' upcoming release 13 hillbilly giants

TEMPed by the fruit of another

looks like my temp job just became temporary. my boss informed me that they are hiring someone from nasa to come in the next couple of weeks. this is not a on the upside, my boss really likes the work i've done, so he still wants me to come in for 8 hours each week, and do space research. then i could have my name in space reports and magazines. that would be out of this world. [ha! get it? is this thing on? ahh...what do you know]

in the news:

in switzerland, 80 people missing after tunnel fire

here's your chance to eat and sleep with andy warhol

miércoles, octubre 24, 2001

judd apatow finally gets his props. undeclard picked up for 22 episodes by fox.

the d stands for depressing

recent NATN review states, "There is an aching need for bands like the Dismemberment Plan right now, who are simultaneously driven by 50 years of rock history but positively committed to crafting something fresh. It’s hard to imagine what the Plan could do to top Change, but one thing is for sure: growing up and looking forward has rarely sounded so universally satisfying."

huh? i don't know which is worse, travis' voice or his attempts to play the trumpet. this band played 15 million times my freshman year and i never want to hear them again.

on a lighter note: rodeo rob gives his thoughts on jay farrar's new album sebastapol [via: NATN]

spiritualized: no review

why?: missed the show
why again?: miscommunication, my ride didn't stop to pick me up. grr.
thoughts now: even though i'm not a big fan of a cell phone, it is a time like this that i needed one or someone with one.

yesterday, i contacted several universities (missouri, western kentucky, florida, rochester institute of technology, and ohio) about their photography programs. thanks to melissa lytte for her generous advice.

i keep forgetting that scott miller is playing this saturday at's actually at a regular time-9:30 p.m!

last but not least, i love swedes, and this is why
....and this too [btw, they just had a grand re-opening on 10.17.01...bigger and better than ever]

martes, octubre 23, 2001

nova going down?

at 7:30 last night i went to class at nova and there were tons of cop cars. most of the students were outside sitting on the lawn. i ran into a couple of my classmates who said there was a bomb threat. i don't know why someone would want to bomb nova of all places. i'm guessing it was some kid freaking out about a mid-term and calling it in. who knows? also, there were some students who had been there since 4:30 waiting for class to start. three hours later they were still there. no chance that i would stick around waiting for class for three hours. there is a 15 minute rule. if my teacher does not show up after 15 minutes of when class is supposed to start, i'm outtie 5000. c-u-later!

goobernatorial race

the gubernatorial race is coming up in two weeks 11.6.01. i think gubernatorial is such a funny word. seems the word should be in websters like this:

gubernatorial /adj./ of or relating to a goober

must be b/c i think it's usually goobers running for governor anway. the candidates this year (in virginia) are:

mark warner (d)
mark earley (r)
bill redpath (l)

don't forget to rock the vote!

as a side note, i always think of the sketch on s.n.l. where they imitate arnold schwarzenegger contemplating a run for governor of california. [use your best schwarzy accent and say] "i am arnold schwarzenegger, the terminator and i'm running in the next GUBERNATORIAL race"

music news

cash checks out of hospital

bon jovi wants nation to bounce back

lunes, octubre 22, 2001

presenting the master of disaster...

mecawilson, you crack me up.


polaroids & pinholes [via melissalyttle]

changing leaves

can i just tell you how much fall kicks ass! i might go hiking sometime soon at shenandoah national park.

the corn sisters--an afternoon of yee-haw and hee-haw

on saturday i saw the corn sisters at the iota club. before the show started, neko and carolyn hung out, walked through the club and talked to friends. the show started at about 3:15 p.m. and after a few songs it was pretty evident that these two ladies are such good friends they might as well be sisters.

both gals were ready to hogtie the crowd in some harmonized country ditties, armed with two acoustic guitars and heavenly voices. when necessary neko, the former can-spanker (a.k.a. drumming) of maow, would play a single drum head and symbol for simple background beats. carolyn provided most of the lead vocals and guitar with energetic glee. it seemed like she used the crowd's enthusiasm as extra energy to goof around. between each song, the sisters would tell jokes that would make the other laugh hysterically. carolyn instructed the crowd, "when i lift my arms, i want you to shout". in awe, carolyn remarked to neko, "hey i can get the crowd to shout just by lifting up my arms." neko remarked, "what sound do they make if you lift your leg?" carolyn said, "you don't wanna hear that sound."

