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  pimpin' you thoughts [summer 2003]

domingo, septiembre 30, 2001

a night of perros....later, a view of the pentagon

last night, corey, kristy, john (a.k.a. jg3000), and stephanie (thornco) went to gardner and jennifer's (i hope i got her name right--this site's name has a reason) house to hang out. during the gathering the greeneltech's pequeno perro jack was trying to wreck some shop with gardner's grande-r (how do you say bigger in espagnol?) perro gracie. both were jumpin and clawin' playfully at each other. gracie would even prance around the snack table egging jack on, "ha ha, got your toy, what are you gonna do?" jack's response, "i'm gonna come over there and chase you...and tackle you....and then, uhm, i'm gonna chase you some more". btw, this was very good for c & k's chances for sleep. i hope they got at least 6-8 solid hours of uninterrupted rest.

we left around 11ish. jack was tuckered out. jg was getting there. everyone was fading.

on the way home, we all decided to get a closer look at the pentagon. we drove to the parking lot where most of the media people setup. the building was in the distance but you could still see the big gaping hole clearly. tons of american flags and flowers were setup at the edge of the parking lot. the whole thing was very moving. i just have to say, the cleanup and recovery crews at the pentagon and w.t.c. have done an amazing job. they have my utmost respect. also, my thoughts and prayers are with all those who lost loved ones in this tragedy.

comcast and the concerto moderno

friday started out pretty sweet, but ended in a flurry of suck. after i worked 8:30-12:30 i went home to wait for the comcast people to hook up a cable modem in my apartment. my time range was 1-5 p.m. those fools came around 3:45, which was a pain in the ass b/c i wanted to take a nap. somehow i kept my eyes open. as soon as they got there i told them to hook up the modem to my roommate greg's computer. one problem: i couldn't get the damn thing to turn on. unfortunately greg never told me he turned his computer off on the back. so i was pressing the front buttons like a fool. the comcast peeps stated "if it doesn't turn on yet that already isn't good." then they tried to see if a cable modem would work on my computer. another problem: the computer in my room is butt old. my mom was gonna hook me up 2 days later with her faster computer. word up moms. so the old computer didn't have enough memory to even handle any addition. after that debauchle, i finally got greg's computer to work. then one of the dopes said "uh, we can't work on your roommate's computer when he's not here. he has to leave a note or something." so i called greg and told them that my roommate was now on the phone. their response "uhm, we can't do that sir. he has to be here or write a note." what the hell? do you need a permission slip from his mommy too? so they left. at least they didn't charge me.

later that night greg and i went to the weezer concert. we ended up getting there 5 minutes late...which was fine. but the security guard wouldn't let me in b/c i was carrying a bag. he said "we can't let you in here sir b/c of bomb threats". i'm just thinking "well do your f-ing job and search my bag, asswipe." anyway, i had to take my bag back to my car, which was at the end of the parking lot, and then run back. we got in and the floor was completely filled in a sea of people. so we had to sit in the upper deck. we were praying to weezer, please save our days. no, our prayers were not answered. they played for 1 hr 10 minutes. you would think they would play for longer. ugh. after the show, we sat in the parking lot for 30 minutes surrounded by frat boys and dumb ass college youngins. [some days i miss being in college, this was not one of them]. we got out of patriotsville after an hour.

after that we had to search for the kaplan prep school where greg was taking a lsat class the next day. we couldn't find it at first. i thought nothing could go right, could this day ever end. finally we found it, then ventured home. eventually i got to sleep. agitated and happy for saturday.

viernes, septiembre 28, 2001

i feel a need, a need for speed

today a dude or dudette is coming to install a cable modem up in my joint. yeah!!! on sunday my mom is giving me her computer which is ten times faster than my hunk of junk. now all i need is verizon to get their damn asses over to fix the telephone jacks. after that it will be lex n' fx.

be sure to check out scott and kim's sites for clever richmond slogans. let me suggest one: rat-a-tat-tat, visitors still come back.

our drawls will be safe

it's a bird, it's a plane, it's this guy?

so crappy a company, no wonder i hate it so much

it's been almost 3 months since i made one of the best decisions of my life: quitting a-o-hell. at the time it was a hard decision b/c the job market didn't seem that great, and i was making good pay. but i was going insane. i started the position temping for 11 months. my boss seemed pretty nice for awhile then things got sour very quickly. she fired my co-worker so that i could be hired as an a-o-hell employee to do both jobs. ugh.