as far as songs, the gals played most of the songs from the their debut cd, the other women, including the fast guitar strummed "not a doll", the knee-slapping "no more for you", and the quintecessential-neko-sweetly-sung "she's leaving town." during "she's leaving town", carolyn showed off her skillz at whistling with the the crowd cheering. during the set, neko snuck in the acoustic version of "high on cruel". the electric version is on her debut cd the virginian.

one of the main highlights was the crowd favorite "too many pills on too dark a night", a (fictional?) tribute to carl sr.'s (neko's first husband's) untimely passing in a car crash. during the chorus, mark would would hop up and down with a symbol at her ankles. then neko, the truant of the country, highlighted her disbelief about playing in northern virginia again, "i was born down the road (in alexandria), i can't believe it. it kind of weirds me out."

to end the show, they played an energetic version of loretta lynn's "fist city", the mellower "matineed", and the corn sisters' anthem "corn on the cob". overall a very good show. if you really want to know what they sound like live, get their cd the other women. it's recorded live at hattie's hat (a podunk coffee shop) in seattle.

for more neko:
1. the 1999 neko case interview from mote magazine.
2. neko's info page at bloodshot records

for more carolyn:

1. carolyn mark interview from mote magazine
2. her debut cd is called party girl

free money

so after work last night, the manager said, "hey you have credit on your account. the head manager gets extra money which she distributes as credit to each employee. you can use it to buy stuff in the store at cost". so i found out i have $48 to spend in the bookstore. sweet. now i can buy the hank williams tribute and something else.

sunday night nick--ehhhh.

last night i was flipping channels and guess what was on nick at nite. family ties. damn i love that show so much. i wish i could customize one channel (lex-tv) so i could just have good shows (family ties, wonder years, freaks 'n geeks, the simpsons) round the clock every night.

let it come down

i'm contemplating seeing spiritualized tomorrow at the 9:30 club (it's $18.50). their last album, let it come down, should have been called come as a let down--b/c it's truly disappointing. i hope they play more songs from lazer guided melodies, one of the better mellow albums i've ever listened to.

sábado, octubre 20, 2001

friday i hung out with corey, kristy, elmer, krista, sarah, robin, and mike. oh, and jackopuffs was there too. love that dog. he makes me want to get one of my own. geez. and i was checking out . well, it was good to hang out with the greeneltch crew + friends. at the end of the week, my favorite activity is chilling with friends. plus it's no fun going to smoky bars anymore. i've gotten kicked out of every bar in the d.c. area. all i want to do is get drunk in peace. that and start a bar brawl. don't rain on my parade.

had an episode with comcast today. hate those mofos. my roommate and i are super-busy these days and it's hard to make an appointment with those fools. so we told them we just wanted to pick up a cable modem and hook it up ourselves. first we went to compusa. they were no help at all. no modems = no luck. so we called up comcast. they said "hey just come in, we have them here." so we did today and the lady behind the counter is "oh we don't have any. call this person who could help if you can find her." nice. too bad these people have cornered the market. next they should corner the vaccum market coz they suck harder than anything in this world.

the corn sisters concert was today at the iota. good show. will report later.

jueves, octubre 18, 2001

trick or treat

marilyn manson now going door-to-door trying to shock people [via the onion]

organizational skills = null & void

just organized the list of links on the left. added ADDreviews, morning news, and the veg blog. one day i'll actually place them into categories (blogs, muzak, photography, vegface corner, etc.)

fugazi interview

recently, jonathan cohen (NATN associate editor) interviewed guy picciotto from fugazi about the band's new album, recording style, and views on napster/music file sharing. read interview here. guy also offers album-by-album commentary.

quick change of stupidity

according to the washington post, china ends airline restrictions...lifts ban on muslim/arab passengers [via the morning news]

miércoles, octubre 17, 2001

"you're pretty and a dolphin"

that was my favorite line in last night's episode of undeclared. that or "gadafdafdakj*^#@%$ ...that's means thank you in dolphin". both were lines from the character marshall nesbitt. it's the little things in life that make me really happy. and judd apatow is a t.v genius. there, i've said it. he has made some of the best comedic shows ever.

driving me crazy

so it's only 10 a.m. and this day has sucked. basically b/c my cat charlie is driving me insane. he has two primary nicknames: big baby jesus (bbj) / ol' dirty bastard (odb) and the past couple months i've seen more odb than bbj and that makes me want to d-i-e. charlie wakes me up early ass in the morning, every morning and multiple times b/c he wants to eat. cats love to eat, sleep, and eat some more. when i give odb his food, he meows at me more "uhm, yeah, right...that is not enough". this goes on for another 15 minutes. let's backtrack to the start of the problem. a couple of months ago the vet thought it was a good idea if charlie went on a diet. "he's a couple of pounds overweight which is like 150 for humans. it's not healthy for him." it's not healthy for me either dude. have you ever seen a guy who gets little sleep that gets meowed at constantly? the vet, dr. sellman, wants me to feed charlie 1 cup a day! that's part of his new diet plan. diet shmiet. i tried it out...constant meows...constant problems. so a couple of weeks ago i asked dr. s what i should do b/c i am not getting any sleep. he said feed charlie a smaller portion in the morning, then the big kahuna at night. o.k. makes sense. but guess what? well, after charlie is fed, i go to work, and my roommate greg is still sleeping. so after i leave charlie goes straight to greg's door and waits for him to come out. note: my roommate greg is allergic to cats. he is used to them being around b/c his parents have cats [yes, i also wondered why his parents got cats if he was allergic]. so you know greg is thrilled when he gets woken up to meows and scratches at his doors. no matter how much i feed charlie, he does the routine. sometimes i sneak him more so i don't hear any backtalk and greg doesn't hear any back talk. damn, damn, damn.

dr. s wants charlie to be 11 lbs (2 lbs less than he is now). charlie wants to be 650 lbs. so what is the happy medium? it might be to have a big happy cat. then he'll be the notorious b-i-g, and i'll be the sane l-e-x.

i agree with scott. fugazi's new album is really catchy. i can't stop listening to it. mmm, mmm, good. also, i think kim should wear a kiss costume to work. then she could enter the place saying "you wanted the best, you got the best.....KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (while air guitaring "strutter" or something of that sort). note: gene simmons might do a booksigning at my bookstore at the end of this year. my boss said i could introduce him. sweet!

melissa lytte has some photos at this new site, aphotoaday, which she started with four other photographers (brian e. harkin, david holloway, john loomis, and chip litherland). check it out. corey, you have to check out this one picture especially.

martes, octubre 16, 2001

a soon-to-be faceless baltimore

just found out from the man himself that sissy|space|sex is going to play a show at cafe tattoo in baltimore on nov. 2nd [directions] . congrats. it's a good start to many shows to come. they are gonna rock the faces off the maryland townies. if you haven't checked out their website yet, you are officially a slacker and/or a dumbass. do it now!

fugazi's the argument (cd/lp) and furniture+2 (cd single/7") is out today.

just got minor threat's complete discography. i can't wait to listen to it.

missing melmac and halverchuck

i was checking out the when i noticed a picture of alf. remember that show? my friend brandon had this huge (subway-size) poster of the melmacian outside his door freshmen year. classic.

speaking of t.v., i love fox family for one reason: they show repeats of freaks and geeks. last night's episode was the one where bill almost dies from eating a peanut-infested sandwich. heartfelt show with laugh-til-you-cry humor. stupid nbc. replaced it with the most boring show possible: dateline. stone phillips or halverchuck? please.

it's only october but i'm really looking forward to thanksgiving. that's when i get the best meal of the year: tofurkey.

facelift for the 9:30 club website. doesn't look that bad, but it has a slow as crap scroller.

lunes, octubre 15, 2001

3-2-1 liftoff...