my typical work day consisted of: work 8:30 a.m.-7 p.m. or later, go home, eat, watch t.v. for an hour or so, sleep. basically no life for lex. no time for me pimps and hoes.

i slaved like a corporate mule getting thrashed upon when i did miniscule mistakes. i even received a letter that said, "you have made two mistakes. we are putting you on a job improvement plan. if you do not improve within 30 days, we reserve the right to release you." this really pisses me off now b/c the person who replaced me makes mistakes daily and they are swept under the rug. my former boss, let's call her assface general, has become the ultimate under-the-rug sweeper so she doesn't get into trouble. anyway, as part of the job improvement plan i met with the assface gen. once a week. she told me "i can't sympathize with you working so many hours b/c i see you on the internet." i might be mistaken but 1) a-o-hell is an internet company and 2) people take smoke breaks every five minutes. so what if i am on the internet at most 1 hr out of a 10 hr work day. needless to say after two months as a full-time employee, with stocks and benefits, i said c-u-later.

well, i hope my really cool ex-co-worker either transfers to another department or gets the fuznuck out of there, preferably the latter. she works almost 60 hours a week and is completely underappreciated. some days she doesn't even leave until 11 p.m. if she ever quit, the department would be completely screwed.

i'm thinking about starting a company and hiring all my cool ex-co-workers. the company will be dedicated to a-o-hell and affectionately called f-off productions.

special note for the assface general: i got two words for you.....
hint: it's not "miss you"

today, i have my life back. i'm taking two classes (graphic skills and photography) at nova. both classes are pretty cool. i'm definitely enjoying photography more. i'm seriously considering applying to photography school. there's something about seeing life through a lens. i love it. plus, luscious likes *working* in a dark room.

along with classes, i work two jobs. one of the jobs is temping at the dept. of public policy. my boss is really cool. some days he doesn't even show up. he even told me "you know some people like working 40 hours a week, i don't, so i'm not gonna do it." word. i'm down with that. now i can spend most of my day blogging or checking my e-mail. i also work at an independent bookstore. mmm...books....mmm is good.

jueves, septiembre 27, 2001

just added melissa lyttle's blog. if you haven't checked it out yet, you should. she's an amazing photographer.

i'm still trying to figure out my blog. bare with me. eventually i'll have more computer savvy (a.k.a. maddd computer skillz) and set this mofo off.

tuesday's new releases to note:

ryan adams gold (the limited edition first pressing contains an extra bonus discs)
-- i've listened to a couple of songs. pretty good so far. note: adam duritz does backing vocals. alanis morrisette's name is mentioned 5 or 6 times in the thank you section of the insert.
tour date: oct. 12th (fri.), at the 9:30 club. doors open at 11 p.m. (damn, that's late)

jay farrar's sebastapol
-- haven't heard this yet. kind of scared.
tour date: oct. 23rd (tues), at the birchmere.

spiritualized let it come down
--i will eventually buy this at the krackhaus
tour date: oct. 23rd (tues.), at the 9:30 club

hank williams tribute timeless
--features ryan adams, beck, emmylou harris, and johnny cash


the simpsons the complete first season

my friend shasta mcbruner informed me that sarah lyon (from mwc), who i vaguely remember, is in the current issue of jane magazine, pg. 116. article title reads: "by the time you read this, sarah's date will be out of jail." sarah's blind date is/was incarcerated and he got a night of romance through the work release program. hmm. interesting.

miércoles, septiembre 26, 2001

packt like sardines in a crushed tin 9:30 club

last night i went with ho punch and his co-worker laura to see sigur ros at the 9:30 club. amazing amazing amazing show. you have to love icelanders. they played about 10 songs...some new (slayerish) and old (from their cd Ágætis byrjun) with cool videos playing on a backdrop. two of them were really freaky: 1) a baby's face that would fade in and fade out and 2) this girl's blurry face that would turn towards you. i think sigur ros means "slayer" or "scare me" in iceland. anyway, they concluded their show with a three-bow encore. this is definitely something you don't see everyday. they aren't used to the customary "please play an encore" ovation. you could almost hear them say [insert broken icelandic-english voice] "what do they want from us. we are tired. we need sleep. it's already dark. we're not used to it. go home. we only know 10 songs. leave..please leave"

btw, i've discovered i am an old man. yes, i've only discovered it now. i'm slow too. i get tired and sore standing in one place for 2 hours. i'm falling apart.

welcome to bad with names, good with the ladies.