ADDreviews has been set off for the world to see. corey did an amazing job with the layout. it sure looks purty. ryan did a super-duper job with the PHP programming. must be b/c he is a year wiser (belated happy birthday laze-muhtaze!). i guess you can teach an old dawg new tricks. check out all the reviews from the ADDposse (ryan, corey, rob, and robert).

thanks to corey (you da man!) for fixing my blog. it was disheveled. made me feel like a tadderdemalion....a ragamuffin if you will.

operation infinite birthday...weekend for the weary

stephanie's plan for a weekend birthday--ryan adams friday, lunch with family saturday, pot luck dinner on sunday, and celebrating with grad school friends monday.

on friday i went to see ryan adams with stephanie, john, and rodeo rob. we got to the sold out show at 11:30 b/c we had to sell an extra ticket. ryan adams & the lax got on stage at 12:30 a.m. three songs in it was 1 a.m. damn.. i knew that it would be a long, long night/early ass morning. he played for almost 2 1/2 hours rifling through his new album gold with songs like the upbeat "new york, new york" and "firecracker", the smooth and sweet "la cienega just smiled", and the introspective "rescue blues." at one point he even felt like "testifying" with his gospelesque "touch, feel, and lose". you could tell right away that he wanted to have a fun night with the crowd (a group mainly composed of people that had nothing better to do on a friday night than hang out at a club, any club) and with his "friends" [the lax].

at the half way point of the night, two facts became perfectly clear: (1) this man is a genius and (2) a complete idiot. he writes some amazing songs, but when he talks, it's a lot of hot, dead air. he's been through a lot at his young age, and you would think he would learn more. nope. all he's learned is "hey. maybe it's good to speak before i think. think?" during his tragedy diatribe he said "i don't care about no jihad motherfucker. i'm gonna continue with what i'm doing. the band is playing in europe tomorrow and that's what we're going to do. get on the plane and play music." smart.

luckily, i didn't pay $16 to hear the man talk. he played some songs from heartbreaker: "to be young (is to be sad, is to be high)"--he's got a mouth full of cookies, he's left for dead, "oh my sweet carolina", and "come pick me up." another highlight was a very, very good version of hank williams' "lovesick blues", which he recorded for timeless: the hank williams tribute album.

adams had major problems finishing the show during the encore. he started with a very good solo acoustic version of "my winding wheel" (which rodeo rob predicted). then he brought out the band to play a rolling stones cover(?)...everything is going smoothly right?....wrong! the second to last song, if you could even call it that, was one of the most dreadful experiences of my life. it was a full out, disorganized jam session with annoying solos. yuck. ryan adams, you have been called for unneccessary roughness and a flagrant foul. you have been ejected from the game. luckily the 9:30 club had had enough and turned on the lights. it was 3 a.m., they couldn't sell alcohol anymore, and they already dealt with sum 41 earlier that night. it was time for everyone to go home. we were all losing it in the end, even ryan adams.

anyway, on saturday after 6 hours of sleep i had to go into work at 10:30. yuck. found some way to get through it.

sunday, i went to the pot luck celebration for stephanie. it was a nice time. eating good food with some good people. in attendance: stephanie, john, beta, jared, dennis 1, dennis 2, dennis 3, lynn, lena, tim, krista, and elmer. the food: farafelle a la grant, various cheeses, crackers, fruits, pumpkin bread, and a carvel's ice cream cake. time of departure: 10 p.m. i was sleepy. plus i think i'm coming down with something. i'm either old or sick. my legs and neck get these weird aches and pains. i'm falling apart.

instructions to turn a frown upside down: 1) go to corey's blog, (2) click on the daily jack. if you are not happy, you have no heart. that dawg is too freakin' adorable.

for scott and kim: it's definitely the principle. if they want it, they should pay for it. supply and demand. stupid landlords. sometimes you can't talk to them. well, don't fret. like my friend told me last night, it takes 1,000 muscles to frown, but 1 muscle to put your middle finger up [in the landlord's face]. so simple. wouldn't that be nice? do what you want when an a-hole is giving you the screw job.

jueves, octubre 11, 2001

you had me at tofu

i talked to my mom today and she said "hey, i just bought some herb-crusted tofu from fresh's here for you. come get it whenever". uhm, i drove to my parents directly after class. this tofu is amazing. back me up ryan.

had a good day in photography class tonight. got three prints developed. usually takes me a full three hours to get one print perfect after using 30 sheets of paper. i love this class. i'm gonna apply to some schools soon.

raise up

i got a phone message from my boss at the bookstore. i went into the store to confirm my time shift for tomorrow. memory loss. so my boss comes up to me and says "oh, can you work here saturday?" my day off. grr. i've needed a break for a while. then she said, "oh, and you are getting a promotion, raise, and keys to the store." damn, i've only worked there for a month. they must like me or something. well, i'm working saturday for four hours. it's the least i can do.

where's the beef?

hey stephen, my booty is fine now. i just don't have a lot of padding on the bumper. can't take the hits. don't worry, you're still my homie.

office humor

so i had to call this lady to fax over a document for my boss. she wasn't at her desk so i talked to someone else. anyway a fax came over. speedy service...this is how some of it looked:

national aeronatics and space administration (nasa) / facsimile transmittal sheet

to: alex vegan


i've heard bagewin, begwin, and bedgwin, but vegan? i'm glad people get my name right. please, just call me luscious. it makes life easier.

quick thoughts for today, tomorrow, and the next two:

nothing too exciting to report from this front. i have to study for my quiz in photography class. i don't think it's gonna be too hard. i hope. aperatures, shutter speeds, and other jargon. i'll figure it out. although i'm usually glad when quiz/test days are over. it's just that uneasy feeling of having to prove what you know. get out of my grub already. i'll show you, dipweed.

tomorrow i'm going to see ryan adams at the 9:30 club to celebrate thornco's entry into the quarter-century club. happy berfday to you!....the doors open at 11 p.m. and he has an opener. stupid 9:30. doubling up shows with sum41 at 6 p.m. well, i'll try to report back about the show sometime this weekend. but i'm guessing, i'll be in a daze the whole time. the last album has put me to sleep at times, and standing for that long, at such a late hour, basically equals no energy for lex. yeah, i'm old. back off.

for the nick cave fans...

according to pollstar, mr. cave has announced new north american tour dates, including the 5/4/02 (saturday, my 26th birthday) at the 9:30 club. i'll probably be somewhere else getting crazy. yeah, that or wearing e-z spirits for men, eating soft foods, and listening to frank sinatra or yo-yo ma.

i'll be working at the bookstore on friday and sunday. i have this saturday off....woo hoo. sleeping in. oh, i'm so looking forward to it. i haven't done that in ages.

anything else? yes, i'm trying to get a new computer. i thought my mom was gonna give me her old one, but she doesn't feel like parting with it. so i'll have to dig out the cash from el banco and hook myself up with a dell. then i can tear the roof off this sucka. do bad with names from mi casa.

miércoles, octubre 10, 2001

the windings prophecies

an e-mail was being forwarded around that said:

1. open a new ms word document.
2. type in cap letters Q33 NY (that is the first flight
that hit the wtc)
3. now highlight it and change font to size to 72
4. then change the font to wingdings.

try it out. seemed messed up...kind of freaky. then my friend jenna pointed out that Q33 wasn't one of the flights. so the e-mail is bogus. some people have too much time on their hands to needlessly freak people out.

i just had a pretty good "totally vegan" meal: celentano bros. risotto with eggplant tofu & spinach. it was damn good. although you could definitely tell there was a high salt content (660 mgs). i'm still lacto-veg, but i try the vegan delights every now and again. fresh fields treats me well.

neko and kelly

recently, i purchased two new bloodshot releases....1) neko case's canadian amp and 2) kelly hogan's because it feels good. i'll try to review them pretty soon.

danse macabre

also, i'm still waiting for my roommate to let me borrow the faint's danse macabre again. i heard it once. it's pretty damn good. i ordered it at work (the bookstore), so hopefully it will come in soon. note: on their cd blank wave arcade they have these three songs: "sex is personal", "worked up so sexual", and "casual sex". i think these guys are pimps.

i've added two more blogs over to the left....

depulage ..checkity check it before you wreckity wreck it. good name. good way to learn about the culinary arts. welcome stephen. i'm new too. interesting blog. midwest flava...check it out.

in the news....

metro scare: man jumps on the track

look at me...i'm bob ryan too..

weather: clear and pleasant...high 71, low 54

martes, octubre 09, 2001

not much sleep

last night i had the freakiest dream that anthrax was spreading. must be all the news reports. let's just say i would have rather had a dream about this anthrax. so i kept waking up. at about 7 a.m. the downstairs neighbors had another richard simmons "sweating to techno" session. felt the nsst, nsst, nsst bass. basically, i'm running on empty.

lunes, octubre 08, 2001

i almost forgot to mention

congratulations to the greeneltches who successfully claimed a new home.

also, check out vii's website (that was posted on melissa lyttle's blog) for amazing ground zero photos.

friday krack...oh it was free, and oh it was good.

krack: v-roys are you there yet?, jay farrar sebastapol, and chris isaak forever bonus krack: supreme beings of leisure self-titled.

friday night....i was gonna see the donnas, but my roommate said someone told him the show was sold out. so instead of taking a risk, i decided to take a big old doze in my bed. well, the show wasn't sold out. i'll see them another time.

bloodshot time:

robbie fulks, at the iota 10/6

in support of his latest album couples in trouble and his soon to be released 13 hillbilly giants, robbie fulks graced the iota club on saturday with an animated and humorous two-hour show. the twilight ramblers, a rockabilly act from maryland, opened the night with a very entertaining performance. lead singer wendy lebeau's strong voice and the band's twangy sound made you wanna shake your hips and dance. in fact, some brave and clumsy couples did. their look was quite interesting as well. they were dressed in old school country wear with lebeau even supporting an impressive curly coif. what a good look!

next came out the tall man from chi-town. fulks took the stage at about 10:30 and flew through his set, hanging from the wooden beams and playing with the globe lights above his head. the highlights included a cover of p.j. harvey's "is this love?" and the jackson 5's "mama's pearl" as well as an original kids' song called "godfrey, the sickly, unemployed, amateur, children's magician". the song will appear on a bloodshot records compilation (due out in feb.) of all modern day children's songs. the rest of the set was evenly distributed through his first three albums including such ditties as "dirty mouthed-flo", "i told her lies", "let's kill saturday night", "the buck stops here", and "she took a lot of pills (and died)." one can definitely tell he puts all of his efforts into bellowing out each note. at one point he screamed out the chorus to "anything to love" like a earthquake through your system.

most of the show was interlaced with humor. he introduced the bass player as "the man who just shows up" and added "i don't even pay him anymore." the drummer sang part of "the humpty dance" which seemed like a recent karaoke song he performed elsewhere. [note: the drummer's bass drum had "how's my drumming? 1-800-eat-shit" on it]. at another point in the show, fulks proclaimed, "the iota people here are so nice. whenever they give you a beer they say "enjooooooy". the bartender quickly exclaimed "not anymore". the lead guitarist said "[yeah now they'll say] fuck offffffff" or "hope you choke on it".

overall the show was one of the best alt. country performances i've ever seen. this man wants to goof around, have fun, and make sure that everyone attending the party is getting drunk...on his music. if you happen to buy a robbie fulks record soon, i hope at the end of the transaction the seller slides the cd over the counter and says "enjooooooooy". you'll not only enoy it, you'll want to see the man in action.

btw, please see rodeo rob's reviews of robbie fulks couples in trouble and his recent review of ryan adams gold.

the south puget sound sweetheart

on sunday i took my 30 minute lunch break from work, and traipsed over to the iota club at 3:30 p.m. in attempts to buy neko case's tour ep canadian amp. the nice iota peeps let me go into the club to search for the merchandise gal. she was sitting on the other side, so i walked slowly, listening to neko (who was singing all new songs), while saying my "excuse me's" to and fro. i finally made it to the merch gal who sold me the c.d. with a smile. got to love good service. anyway, i left the club at 3:50 to trek back to my j-o-b hoping to get oct. 20th off from work. that's the day neko comes back with carolyn mack to play another 3 p.m. show...the corn sistas represent.

rage: i'd just like to point out that i hate the fact iota has 3 p.m. shows. or maybe i just hate the fact that i work. but i don't think that's it b/c 3 p.m. is just a weird time to have a show. also, i'd like to point out that the evening act for oct. 7th was kelly joe phelps and the one for oct. 20th is last train home. i don't care if they are an area band for the whitblow's and clarendon grill crowd. i bet they aren't as good as neko case.

be sure to check out scott's blog, for his thoughts on the recent attack on afghanistan

concert to note:

saves the day is playing rechter theatre on 11/25

viernes, octubre 05, 2001

mmm....fried chicken

my boss isn't in today and i've finished all my work. this is definitely my cue to leave at 12:45 p.m. i'll probably head to sunflower for some "fried chicken" and general's tso's surprise, then to the krackhaus. one more stamp and i get free krack. this is the life.

oh yeah, tonight is the donnas w/the eyeliners & the kicks at the 9:30. i love girls who rock.

the blueprint for debauchery

last night was weird...i came back from my photography class and who was waiting for me at the door....jay-z. that's not the weird part. we always hang out thursday night. we've been good friends ever since jay-z wrote me the letter sayin' "big pimpin" was all about me. i'm flattered. pimpin ain't easy, but i seem to do it well.

so we're kickin' it, drinkin forties, and watching some "fox news weather" (he has a thing for sue palka--don't ask). we are downing o.e. after o.e. then at about midnight, a knock on the door. it's nelly. it's a complete surprise. this fool is really bad with long-distance communication. i can't say that i'm great with it either, plus i don't like going to st. louis very much. he's brought me a present. new's a sweet diamond "luscious" necklace. so i'm like, "shimmy shimmy go go what?!" and it's back to normal. i love kickin it with the tics. anyway, we continue to watch t.v.--this time it's seinfeld "the soup nazi" episode. jay-z, always the rocamedian, says to nelly "no hoes for you!". we all laugh. we bust on each other, it's what friends do.....that and hang out with all the g's and hoes in town. after a few more hours we go into my studio "luscious sounds" and cut the song 'bitch pleaze'. it's the best work i've done since working with doobie wise in the late 90's.

to make a long story short....i woke up in my own vomit and with a hit single. i can't wait til it hits the top of the charts.

jueves, octubre 04, 2001

isn't it fun to read stories about this one...

i'm like a chocoholic, just for booze
[rodeo rob showed me this onion story a long, long time ago--it's priceless]

9021--uh oh

shannen doherty sentenced to civic gardening

"alright don't have to lose your blob"

i was reading scott's entry for oct. 3rd and it reminded of the quote above from billy elliot. damn, i hate it when i lose my blob. the story overall is very engaging and jamie bell (billy) does an amazing job. the music, predominantly t.rex, provides an ample sidekick to the little bloke's dancing throughout the movie. scott speaks the truth... some parts need subtitles.

also, last night in my graphic skills class the teacher went around and critiqued each person's work. when she got to the last piece she noticed that someone owned harry potter and the goblet of fire. the class ended up talking about h.potter for 10 minutes. these books are quite interesting and are for all ages. admit it all of like really like them. i work at a bookstore and tons of people (young and old) come scurrying in anxiously anticipating the release of harry potter 5. it's crazy.

two daze nee-ooze

russian plane goes down in the black sea

tony blair links bin laden to 9/11 attacks

werds shmerds

corey, i hope you incorporate these archived 'words of the day' in your daily conversations:

bailiwick: a person's specific area of knowledge, authority, interest, skill, or work.
hoi polloi: the common people; the masses.
pervicacious: stubborn; obstinate.

miércoles, octubre 03, 2001

don luscious and the donnas

my roommate greg wants me to see the donnas at the 9:30 club this friday. he loves them dearly. i've never heard much of their stuff nor have i seen them live. i think it's 15 buckeroos. decisions, decisions.

opening up

well, i'm sitting here at work drinking my coffee (or what i should call it...bastard coffee--milk with coffee in it) while watching planes land at dulles airport. this just makes me think of the decision to open up ronald "well...well, nancy" reagan national airport. it just seems like an iffy idea in general, b/c:

1) the proximity of flight patterns to major d.c. buildings.
2) only 2 useable runways
3) flight patterns--difficulty to take off and land. planes can only take straight-line approaches and departures. my boss, who is a retired nasa engineer, said planes rely on the wind patterns to determine what direction to take off and land from, and pilots hate flying there.

this is supposed to be a "symbolic rebuff to terrorist" and a way to boost economy. instead, they should just make it a mall or high-rise, like they do with everything else. there is a metro station which is convenient for commuters. plenty of parking. i think people in congress don't want to trek all the way to dulles. but there is more room to maneuver out in the boondocks. i might be a scaredy cat, but i'd rather have safety than convenience.

either way, i'm supposed to work at their olsson's store starting this month. aargh. i'll be deep in the heart of airport chaos. we'll see what happens.

lunes, octubre 01, 2001

i won't have access to a computer for tomorrow, so i'll post some more thoughts today.

if you decided to get her--
good luck to scott and kim with their new perro, dylan or jackie. it's pretty hard to resist the lovable faces at the richmond spca.

the other day at work i noticed the cafeteria meals of the week....monday...vegetarian texas caviar over rice. does anyone know what this is? scott? ryan? my guess: chic peas over rice in a fish-shaped bowl.

also here is my kurent krack:

vagrant recordsanother year on the streets
*vagrant is doing their part....starting today, you can purchase a "grab bag" with goodies for $20 or send proof that you donated blood to get a free gift. also they will be playing future shows on the east and west coast. all profits/proceeds will go to the disaster relief fund.
gillian welch's revival
the weakerthans left and leaving and fallow

few-chore krack:

fugazi the argument and furniture + 2

october is...

breast cancer awarness month. please ladies, get your mammies.

in the news...

aschroft states "more terrorist activity likely"

and finally...

no more law for bubba

i need to figure out how to do thumbnails.

anniversary party...tiny bubbles..

since my blog wasn't up and running until last week i thought today, october 1st, would be a good day to give my thoughts on recent weddings.

first of all. ryan and huyen's wedding. happy one month anniversary! they had a beautiful wedding/ceremony at st. james episcopal church in leesburg, virginia. the day was sunny and relatively cool. pastor daphne burt gave a good speech about ryan and huyen being counter-culturalists. you go girl! also, she stated we should be up in their biznesses. don't worry, i'll be all up in their mugs. the reception took place at the thomas birkby house which provided an ample play area....for half pint to sing, ryan's niece jules to dance, and the dj to play the ditties to rock your bootay. my table, lychee, represented. the food was great...veggie rolls and salad for me...mmm, v-rolls. everyone in attendance received beautiful chopsticks. a great day for all.

now, to go further back in time.

the day more homies got married....the night i lost my tailbone.

next, the greeneltch crew. the wedding took place 3 months earlier on june 9th at st. sophia's cathedral in d.c. another beautiful wedding, greek-orthodox style. the inside of the church was pretty amazing. the reception: at the old ebbitt grill in the heart of d.c. the vegetarian pasta dish was divine. [my friends take care of me. thanks y'all]. i shaked my arse...danced the salsa with thornco, watched kristy dance to "baby got back" and listened to corey's amazing wedding song selection: jets to brazil "sweet avenue". excellent. i also smashed plates on the ground. no, i didn't actually do that, except in my imagination. corey's best man, stephen, gave me two "taps" on the arse with his foot. too bad, i have no arse and ended up losing a tailbone. it hurt to sneeze 3 weeks later. damn. anyway, the new husband and wife took their honeymoon in cozumel.

two weddings.
thank you to the mcmoppersons and greeneltchs for letting me celebrate such an important event in their lives.
ryan and huyen are meant for each other. corey and kristy are meant for each other.
many years of happiness to all of you.